Classy or Trashy

Are these trousers/pants nice or not?

Source here

Source here

Pants/trousers by Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll’s Spring 2013 collection

Another picture

Source here

Source here

They are edgy, no doubt! And put a smile on my face! She’s young and it’s a nice item to wear on stage. But I don’t think I’d wear them everywhere – but alas, I’m not Rita Ora!

Have a great day everybody with many many smiles!


14 thoughts on “Classy or Trashy

  1. Hi sweety, so happy to hear from you! Take all the time you need to settle into the different time zone, it can be taxing on your mind and body. P.S You Don’t have to lose an inch so I am not even allowing you to say that :) You’re perfect! I have to be honest here and say I am not too fond of this pants, maybe for a pop star its okay but in real life I wonder how it would work out.

  2. Well……what can I say……I think for a stage outfit, they are fine. Different and quirky and that’s always great when you are performing, but I think they would look trashy if she was just wearing them as part of her street style. I would never wear them, regardless of what I was doing ha ha.

    Thank you so much for your sweet compliment on my blog! Have a great day!

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