Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas – well, I don’t display fancy decor – but faithful to myself, DIY practical and colorful ideas :) Do you have DIY items for Christmas? I’d love to know!

Christmas party

Christmas is a special moment in the year, but we don’t need to wait for that to do good things to others, in my opinion. The Daily Mail shows a lonely widower, spending Christmas without his wife for the first time and asking for company for the festive meal – it’s heartbreaking. And the answers he got, very emotional. Christmas is a time when we see that there’s still kindness in the world.

I wrote posts this year saying that kindness doesn’t cost a thing and that when we do something nice for people, we’re doing something nice for ourselves, in fact. I pointed out that we tend to always want more and more and we already have so much.  The feeling of helping is really great!

Wishing a fantastic Christmas time with your family and friends and thank you for the support towards me – I was a bit absent in December, so hectic – well, for everybody, I’m sure!

New year’s message comes on Monday – now, a small Christmas celebration and outfit :)

I've already told, I always have cakes and cookies at home!

I’ve already told, I always have cakes and cookies at home! Last week’s celebration

You can see a panettone on the table - no Christmas is complete for me without it!

You can see a panettone on the table – no Christmas is complete for me without it!

Some delicious food for the party

Some delicious food for the celebration – on the right, a Christmas tree that nice Austrian friends gave to me

Some savory and sweet things

Some savory and sweet things

Easy "Last Minute" idea - a candle on an apple!

Easy “Last Minute” idea – a candle on an apple! I love grapes on Christmas

Christmas tree salad, wine glass turned to candle holder

Christmas tree salad – literally a bit cheesy, but I wanted to try it  and wine glass as a candle holder

Christmas tree with gift wrap paper

Christmas tree with gift wrap paper, cut as a tree if you like

Marmelade glass for a candle (place some little cake decoration inside) and German Räuchermann - they are so sweet!

Jam glass for a candle (place some little cake decoration inside) and German Räuchermann – they’re so sweet!

Sweets and the Swedish vegetarian Smörgåstårta, that I love so much!

Sweets and the Swedish vegetarian Smörgåstårta, that I love so much!

My beloved panettone!

Some Portuguese sweets and my beloved panettone in the middle!

I love this dress, by Jobi!

I love this dress, by Jobi! On the rug, some presents

As I like things colorful at home, I am showing the dress in a neutral environment

As I like colorful things at home, I am showing the dress in a neutral environment

Shoes, Schuh

Shoes, Schuh – with glitter heels. These ones are so comfortable, perfect for a party!

First time I wore this color - yellow with golden nail tips, and a beautiful piece of jewellery, given by my mother

First time I wore this color – yellow with golden nail tips, and the engagement ring of my grandmother

Loved this color - I thought I wouldn't, but I loved it! This vintage jewel was given by my mother

Loved this color – I thought I wouldn’t, but I loved it! The jewel was given by my mother

Hope you have a great week, with many smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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73 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating Ideas

  1. What a thoroughly scrumptious looking holiday feast! My Italian born husband seconds your feelings regarding Panattone. :)

    From the bottom of my heart, dear Denise, I wish you a truly marvelous, merry and joyful holiday season.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Dang Denise, look at all the yummylicious desserts! And you’re so right, kindness doesn’t cost anything and we should all teach our children that so the future generations would be better. I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to you, Denise and I hope you’ll have a brilliant celebration.

  3. What a festive place you have! I love the idea of the Christmas salad.

    I agree. Being kind makes everyone’s hearts grow three times larger.

    Your dress and shoes are wonderful. I must say again I really adore your shoe collection.

    Have a fantastic Christmas and much Joy and Love in the New Year.


  4. Ciao cara Denise! 😀
    Ma che bellissime (e buonissime) idee per la tavola di Natale! E che bella che sei tu: sembri una principessa tutta vestita di fiori!
    Io adoro il Natale, e penso che , anche se è vero che bisognerebbe essere più altruisti tutto l’anno, cominciare ad esserlo anche per un breve periodo è pur sempre un’inizio! 😀
    Che bello che viaggi tanto! Forse è un pò stancate ma chissà quante cose belle ed interessanti che vedi in tutti i tuoi viaggi, ti invidio un pò!^^
    Piacerebbe tanto anche a me conoscerti, ma io sono di Roma (e probabilmente durante le vacanze di Natale andrò anche qualche giorno a sciare)… :(
    Ti faccio tantissimi auguri di un dolcissimo Natale ed un felice Anno Nuovo!

  5. Oh all that food looks yum Denise and your dress is super cute. I agree, this time of year is a perfect time to do something nice for other people and I’m not just talking about the traditional presents, something a bit more charitable and yes both parties benefit – the giver who feels great and the receiver who also feels great. Yes December is very busy and thank you too for your support. Have a lovely Christmas Denise!

  6. First of all, you make me hungry with all these delicious foods over there!!! I loved the tree salad idea, I will do it too ! Second of all I can’t remember if I’ve seen you before with this dress but it looks gorgeous on you <3

    • Hi, dear Maria, you are so lovely! Wish we could meet more :) It has to wait :) No, the dress was the first time I wore :) I will confess something to you (since people normally don’t read comments’ replies :) Normally everything I wear and photograph is being worn for the first time – because I take the opportunity to finally wear things :) So I will go on posing :) Cheesy and monotonous poses, but I don’t know how to do anything better :) You could teach me, cause your photos are always so sweet!

