Classy or Trashy

On Sundays I look forward to seeing Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police :) A week ago she showed these pictures and asked “who wore it better?

Who looks Classy... who looks Trashy? Or none of the alternatives?

Who looks Classy… who looks Trashy? Or none of the alternatives?

Kim Kardashian here. Zoe Saldana here.

Actress Zoe Saldana was first spotted at the Trevor Project Trevor live event held at The Hollywood Palladium on December 12, 2012 followed on March 26, 2013 by Reality star Kim Kardashian in New York City wearing the same Lanvin beige puffed skirt in techno netting and elastic knot belt dress. Both ladies style it differently: Zoe wore Lanvin crystal-cap-toe clear pumps, with Lanvin clutch. Kim wore it with Christian Louboutin ‘Unbout’ nude Illusion red sole pump. Source here.
Lanvin dress: around $2995

Lanvin dress: around $2995

That’s the model showing the dress, for you to compare who wore it better…

Well, Joan Rivers said Kim looked like a lampshade… and Kelly Osbourne said it was time for Kim to start wearing maternity clothes… I don’t remember who was voted at the time, but for me… I still couldn’t decide… I didn’t love any of them wearing the dress, but I still can’t hate the pictures!

Hope you all have a beautiful day with many smiles!


18 thoughts on “Classy or Trashy

  1. I have to say that I am not a fan of Kim’s wardrobe, I much prefer Zoe in this dress, she looks classy and her shoes were really pretty too. Thank you for stopping by and for your great comment…I think you will love shopping in Dubai, especially all the amazing shoe shops! hope your day is going well!

    • And again thanks for that! Yes, people tend to be judgmental – I try not, but I confess I laugh at Joan’s jokes! You are sooo right – the most important thing is if they felt good wearing the dress! Mmm… I feel a bit ashamed now… but I really liked what you wrote, it pulled me into what I am always “preaching”: don’t judge your brothers and sisters! (No irony, I’m sure you know me enough by now and know I am being honest!)

  2. hi sweetie…
    hmmmm its difficult to decide who is better wearing that dress. honestly the dress look perfect on the model. but yeah i choose Zoe wore it more classy than Kim. i dont know why — she looks better and feminine wearing that dress, and her shoes too–so lovable.

  3. No one wore it better. The model wore it the best. Kim look trashy as hell. Dear lord, she needs to start dressing for the baby bump. That and dresses with a ‘baby doll’ structured skirt just don’t work for short people. Zoe looks better, but to be honest, the color washes her out. Not the best choice. I can’t imagine anyone paying $3000 for that…


  4. El vestido en sí no es muy fácil de usar y lucir bien con esa forma tan acampanada y corta que tiene. De todas maneras estoy de acuerdo que Zoe lo luce un poco mejor, pero los zapatos de Kim me gustaron más para el vestido 😉

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