Chocolate Week

Chocolate Week happened during the Easter Holy week (for some religions), this month. Such a feast! Chocolate, trips and researches – now music and genes :)

Always showing the weekly nail color :) Pink fluo by Nails Inc.

Showing the weekly nail polish color – Pink fluo by Nails Inc.

Listening to classical music enhances the activity of genes involved in learning, memory, development and emotions, a new study finds. It reduces the activity of genes of neurodegeneration (for ex., responsible for Parkinson’s).

But, it only worked for musically experienced people, till now. Hi, Kezzie and Laila :) – music teacher friends (and not only, check out their sweet blogs!) Hope it works for me – I listen to classical music everyday and am currently studying at a faculty of music, this semester in South America. I took the chance to travel around! Sorry for the many pics!

A super casual outfit for traveling - Top and jeans, Asos. Emma ballerinas. Bag, my mother's gift. Necklace, East

Very casual outfit for traveling – Top and jeans, Asos. Emma flats. Bag, my mother’s gift.

The cities are known for the excellent shoe factories and chocolate

Cities known for the excellent shoe-bag factories and chocolate (for ex., Carvella is made here)

I tried some nice styles!

Some shopping – I tried very nice shoes!

Look at the red arrow - I tried so many pairs, the girl was watching me! Funny!

Look at the red arrow – the girl was watching me! Funny!

Now, German colonized cities: architecture, food and traditions

Many shoe shops in there!

Many shoe shops there!

German traditional Fachwerkhäuser architecture

German traditional Fachwerkhäuser (Timber framing) architecture

Easter bunnies!

Easter bunnies!

Cuckoos clocks

Cuckoos clocks

Cuckoos clocks, beautiful!

Cuckoos clocks, beautiful!

Unser Haus restaurant, amazing German food and decoration

Unser Haus restaurant, amazing German food and decoration

The transparent tables are decorated with German books!

The transparent tables are decorated with German books!

Hope you have a week with smilesThank you for your always nice comments!

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138 thoughts on “Chocolate Week

    • Hi, dear Anouk, thank you for your kind comment! Yes, I was like “miam miam”, you know what I mean! I love chocolate – well, Easter gave me an extra kilo, but it was so good! Factories and factories with pure chocolate, chocolate museum, who can resist to all these things? Hope you have a very nice and sweet week! XXX

    • Hello dear, thank you for this sweet comment! The places I went were filled with bags, I was amazed! I am normally an internet shopper, but those places were impressive, for a change! XXX

  1. How exciting thst you are studying music! What made you decide to do that? Certainly very cool!
    Why did you choose S. America? That is great that you got to travel round and I laughed at the Shoe envy picture! Your East necklace is SO pretty!!!x

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! You see, I told you you would be featured :) Well, I used to study it before and wanted to go on at a certain point – I just don’t like to tell, because I like to keep a low profile. I’ll give you an example: you’re a master in music, and I’m not, I just know it a bit. But look, I have a friend that, for ex., whatever you say she has it better, she had it before, she’ll do it anyway, she’s much better, eveybody is ugly, she finds she’s Miss Universe (no joke). You said you went to the old tracks, she went to 5 of them already, for ex. :) You say you have a 50s dress, she had it much before you. You know what I mean? So when I met you and it was that amazing concert I wanted to know about YOU, your passion for music, how many instruments, etc., but it was your concert, not my moment – and one day you would know about my studies anyway! And by the way, I’m just an amateur! Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear Kezzie, I am looking forward to many more concerts when possible, to meet you! XXX

        • I really wanted it to be your moment and it was! I was so proud of you having invited me! I don’t play anything well, a bit of some things – and my places are full of musical instruments, I know yours has more and professional! When we meet (and I hope we do, again), we can talk more about it, I would love to! XXX

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you for your sweet comment! Yes, it is very cold in Germany in the winter, I lived there for many years and sometimes the lakes were completely frozen, so that I walked on them! But in the summer it’s fine! But these cities were colonized by Germans, not in Germany really, although they speak German in the cities I went! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica! I love studying and now music is so good! I normally am an internet shopper, but when in a new place, why not seeing thing live! Hope you have a great week, kisses!

