Classy or Trashy

It’s a fact that I love shoes (who doesn’t? I mean, among girls?) and so I normally look for shoes all the time (well, nearly) and things related to them. I found this bag last week – mmm… Classy or Trashy?

Blue Q Shoes Galore bag for £10 here

Blue Q Shoes Galore bag for £10 here

They also have floral print bags, a camera-printed bag and other prints. I have a Blue Q “envelope” pouch that was really thought to be a real envelope that I was taking to  the post office. Funny :)

Since I already have a tapestry bag, but with hats AND shoes, and a pouch by Lulu Guinness where it’s written “A girl can never have too many shoes:) I don’t know whether I “should” get this or not.

So, waiting for your thoughts! It’ll be good to know what you think about it!

Have a lovely day everybody, with very sincere smiles!


14 thoughts on “Classy or Trashy

  1. Hey Denise! I’d love to see your envelope bag- it sounds cool! And this bag is nice too!
    I DO have a concert on SAturday and it’s a marvellous one. Same place- St Peter’s Church, Kensington Park road, Nottinghill. Nearest tube is Nottinghill gate and the programme is Ravel- Mother Goose suite and piano concerto, Debussy L’apres midi, and Rautavaara Cantus Arcticus! It would be totally cool if you could come! I’ve got to dash off to a wedding reception after but would be fab to see you at long last!x

  2. I think this one is really cute and quirky, ideally it should be worn with an outfit that compliments it and not, say a pants sit you would wear to the office. Really sweet find!

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