Company implants

Company implants – have you ever thought of that? Do you like this idea – or not at all?

Checked coat and scarf

A decade ago a colleague and I talked about under skin chips – we didn’t agree or disagree, we stated that it would happen. A Swedish business staff has chips under skin, now – they hold their hands against the building’s front door and enter. The RFID – radio-frequency identification – chip, around the size of a grain of rice, grants access and photocopying :) In the future, we’ll be able to pay at the Cafe, tube, etc., through such a chip. It’s not mandatory now; not the whole staff agree with the chip.

By the end of the post, an “idea”, not new :) I have been thinking about that for months; finally, last Tuesday I decided “OK, next week!” So, now :) It’s because I got to know amazing blogger-friends through other blogs, that I thought we could share the great things you have all been doing, to be in touch with each other! In case you don’t want, it’s fine, too! It’s just a try, I hope you like it!


Coat, Warehouse. Jeans,

Coat, Warehouse. Jeans, LB

Top, Vive Maria. Scarf, I made it!

Top, Vive Maria. Pom pom collar-scarf, I made it! With a ribbon mismatching the coat’s colors, but I like it so!

Easy to knit using only fingers! I made some scarves that way!

Easy to knit using only fingers! I made some scarves that way! In case you want to see it step by step, just ask me!

Skater line coat

Skater line coat

Heart shaped pearl earrings bought in Paris

Heart shaped pearl earrings bought in Paris and braided hairstyle

So windy! Another braided hairstyle

So windy! Another braided hairstyle

Vive Marie bag

Vive Marie bag

And as I said, I like mismatched colors - I like black and brown together!

Boots, Balizza. Against a muddy river, not dirty! As I said, I like black and brown together, like here

Finishing Touch

Funny and wise quote

Wishing you a sweet week with smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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Monday Motivation

Share your beautiful ideas – outfits, DIYs, thoughts, anything! You don’t have to display any code; if you want to mention the blog, OK, if not, it’s fine too! It’s just to get to know each other!

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52 thoughts on “Company implants

  1. Your finger knitted scarf is awesome! It looks so soft and cozy. Personally the idea of implants (for non-medical reasons) under the skin hold zero appeal to me. I’ve always had a fear of a dystonian type of future and feel that such could be a big step on the road to such.

    As that’s anything but the most cheerful note to wrap up on, I’ll cap off this comment instead by wishing you a joyful, awesome start of August. I hope it’s a terrific month for you, dear Denise.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Omg Denise, you look so beautiful as always 😀 And as you already know I love your smile. It is really lovely. That knitted scarf is great. It’s a perfect DIY. :) I love how you always post an inspiring quote in the end 😀 That is so awesome.

    • It is cold, dear Pam, and thank you for your lovely comment! I am going to write a post about where I am before going back home (UK). Cause people are wondering :) The sun is very bad to my skin, to the point that once I forgot to spread sunscreen on my feet, went to a stroll in a sunny time, for just one hour and ended up with super swollen feet (it was even difficult to take the shoes off) and couldn’t walk for 3 days. So for some years when summer starts in the UK, I travel to Uruguay, extreme south of Brazil, Argentina, wherever the globe offers winter. I get much better this way, mood, skin sensibility, whatever :) Around October I am ready to go home again and so the year goes on – next May I leave the UK and choose another place with winter :) That’s the best I can do to avoid sun complications! Hope you have a great week! Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  3. I have heard about something similar that my father told me years ago for the military use … how scary! I honestly would not want a chip under my skin. It’s definitely a sign of fearing times indeed.
    As for your outfit, it’s lovely and the finger knitted scarf is my favourite. <3 Wishing you a great new month and start of the week. Thanks for sharing, it's always interesting to read your blog. /Madison xx

  4. Hi dear friend, you look gorgeous as always. i love this jacket that you are wearing. As for the Implanted chips I’m not so sure how I feel about them, if is something that could possibly saved someone’s life I think I would be ok with, but I think at this moment I’m neutral.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog Denise.

  5. I didn’t even know that finger knitting was possible. I would love to know more about it. When you have time, it would be great if you could write a post about it.

    You look fantastic….such a lovely outfit!

    p.s. to be honest, I’m not sure I would like to have such an implant, even if I’m always forgetting things.

  6. Liebe Denise, ehrlich gesagt mag ich diese Chips unter der Haut gar nicht. Sie erschrecken mich sogar und ich habe nicht mal unsere Katzen chippen lassen … Allerdings finde ich Dich wunderschön in Deinem tollen Outfit, die Frisur steht Dir so gut und Karo mag ich generell sehr gerne. Auch Deine Idee ist richtig gut – Motivation ist immer wichtig und ich mache sehr gerne mit! Alles Liebe für Dich, hab noch eine wunderbare Woche!
    xx Rena

  7. Ma l’hai fatta tu quella sciarpa Denise??? Che brava!!! Io non sono per nulla capace di fare queste cose…
    Supercarina tu e il tuo look, mi piace un sacco soprattutto il tuo cappotto, ha quel mood casual chic che adoro! Ma la cosa più bela è sempre il tuo sorriso!
    Per quanto riguarda i chip sotto pelle, io non li metterei mai!!! Non mi piace proprio per niente come idea!
    Ti auguro un bellissimo Agosto, cara Denise!