    • Nossa, fico super feliz que vc gostou do post e do look, querida Lilly! Na verdade era bem casual, mas quis dar um “up” com a sapatilha! Musica classica eh otima, ne, amo tambem! Uma boa semana para vc e um beijao!!!

    • Thank you so much, dear Monica! I was like “oh my word!” Chocolate, I love it (who doesn’t!) and during Easter and that trip, I put 1 kilo on! Now struggling to come back to “normality”! And planning new nice things, I hope! Kisses, Monica and a nice week for you!

  2. Che bello, la settimana della cioccolata!!! Piacerebbe anche a me festeggiarla con un bel viaggio e mangiando tantissima cioccolata!^^
    Io ascolto molto spesso musica classica (tutti la amano nella mia famiglia), ma non so se ha mai avuto qualche effetto su di me…
    Comunque è molto bello che studi all’estero, sei stata molto coraggiosa a fare una scelta simile e di certo sarà un’esperienza utile ed interessante per te!
    Buona settimana, dolcezza! 😀

    • Ciao, carina S! Io credo di si, puo essere che sembra ce non si vede, ma credo che la musica classica ti mostrera gli effetti, subito! Ah, all’estero, una volta sono andata a Germania per studiare ed era interessante, tutto sola, e ho avuto bei ricordi ma anche cattive. N’altra volta sono andata a Francia per studiare la lingua francese, ed era anche interessante, ma la stessa cosa – in tutti luoghi del mondo ha cose buone e cattive! Ma sempre con un sorriso, ed importante! Tante grazie per le tue belle parole, sempre tanto carina! Baci!

    • Mille grazie, carina Dania! Sono scarpe molto semplice, per una lunga passeggiata nella nuova citta! Ma sono carine! Questa citta ed incredibile – negozi e fabbriche al lato dell’altra, bellissime scarpe e borse! Una bella settimana, dolce Dania! Baci!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jackie! It is such an amazing city, it’s one shop-factory after the other, next to each other in fact, that way! But after some time I felt saturated :) I am much more an internet shopper, but those places were nice to see! Thanks for the lovely compliment!

    • Hi, thank you for your comment! It’s actually Easter Week with a lot of chocolate, so I wrote the title like that! But in fact, yes, it’s Chocolate Week in some places, and I loved it!

    • Hahaha, ho comprato esatamente queste scarpe! Che buon occhio, carina Maggie! Di solito compro in internet, ma quel fine settimana sono andata ai negozi e ed e stato interessante! Mille grazie per le tue sempre dolce parole, carina Maggie! Anche baci e abbraccio!

    • Hi, dear June! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I am now studying at a faculty of music, besides blogging! I like arts very much! I hope that you have a very nice week and I am looking forward to a new restaurant review on your blog, I like them (so eager to visit Pune one day!) XXX

    • Hi, dear Simera! What for a great thing to know, so you are an artist! The violin, so beautiful, I love it, but I don’t know how to play it! Do you still play it? I hope so, because it has such a beautiful sound! That was really nice to know, I can picture you at a concert! Thank you for such a sweet comment! XXX

    • Ciao, carina Paol! Tante grazie per le tue parole, davvero! Io soono come te, non posso vivere senza cicoccolata! Anche per te una bellissima settimana, con solo e sorriso, carina amica, e baci!

  3. Hi Denise, you don’t sorry! All the pics are amazing. It’s funny to see what the German immigrants have built in South America. Hier heißt es immer, die Einwanderer sollen sich anpassen, aber die Deutschen selber, halten sich anscheinend nicht an das was sie predigen. Haha das ist ja fast immer so. I’m not musically experienced but I hope it works for me too. You look totally adorable. Love your cute leo flats and the bag that your mom gave you. Happy Tuesday sweetheart!


