Delicate and sophisticated dresses

So it’s no secret that I love dresses with delicate and breezy fabrics, prom dresses in chiffon or satin and other beautiful fabrics! I like prom and homecoming dresses, like the ones of Red Homecoming Dresses  – and they are not only for a prom, but they can make your day more special on a wedding – that I am sure some of us were invited now (wedding season right now, it’s summer in the north hemisphere, but you can also wear these amazing Red Homecoming dresses of ihomecoming in the south hemisphere, of course – a wedding is a normal event, from May to September everywhere), and also on other important events. I have found this nice shop – Red Homecoming of ihomecoming dresses  – I am always looking for beautiful and sophisticated dresses! I think you will like them, too! Please, get to know the shop and my selection, let’s see some amazing dresses! Ihomecoming is an online shop that offers incredibly beautiful dresses and also Free shipping on orders of $179 and over and Sales up to 80% off and expedited shipping. So it’s impossible to resist to this amazing shop and items! They have so affordable evening dresses! Check the Red Homecoming Dresses out, I am sure you will love them, as much as I did! My selection includes these fabulous dresses below!
Classy One-Shoulder Crystal Floral Imprint A-Line Floor Length Printing Long Prom dress

Classy One-Shoulder Crystal Floral Imprint A-Line Floor Length Printing Long Prom dress

Below, an amazing dress, from Ihomecoming red homecoming dresses

Elegant A-line Sweetheart Long Homecoming dress

Elegant A-line Sweetheart Long Homecoming dress

Sweet Strapless A-line Appliques Ruffles Short Homecoming dress

Sweet Strapless A-line Appliques Ruffles Short Homecoming dress

So for a prom or a wedding, as a guest, or why not a romantic evening or another formal event – please take a look at these amazing dresses. I am sure you’ll find a great dress that will be nice on you, cause they offer many beautiful styles. You can choose the category, hemline and color of your dress! Also browse through silhouette and crowd, it means, Senior School, University and others.You can also choose the category Plus Size, what makes many choices easier! Very flattering! Bridesmaids will be very happy to know that they can wear a very beautiful dress from this nice online shop! You’ll see, you’ll find a style for you, certainly!

I hope you liked my selection, the dresses and the shop and that you all have a great weekend! Thank you for your sweet comments!

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* post brought by ihomecoming, but I really like dresses and liked the ones I selected!

40 thoughts on “Delicate and sophisticated dresses

  1. These dresses are amazing I wish I was blogging when I was in High School this information is helpful and the selection are outstanding.

    • You are soooo sweet, dear Vanessa, I am so glad we got to know each other! I am in love with the dresses, indeed, and I would love to have number one :) I thank you so much for the sweet comment and I hope you have a wonderful weekend – I am looking forward to your amazing outfits! XXX

    • Ciao, carina amica, grazie per le doclce parole! Lo sai, rosso e il colore che piu mi piace! Cosi ho visto questo bellissimo abito e hai ragione, e bellissimo! Ti auguro un bellissimo fine settimana, carina! Baci!

  2. Liebe Denise, Du suchst einfach immer die allerschönsten Kleider aus! Ich stelle mir dann jedes Mal vor, wie Du in den Kleidern aussehen würdest und das ist dann immer ein extra schönes Bild <3 Hoffentlich hast Du die Woche genossen und hast für das Wochenende wunderbare Dinge geplant. Ich wünsche Dir auf jeden Fall ein wundervolles Wochenende. Alles Liebe von Rena
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    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Danke fuer die suesse Worte, wirklich suess (und Komplimente!) Zwar denke ich dass das erste Kleid total meine Art ist, und ich wuerde gern tragen, nicht nur fuer Prom oder etwas aehnliches, aber egal wo, es ist modern, maxi Kleid und bunt :) Die andere zwei sind super schoen, aber ich brauche immer eine Jacke dabei (meine Aerme sind dick!) Meine Woche war gut, ich bin stolz auf mich selbst, so viele wichtog Dinge habe ich gemacht, aber das war nicht ohne :) Es ist normal, denke ich, fuer jede! Ich hoffe, dass deine Woche auch schoen war und muss ich wieder sagen, du bist einfach wunderbar, immer so suess, liebe Rena, ich begruesse mich fuer eine Blogfreundin wie du! Liebe Gruesse!

    • Hello, dear Monica! I totally agree with you, actually that was my favorite dress, and I pictured myself wearing it with a denim jacket (yes, I love the combination or even, mis-combination :) too the mall, to a restaurant, everywhere, like you said! Hope you have a very beautiful Saturday!

  3. i love dresses too denise! what lovely selection you chose, I adore the first one, the one shouldered printed dress, so gorgeous! when I was in high school long ball gowns were in style, but now if i could go back I think I would go with the first dress or a shorter dress like the green one! love it! thanks for sharing! have a great weekend! 😀 xo

    • Thank you so much, dear Andrea! I agree with you, the first one is more my style, cause it’s is colorful, but the shorter one is also super sweet! I used to wear this kind of dresses for weddings that had balls after the ceremony, but now I could and do wear them in summer outfits – maxi dresses are “in” :) I hope you have a lovely weekend, too! XXX

    • Hello, dear Olivia! Thank you so much for your lovely words! It seems that the mint one is the favorite among everybody :) But I agree with you, it’s really very sweet! Hope you have a very nice Saturday!

    • That’s true, dear Jessica, it does have a retro/vintage vibe! Maybe that’s why I picked it, but I didn’t do it consciously :) Thank you for your kind words! I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  4. Oh my, that sweet strapless ruffles one is absolutely divine. I love it! It’s so beautiful! And the first one is such a beautiful pattern – I tend to wear block colours for big gowns on stage and whatever but that one is so pretty. It would look so great at a summer party or event!xxxx

    • Hi, dear Laila! I agree with you about the first one, really cool for an event or party during summer! I think for stage too! I would love to wear it, cause you know I love prints and colorful outfits! Thank you so much for the comment, you are really always so sweet!

  5. A mi también me gustan los vestidos de telas tan delicadas, que se ven livianos y tan femeninos. Aunque no te go ocasión de ponerme algo así, siempre es bonito mirarlos. Me encantó especialmente el primero.

    • Conmigoi pasa la misma cosa, querida Ale! me encantan eses vestidos, pero no tengo mucha oportunidad para usarlos, asi que muchas veces hago como una tunica, y ahi puedo salir con ellos :) Besos y una buena semana!!!!

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