Classy or Trashy

So, you bought a pair of creative Charlotte Olympia shoes, with impressive heels (really very creative) and you didn’t mind having a pedi. OK, as usual, I do respect it. But honestly, it would have been better with a bit more care, in my opinion.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandal, at $1695.00 here

The site says so: “a Charlotte Olympia shoe lives to turn heads. The Cherie poodle sandal, in a gorgeous rose hue, will give you a reason to walk your dog—in chic beauty“. OK, let’s see if the owner is up to these standards:

I know that there are, of course, worse things in life, clearly – but a bit of care also shows love towards yourself. I didn’t like this picture, but at least you can see the poodle heels better. And here the ex playmate at the event:

Dog event

The Animal Foundation’s 10th Annual Best In Show at The Orleans Arena & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Dailymail says: “As a former Playboy model she should be used to looking her best for the camera. However, Holly Madison displayed some bad feet in need of a desperate pedicure as she attended the The Animal Foundation’s 10th Annual Best In Show event held at The Orleans Arena & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wearing a pair of poodle inspired heels the 33-year-old showed off her cracked and dry feet as she hosted the event on Sunday”.

Classy or Trashy? I mean everything, nice sandals? Is it OK wearing sandals without visiting a pedicure first? Tell me your opinion, it’ll be respected!

I hope you all have a beautiful day with many sunny smiles!


21 thoughts on “Classy or Trashy

  1. hi sweety, I have to be honest and say I am not really fond of these heels, they are cute and playful, but not for a red carpet look. Eep about the pedicure!!Thank you for your kind compliments on Ray’s outfit post, we were thrilled to read it :)

  2. oh my, that is not pretty at all 😛 if you are a famous person and you have to run an event then please look decent while doing it. there are so many lotions and creams and scrubs but I guess she owns zero of those :( and to be completely honest I don’t like the shoes anyway, I only love the real doggie :) oh and thank you very much for your always awesome comments. love reading those! :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. it seems walking on those can be little bit difficult but not trash at all.

    thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. i’m now following you via Bloglovin..hope u follow me back :)

  4. Oh nein, voll peinlich! I don´t like feet without a pedi … the shoes are really interesting but I believe I wouldn´t buy them for myself.

    Ja, Deine Bilder zeigen, dass einem wirklich die teuersten Schuhe nichts nützen, wenn man auf die Pflege seines gesamten eigenen Körpers nicht achtet :(

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the week, dear <3

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

  5. She’s in desperate need for a pedicure! Definitely! The heels are cute. I wouldn’t wear them, but they’re innovative. hehe But the owner of them shouldn’t have done at least an at-home pedicure before going out. It’s really bad.

  6. I’m pretty sure Holly wasn’t expecting people to zoom in on her feet, haha! She looked gorgeous every where else, of *course* they’d find something to knit pick on. I constantly go in sandals without pedis, mainly because I don’t feel like dropping so much cash on it. But I know it’s best to primp and show your best face to the world :) I’d cut her some slack though, we can’t always be perfect all the time!

    As for your hopefully soon India trip, your destinations sound wonderful!! Varanasi has been one of my absolute favorite experiences- that town is so amazing and spiritual. And it has THE most interesting people watching. You should also put Jodhpur on your list- it’s all blue and SO charming and pretty. I would move there if i could haha!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. The shoes looks cute but you should always consider whether what kind of occasion are you gonna wear it. Definitely a no-no on a formal occasion. You can still wear sandals even if you’re toes are not predicured as long as they’re clean then it’s all good. :-)

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