    • Hello, dear friend! Yes, das ist super interessant, was die Deutsche Einwanderer gemacht haben – und a propos, die, was ich gezeigt habe, sind nur was…3, 4 Staedte? Gibt’s soooo viel mehr, ich moechte viele mehr kennen – und werde weit reisen, um zu entdecken! Gibt’s Italienische Staedte auch, moechte ich auch kennen! Danke sehr fuer die suesse Komplimente! Du bist immer so suess zu mir, deine Woerte immer so freundlich! Ich hoffe es auch, dass die Musik schoen fuer dich ist, ich bin ganz sicher! Hoffe, dass diese Woch ist wirklich schoen fuer dich! Du bist immer so ein Engel, ohne Witz! XXX

      • Hello my sweet and lovely Denise, I’m so looking forward to see the Italian cities. I bet they look totally different than the Germans. I love classical music whether it helps or not. It’s so relaxing. Du musst dich doch nicht bedanken. Ich meine was ich sage. Du selber bist immer super süß und lieb. Ich macht mir immer viel Spaß deinen Blog zu besuchen. Can’t wait to see you new post. Have a wonderful Saturday sweetheart!


        • Oh, suesse Mira! Du bist echt ein Engel, ich fuehle so! Immer so liebe und suess zu mir, es ist immer so schoen, deine Woerte zu lesen! Ich denke schon, dass die Italiensiche Staedte anders als die Deutsche werden, ja. Ich bin schon gespannt! Im Moment waehle ich welche Staetde zu besuchen :) Ich hoffe, das einmmal wir beide us treffen koennen, aber sei nicht enttaeuscht, bitte – cih bin echt klein :) Ich hoffe, dass du und deine Familie ein sehr schoenes Wochenende haben! Viele liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you so much for the comment, I agree with you – chocolate is one of the best things to eat! To me, it warms my soul, but unfortunately stays on my body after that! But nevertheless, I love it! Hope you have a very beautiful week with many books and smiles!

  4. I was listening and playing classical music when I was a child (I graduated the primary music school and at the end I started to hate this kind of music, but now I like it again a little bit). Perfect outfit for traveling, I like the top and leopard flats, you look lovely! Interesting pictures, I adore traveling!:)
    Have a wonderful day:)

    • Hi, dear, I had to be comfortable for walking, so the flats were perfect! I think it happened to many of us, there is a phase when we maybe prefer rock, but all can live together, so we get back to our previous tastes! I love listening to classical music as well as rock and other styles and I think you do, too, I am sure! So one thing in common we do have and more – travelling and the amazing shoes I see on your posts! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and I hope you have a great day! XXX

  5. Hola Denise! (Todavía se siente un poco raro estar comentando en español por acá jaja) Te comento que amo la música clásica, asisto a conciertos cada vez que puedo y hasta tengo un par de obras en mi playlist. Es un arte que me llena de distintas sensaciones y me inspira muchísimo. No sabía que estabas en Sudamérica! Espero que te esté yendo muy bien :) Me encantaron las fotos que nos compartiste, y muy graciosa la de la chica mirandote en la zapatería! 😉

    • Hola, querida Deborah, eres tan dulce siempre! Gracias por tus palabras! Me gusta mucho estudiar, en diferentes sitios! Y que bueno, que alegria saber que compartimos un “gusto” mas, que es la musica clasica! Y la tienes en tu playlist! Bueno, la chica de la zapateria, fue super chistoso! Solo he visto cuando puse las fotos en la computadora! No mostre su rostro totalmente, pero la mirada que me dio, cuando la vi toda, fue muy chistosa! Espero que tengas una buena semana, mejor decir, lo que aun tenemos de la semana (como vuela el tiempo, es increible!) Besos!

