Digital detox

Digital detox sounds like a “sacrilege” today… Can we imagine our lives without electricity or cars? A refrigerator? The same goes to internet – after some decades, it’s difficult to imagine life without it.

Moon stone ring and a turquoise scorpion one, I love both

Moon stone silver ring and a turquoise scorpion one, I love Them

Digital life is far from ideal: “The average American spends more than half of their life staring at screens. The negative psychological, social and cultural impact is real”, says Digital Detox: Disconnect to Reconnect. The need of being connected saturates us. The excessive use of technology causes depression and dependence, according to the American Psychiatric Association, on the same level as alcohol and drugs. In the United Kingdom, 66% of the people interviewed have Nomophobia – they’re afraid of being without a mobile, says the Huffington Post.

Many bloggers close their blogs because blogging demands time. I “detox” when I have eye pain (or travel), that happens if I use computers a lot. It’s normal, happens to many people :) Do you feel the same, sometimes – the need of a digital detox or eye pain due to computer screens?

Now, this week’s look :) I do like mixing blue and black (here) :)


Skirt, made with this nice fabric that I bought in Rio de Janeiro. Bag, Chanel Boy

Pearl necklace, Quincy. Rings: moon stone, don't remember; scorpion, from Germany

Pearl necklace, Drops. Rings: moon stone, don’t remember; scorpion, from Germany. Dior transparent base polish

Top, Primark

Top, Primark

That is my last "blue" outfit, worn in the end of November for Movember campaign

That is my last “blue” outfit, worn in the end of November for Movember campaign

Shoes, Rchlo

Shoes, Rchlo

Coral Bracelet,

Coral Bracelet, HS jewellery

And to have a closure to Pink October and Movember campaign, a recap of outfits! :)

Pink October

Pink October outfits, from left to right: #1, #2, #3 and #4

Posts here and here

Posts here and here

Movember looks

Movember looks, from left to right: #1, #2 and #3

Hope you have a great week, with many smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

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49 thoughts on “Digital detox

  1. I definitely think a detox is a good idea. Yesterday, I didn’t post as I was too busy and it was great not to spend ages blogging!!
    I really like the material on your skirt, it was a great find.x

  2. Even though I know I feel not my greatest when I spend the day glued to the screen, I never felt the need for a detox. Maybe this is because my daughter demands time that I cant spend at the computer (or phone) and I get my daily detox that way.

  3. Great post you look pretty, I take time off I do not blog on the weekend or post on my media since I been doing that is been good for me and during the week I stop at 3 pm is good to take time for yourself as well as your friends and family.

  4. Super interesante, Denise! No sabía que ese miedo a estar sin el móvil se llamaba Nomofobia. A veces sí necesito desconectarme, pero (supongo que “lamentablemente”) empiezo a sentir un poco de ansiedad luego de un par de horas. Creo que no podría pasar un día sin alguno de mis devices :( Y reconozco que no es lo ideal.
    Tu outfit de hoy es bello, como siempre, me encantó ese collar. También disfruté viendo la recapitulación de tus outfits anteriores, en todos te ves bellísima!

  5. I do get headaches from working on my computer many hours, or feel my eyes tired, but I don’t think I ever had actual eye pain. But it sounds terrible. It’s good to take some time off the internet, the computer, and anything digital. To clear your head, and do other, more important things.
    Those wedge espadrillas are amazing!!! <3
    Filakia polla!

  6. We should all do a digital detox. But how to get started? I’m absolutely tied to my tablet – more than my phone. I get fidgety if I haven’t checked it for 20 minutes. It’s a shocking thing to admit to but I bet I’m not alone? We have all become so reliant on technology in everyday life. Hard to think that we once lived without it. Fabulous post Denise. Food for thought. Hope you’re well and ready for Christmas? Xx

  7. I don’t have eye strain much, but I do detox, in fact just finished a little hiatus from the blog and social channels. I think it’s good to have balance in life— whatever that is for some may not be the same for others, but for me, I definitely like to unplug. I like your outfit Denise, the printed skirt is nice on you, and it’s so lovely to catch up with your blog. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Advent week. xx <3
    Plush & Prints

  8. Hey Denise, I got to you first this week. I completely know what you mean about a digital detox. I try to switch off by a certain time but i find myself grabbing my phone or laptop anyway whether it’s for work or social media. I’ve really had to reduce the number of blogs I read too because it was getting so time consuming! Anyway can i just say I love your shoes and bag in this outfit, I can’t believe how sunny it was for the end of November!

    • Hello, and welcome! Thank you so much for your super sweet comments! Nooo, I wish I had sewn the skirt by myself – but I just bought the fabric during a trip and took it to my seamstress to make it :) But the “design” was mine, though it’s just a very simple skirt! XXX

  9. Liebe Denise, wie wunderschön Du bist und ich liebe alle Deine Outfits! Besonders gut gefällst Du mir in pink und in rot – blau steht Dir ebenfalls wunderbar, einfach alle Farben. Ich finde es sehr gut und gesund von Dir, dass Du Internet- und Bildschirm-Detox machst. Da sollte ich mir auf jeden Fall ein Vorbild an Dir nehmen. Vielen Dank für den tollen Input und ich wünsche Dir ein friedliches und erholsames 4. Adventswochenende.
    Liebe Grüße von Rena

  10. Lovely outfit Denise. It is so hard to do a digital detox! I personally am not sure how to manage it properly but I’d like to start taking some more time off from the internet… any tips let me know.. xx

  11. Yes, as I work as a Social Media Coordinator, I sit in front of a screen quite a lot, but I’ve learned to take breaks as well. During our recent trip to New York a break was inevitable as there wasn’t internet access everywhere. I think it’s good to have a balance. When I’m on holiday, I tend to use less computers. I do love writing, though, and it’s easiest to do that on computers, so it’s sometimes quite tricky to find the right balance. Great post, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Happy holidays Denise!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  12. That’s really interesting about the nomophobia. I have it. I am feeling like I need a detox right now to be honest, it’s getting too much with the outfits and everything in the freezing weather with my health, but at the same time I can’t afford not to since blogging is my job. Tough right now. You look pretty as always though!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  13. i totally feel you denise! I NEED to do a digital detox! I took a little 10 day break from my blog because I was too stressed out with work and life to blog but instagram i was still stressing about and trying to post every day so i didnt really take a digital detox. but i need to do it. maybe i will do it in the next couple of days, i do get the eye pain and my vision has gotten worse because I am staring at my screen soooooo freaking frequently, especially my phone i am on it 24/7 and my boyfriend yells at me. its hard. but i need to do it! hope you are doing well dear denise! love your outfit in this post too! really pretty accessories! xo

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