  8. Oh my goodness I wondered what you meant at first when I saw the title and then I was shocked to hear about the microchips under the skin, but then when you said it was the same size as a grain of rice I didnt think it was so bad. I’m still not sure I’d be willing to do it though although I can imagine this will definitely be the future for us. I love your shoes and bags in the OOTD photos Denise.

    What a lovely suggestion to share our posts with other bloggers, if anyone is interested here is my latest post

    • Thank you so much, dear Colleen, for the lovely comment! I don’t know whether I would like to have a microchip under my skin either… but just like you said, I suppose this is the future… I really think so… ah, yes, the latest post, people kind of don’t read comments, so to share the post you need to link up at the bottom of the post :) Then people can read the name of the post, name of the blog and see a picture that you select :) But only if you want to do so :) Thank you again, eager to go to Eness Birmingham :) I didn’t forget it! XXX

  9. Interesting post! I’m not a fan of having a foreign object implanted into my body .. so I’m a no on the chip .. lol. I suppose it will be the wave of the future, but I’ll pass.

    Love your gorgeous coat! The colors are so rich and cozy.


  10. Hola querida Denise! A mi la idea de un chip debajo de mi piel me asusta un poco jaja, es muy Black Mirror (esa serie de UK)! Me agrada que la tecnología avance continuamente pero hay ciertas cosas que me asustan.
    Tu outfit es hermoso, yo quiero ese abrigo!! 😉 Las botas también son bellísimas, y esa cartera “Almost Innocent” es muy divertida por lo que dice.
    Me alegra conocer la hermosa idea que se te ocurrio para que nos conocieramos mejor! Lo acabo de probar con mi post de Instagram y parece que si funcionó porque ya lo estoy viendo jaja. Muchas gracias por la oportunidad, Denise! La verdad es que tu positivismo es contagioso <3
    Que tengas una hermosa semana! Besos!!

  11. I don’t like the idea of the chip at all.
    I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit.
    Cute outfit! This quote is something I have been saying too trying to believe it is true.
    I have added my link, I hope it’s correct.

    • Dear June, thank you so much for such a lovely comment an compliment! Yes, that is my natural hair color! But like everybody else, I sometimes think “what if I dye it pink? Platinum blonde? Black?” and quit the idea, because I don’t have the courage to have hair changes! I sometimes find it boring to keep it always the same, so thank you so much for your words, they are reassuring! Hope you have a great day!

  12. Well Denise, the idea of an employer inserting chips under my skin so that I could gain access to certain buildings and office equipment makes me shudder. No, sorry. I’d be one of those fighting such Big Brother measures. On a more pleasent note, I want those Balizza boots of yours. Stunning! Hugs and kisses my sweet friend. Tx

  13. I’m not sure I would love to wear any chip on me. Now let’s talk about your outfit details __ untill now I was considering Pom pom trend only on my bags and shoes, but I have to say this Pom pom collar scarf is super cute, and can’t believe you made it Denise. Wish you a wonderful week ahead dear.

  14. I promise I’ll reply you later this week, Denise, I am so sorry but I am so behind and am trying my best to catch up on so many things. I’m not sure how I feel about the implants though, it’s fine if you work your whole life with the company but most people will switch jobs after 5 years, what then?

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Please don’t worry, dear Shireen! I can imagine, but just imagine, how it is to blog many times a week, answering, take care of a child, it’s a lot, so please, take your time! I hope you have a nice weekend, and thank you so much for your sweet comment! You are super sweet, always!

  15. I don’t know what should I say about company implants, this term is very unpopular in India, but I read somewhere that most of the people in the USA are going to be chipped in the coming years! :/ BTW, do you like knitting, sis? You know, I used to knit/crochet a lot as a kid. 😀

  16. Dear Denise: You’re right. I can access your website with my cell phone but lot with my PC for some reason! Anyhow, so glad I can touch base with you again! Yay! Also, can’t believe you’re in Brazil! Have so much fun studying abroad, love! Now to your topic: I cannot imagine getting an implant. For some reason it doesn’t resonate with me, and as far as your look goes: Amazing, as always! You’re always so chic!

    • Yooo-hoo! Wow, so I am proud of myself to have figured out the thing – cause I may be good on internet and things related to research, but not on hardware and softwares, etc :) Yes, the Olympics have started yesterday (but the opening is tomorrow), I had to be in the place :) In 2014 I came to the World Cup :) I shift between that and Uruguay/Argentina, due to winter – I know some people call me crazy, but I cannot bear sun. So now in Europe people are enjoying summer, I had to escape to where I found winter :) That’s how much I avoid sun! You are SO SWEET! Having all this trouble to read the post! I thank you sooooo very much! For your lovely comment and for being a gem that you are! Hope you have a lovely weekend! XXX

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