    • Hi, dear Andrea, such a sweet comment, thank you so much! It was a very very simple outfit, but I just wanted to be comfortable. I will style the top in another way soon, cause it deserved a bit better than what I wore that day. I love studying, I am sure you do too! I hope you also have a very beautiful rest of the wee and I am looking forward to more “lab” posts – I love when you talk about it (really)! XXX

    • Dear Anna, thank you for such a sweet comment! When I entered that place, yes, I was like “I want this bag, and that, and oh, this too, and aaaaaaah!” But that place or city, it’s one factory next to the other. Not like a mall, but factories that use the front part as stores, so they have the latest creations. I was mesmerized! You know, you and I love colors :) The outfit was a bit understated for me :) I am even planning to wear the top again, but with more colors :) XXX

  6. I have never heard about Chocolate Week before, is this week lies in eating chocolate? If so, it sounds amazing for me 😉 And I see that you spent amazing time on your trip, dear, I really like this photo when another lady looked at you when you tried on some new shoes (ok, maybe I should say: she stared at you, not looked :-P) Have a great day, Denise :)

    • Hahaha, dear Ivonne, you always so sweet, putting a smile on my face! True, I only saw that she looked at me after I saw the picture and on the computer, not even the camera. And I tried to protect her identity by placing the arrow on part of her face, but if you had seen the original picture, the expression os her eyes were so funny! The chocolate week is during Easter, and miam miam, is it good! I love chocolate! Hope you are having a great evening and thank you for your always so sweet comments! XXX

  7. oh my gosh Denise amiga pero que bonito post! Me encanto todo desde el research, informacion hasta la foto donde la chica te miraba, funny jajaja
    Que hermoso tiempo estas pasando, me alegro mucho por ti y por nosotras ya que compartes tu experiencia con nosotras y la disfrutamos contigo a lo lejos :) <3
    Sigue pasandola bien, te dejo muchos besitos y abrazotes.

    • Querida Elsey, que bueno verte aqui, muchas gracias! Te extranio en facebook, pero como has visto, no paso mucho alla ahora. A veces necesito unos dias para “respirar”, pues sabes, son todos directores de Microsodt y Audi en facebook :) Todos estan siempre en fiestas de Hollywood o que=ieren estar, asi que estoy un poco lejos, para no afferarme tanto a este materialismo :) La chica que me miraba, que chistoso, solo he visto despues, jajaja! Verdad que pedi varios zapatos, creo que ella penso “que rara” :) Gracias de nuevo por tus dulces palabras y que esteas pasando un super buen rato ahora! Besos!

  8. Gosh, so many pics Denise – you have been busy! :) I didn’t know there was a chocolate week! Oh well, I rarely need an excuse to pig out on the brown sugary stuff. Hotel Chocolat most definitely rates as my favourite brand of. Classical music I rarely listen to. Terrible when you consider that I studied the flute (up to grade 6) and singing (grade 3) but didn’t take either any further. Contemporary music is where I’m at these days, partic EDM! Though I do enjoy listening to classical music played live. You really can’t beat the acoustics and ambience of a good symphony hall! Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey, thank you for your nice comment and information! I am so amazed, what I have known now, you studied flute till grade 6 and singing too, till grade 3! You must be an accomplished musician then, I would love to listen to it! Cause I am sure that even though you say you don’t listen to it now, you are able to perform it well, I am very sure! You know, I think it’s like languages – we don’t practice for a while, but then we go to the country and after 2 or 3 days all start to come back again! A good symphony live is really great – I am looking forward to many concerts in summer! Hope you have a very nice (rest of the) week! XXX

    • Hello, Senka, thank you for the comment! I am following you on Google! I would like to follow on Bloglovin too, but I tried and it seems you didn’t add the blog there yet! But count on me on you do it, I like your blog very much and for the time being, google is fine! Thank you so much again for your lovely comment! Kisses!

  9. Oh, liebe Denise, das ist wundervoll, dass Du zur Zeit Musik studierst! Und dann auch noch in Südafrika, das klingt und sieht so spannend aus! Ich bin überzeugt davon, dass Musik sehr positive Wirkungen hat – da ich selber sehr selten Musik höre überlege ich mir öfter, ob mir dadurch nicht etwas fehlt. Die Fotos sind so toll – es hätten ruhig noch mehr sein können, ich muss mich eher bei Dir entschuldigen, dass ich alle ganz neugierig angeschaut habe, als Du Dich dafür, dass es zu viele sind <3 Da warst Du ja fast in Deutschland und Du siehst wieder so frisch und glücklich aus, dass es eine wahre Freude ist, Dich anzuschauen. Ich wünsche Dir alles Liebe! Deine Rena