  7. I do agree with you…when we are kind to others, we are also being kind to ourselves. Our souls need love! This is a great time to reconnect with others.

    you look stunning in that dress! ….and seeing all those yummy things made me really hungry. I especially like that christmas tree salad…it looks so cool….and I wouldn’t mind trying that amazing christmas cake!

    Those gift wraps arranged as a christmas tree are such a great sight. Brilliant idea! …and how cute is that little christmas tree you got from your aussie friend.

  8. It is a time of year when we do see people doing lovely things for other people but I wish that was all year too. Sometimes we need a little reminder to be more kind and giving. Loved that story of the widower, it was so touching. A sad story but lovely to see all the support and care he received!
    Love your beautiful dress so perfect for the holidays! The print is so lovely and sweet! Your shoes are perfect too!


  9. Denise, what a beautiful post! Your make-up is flawless! Hoping you will the time to rest and spend Christmas with your loved ones! You deserve a little break! I know you have not been feeling well, and I really hope you feel better soon! You are always in my prayers! Sending you much love, always!

    Wishing you and your family Happy Holidays!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  10. Dear Denise! I am so glad you are going to be in England! YES, we must meet!!!!
    Your food looks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing- so colourful and creative, esp that Christmas tree salad! I really think that is a delightful idea. All of it looks really tasty!
    Your dress is beautiful too- it has a definite Jane Austen vibe to it with a modern twist- beautiful!
    If I don’t get to say so before, I wish you a wonderful Christmas!xxx

  11. Yes-the holidays are the perfect time for giving! I often feel like people forget that and it’s more stressful than happy. But if you go to the core of it, the holiday season should be filled with friends, family, and happiness! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! I love all of your goodies here and your flowery floral outfit! :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  12. Que hermosa eres, por dentro y por fuera Denise. Es verdad, no debemos de esperar la Navidad para hacer cosas buenas para nuestro projimo. Que lindo encontrar personas como tu.
    Tu decoracion es bien adorable y ayudador, very clever!
    Te ves hermosa y divina como siempre. Esa sonrisa brilla a todos nosotros :) Que bella piel que tienes Denise!
    Se ve que el clima por alla esta calentito, cierto? Como quisiera ir a La Argentina otra vez y me encantaria pasarme por El Pais del Carnaval a visitarte, te imaginas? :)
    Te deseo unos lindos dias llenos de amor. Dios te bendiga y nos vemos por estos medios, besitos!!!
    – Elsey

  13. Hello dear Denise :) Sorry for not writing to you so long, but I was busy because of my work and preparation for Christmas(here, in Poland we do a lot of traditional meals for Christmas Eve, so it means a lot of work after my work in general, but I don’t complain about this, because I love cooking ;)). Backing to the subject – I totally agree with you that Christmas are about kidness – we should to help other people and it doesn’t mean to help by only giving money for poor people, very often we help someone by kind words, because the most important thing at this time of the year is to spend this time with our beloved. What about your outfit, I love your floral printed dress, it looks on you beautifully :) Merry Christmas, dear Denise:)

    • Please don’t worry, dear Ivonne, I know how it is, I also had so hectic months lately! I am so glad that you are cooking and that you will have such a lovely Christmas with family! I totally agree with you – kindness is not about money, but words, uplifting people’s spirits and hopes. I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, sweet friend!

  14. As always, great post denise! kindness does go a long way, and i feel so much better when I help out others! its hard but it helps snap you out of feeling bad for yourself and being in a bad mood when things are going wrong when you put things in perspective! i love all of your christmas decorations, how cute! all the food and cakes look great, and that little book christmas tree is such a cute diy decoration! love it!
    i have been pretty absent this month too, december always feels super hectic for everyone it seems!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday for christmas and the coming new year! may it be full of happiness and relaxation! xo

  15. Liebe Denise, ja das Kleid ist wunderschön und Du siehst einfach perfekt damit aus! Perfekt ist auch das, was Du zubereitet hast, Du bist einfach in jeglicher Hinsicht eine Künstlerin <3 Und es macht mich auch traurig, dass es so viele einsame Menschen an Weihnachten gibt – und dass selbst dort, wo Weihnachten in der Familie und/oder mit Freunden gefeiert wird, beileibe nicht immer Friede herrscht …
    Dir wünsche ich auf jeden Fall wunderbare, friedliche und einfach herrliche Weihnachten <3 So wie Du es verdienst!
    Merry Christmas!
    Alles Liebe von Rena
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  16. happy holidays, dear Denise! it was such a beautiful post and I enjoyed it a lot. your table looks absolutely amazing by the way and that Christmas tree salad I would totally love to have right now 😛 looks very delicious! and all the sweet things too, what a crazy wide variety! oh and your floral dress combined with those classy heels is such a good combo. you look lovely! wow and those nails I like like like! 😀 so cool!
    I hope you spent wonderful Christmas and I wish you a beautiful last week of 2015! take care, dear Denise :)

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