    International Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Danke fuer deine immer sehr tolle Woerte zu mir! es ist Suedamerika, nicht Suedafrika, obwohl ich so sehr da gehen moechte! Kein Prolem, wie gesagt, die waren viele Fotos, mehr als ich normalerweise zeigt! Ja, ich denke, dass die Musik Wirkungen sehr positiv sind, deswegen wollte ich jetzt wieder studieren. Und ich sehr schon tolle Wirkungen – die Seele ist etwas ruhiger, ich “reise” durch Musik… Siehst du? Die Staedte dahunter sind unglaublich Deutsche, ich bin so begeistert! Letzte mal, als ich in Deutschland war, war letzte Jahr :( So es ist schoen ein Teil “von Deutschland” wieder zu erleben! Liebe Gruesse!!!!

      • Oh, wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil, liebe Denise :) Es ist so schön, dass Du Musik studierst – und ganz offensichtlich tut es Dir auch sehr gut <3 Hoffentlich kommst Du bald wieder einmal nach Deutschland! Alles Liebe von Deiner Rena

        • Hallo, liebe Rena! Du bist so toll, ich “sehe” dich wie eine von den Freundinnen, die ich in Deutschland habe – ich meine, die, die ich “verlassen” musste, als ich Deutschland verlassen musste. Aber ich hoffe, dass ich wieder nach Deutschland gehen kann, und vielleicht koennen uns treffen! Es waer so schoen! Aber wer weisst, ich kann nur hoffen :) Du hast richtig erkannt – Musik tut mir so gut! Ich hoffe, dass du und deine Familie ein schoenes Wochenende haben koennen! Liebe Gruesse!

  10. Such great pics of your travels Denise and I very much like your flats and bag in your outfit posts. How cool that you are studying at a faculty of music. I didn’t realise you were so into you music. I should probably listen to music a bit more as I’m sure my memory is starting to slide and that new study about listening to music being associated with cognitive improvement is very interesting indeed!

    • Hi, dear Colleen! Thank you for always having a nice word (more than one :) to me! It really means a lot to me, really! I love music, it’s true! I use to say that I am not a very romantic person, I guess practical would define me somehow, but I am very dreamy, and music takes me to far places! I know that when one studies it, it improves learning and memory, as you said, cognitive improvement! I hope it works for me :) Hope you have a lovely evening! XXX

  11. You had me at “chocolate week” (smile). :) Loving these great pics (looking lovely in those sweet leo print flats!), and great architecture and a spot of shopping sounds divine! I’ve always wanted to go to Germany… No doubt, someday… :) xx T.

    • Hahaha, dear Tina! Yes, chocolate is an “abracadabra” kind of word! The chocolate week is gone, and some gramms remained on my hips (or arms, or all :) But I can’t resist chocolate! That place was full of factories, that display part of their collections, so it’s a tourists’ paradise! Although I have studied in Germany, that’s not Germany though – these are cities founded and built by Germans :) I know you love traveling and I am sure you will go to Germany – and yes, so beautiful landscapes there! Hope you have a very nice day and thank you so much for your always beautiful comments! XXX

    • Hi, dear! Thank you so very much for the kind comment! I didn’t say anything about the top, but yes, not only the flats had leo details! So good eyes you have! Hope you have a very beautiful day! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment, welcome! The place was impressive, one factory next to the other and with shops in front – it was paradise :) Hope you have a very nice rest of the week and weekend! XXX

  12. Your day is like full of joy and good luck on another move if your music too. I love listening to music as same as I do with fashion:). Please don’t be sorry for sharing of beautiful photo is fun to look at:). Love your cute Leo flats:) and you look wonderful as always:). Wishing you a wonderful Thursday:).


    • You are definitely sooo sweet, dear Tanya! So sweet words, I feel so glad that I got to “know” you! You know the blogosphere – there is always someone who tries to push us down, and you do the contrary, always so positive and sweet! The outfit was very casual, but for the day it was what I needed – practical for walking! So I tried to wear flats with the leo print :) Thank you so much again for the lovely comment, I hope you have a great day! XXX

  13. In love with the pictures Denise, every time i see your travel pics makes me feel like im there too. it’s so nice to get to know different places. You always look gorgeous, and I love your outfit as well. I hope all is well and I can’t wait for your next post!!
    Hugs and Kisses

    • Thank you sooo much, dear Jenny, you always lift my spirit up! The places were really nice, the architecture was interesting, so German! My outfit was really casual and very simple, so I want to style the top again, with better complements! Although for the day it was very good, practical! Hope you have a very nice day and thank you again for the lovely words! You are always so sweet, with a great heart! Kisses!

  14. That is such a cool place
    and with so much fabulous shoes and bags,
    that alone is enough to make me enjoy a place.
    Your animal print flats look awesome.
    The Easter bunnies are so cool
    and the architecture of the shoes shops are awesome.
    Lol on the woman looking at you shoe shopping,
    I know I get that look on strangers too
    when buying shoes ♥

    • Hahaha, dear Ann, that was really so funny, when I saw the picture on the computer I realized the girl was looking at me with a strange look! :) Thank you so much for this lovely comment, you always put a smile on my face! I was pretty amazed by the shoe shops architecture, that’s right. So much care, nice details everywhere! It was one factory next to the other, impressive! And chocolate everywhere – now they are on my hips :) Hope you have a very nice day!

  15. I loooooove chocolate so much. It is my weakness. Chocolate week sounds like heaven! I think I’m the only blogger in the world that doesn’t own a pair of leopard print flats. I need to get this fixed!

    • Hahaha, dear Jenny, the leo print flats! I thought the same last year, then I bought those ones. But not because of the leo print – but because of the bow. Besides, they are comfortable :) I don’t own a lot of leopard printed stuff, I love florals instead :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I loved chocolate week, but the week is gone and the chocolate remained on my hips :)

    • Hello, dear Paola! Thank you so much for being so sweet! So we are two of a kind, I also love sweets! And chocolate is included! When people come offering bitter chocolate, that’s a no-go to me :) I ended up buying some of the shoes in the picture :) The bag is not that special, just straw, but I love it, and it was given by my mother, so a really great present! I am now checking out other places to go – it’s hard for me to stay still in just one place! Hope you have a great weekend, always elegant and cool! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Coco, for always being so sweet! I love traveling (who doesn’t!) I hope you have a very nice weekend and I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful outfits! (That striped skirt is on my mind!) Baci!

    • Hola, querida Elisabeth! estaba super comoda para caminar, asi que so me veo guapa, pero gracias! Es siempre bueno sentirse asi, te doy las gracias de nuevo! Los zapattos y bolsos estaban divinos y como me gusto visitar las ciudades donde so fabricados, una experiencia muy positiva! Espero que tengas un lindo fin de semana! Besos!

    • Hi, dear Francesca! This place – actually more than one city – is in the south of Brazil where I am studying right now! These are cities colonized by Germans and soon I will visit cities colonized by Italians! There are some places where people speak Italian (or a dialect now) everyday! Impressive! Than you for your lovely comment!

    • Hello, thank you for your nice comment and welcome! The same for me :) I love chocolate and during Easter it’s like the Chocolate Exaggeration, not even just chocolate week! But exaggeration or not, it’s so good, always! Nice that you got a pile of it :) Hope you have a very beautiful weekend!

    • Hello, dear, thanks for the comment! These are German colonized cities, just a few of the many they colonized in South America! Impressive architecture! And German food as well! Next, I will visit Italian colonized cities, I am looking forward to that! Hope you are having a great time during weekend! XXX

    • Hi, dear Pink Haired Princess! That picture of the girl was so funny… I just saw that when I opened it on the computer! Really funny! The clocks were really amazing! I’m thinking of buying one of them! Hope you are having a very beautiful weekend, and thank you for your lovely comment!

    • Thank you so much, dear Tanya! You are really super sweet! It really touched me, sincerely! I hope that you are also enjoying your Sunday! May the weather is nice there (it’s sunny here :) Kisses!

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