Chionophile is any organism – animals, plants – that can live during harsh winters (the word is derived from Greek: chion, snow, and phile roughly “lover”). I’ve just discovered what I am!

Colcci scarf worn as a headband

Colcci scarf as headband; Red, blue and white for the Olympic Team GB, but the USA and other countries, too!

Chionophile is what I am :) I saw it through the lovely Ivonne, on her great blog! Some blogger-friends noticed that I’m wearing coats sometimes, while everybody goes to beaches and pools – and asked me “where are you?” Because of those questions, I’m writing this post – I’m discovering new places and food :) Chasing winter :) I have holidays during winter – December to March. Now I’m enjoying winter in South America – discovering Uruguay, south of Brazil, Argentina and wherever it’s winter! When it ends, I’ll go back to Europe, for more winter and happiness! :)

There are reasons to love winter :) Described here: reduced stress, feeling of safety and “not missing anything happening”! I prefer it because I have really very sensitive skin and I suffer during summer. Which is your favorite season?


Blue vest, Fashion Cencept. Jeans, Asos. Satin blouse, New Look

A day trip to a “new city”. Blue vest, Fashion Concept. Jeans, Asos. Satin blouse, New Look. Wood for winter fireplaces!

Here we can see the boots better, so nice!

Here we can see the boots better, so comfy! The vest used to be a jacket, I took the sleeves off to be more casual

it was a bit sunny... but I survived!

It was a bit sunny… but I survived!

Russian hand painted brooch detailing

Russian hand painted brooch detailing

Boots, Louloux, a great brand I discovered last year - during winter!

Boots, Louloux, a great brand I discovered during one of the winter trips

We can see them better this way - golden heels for gold medals!

We can see them better this way – they are ankle boots. Golden heels for gold medals!

Indian sequin bag, I love it!

Indian sequin embroidered bag, I love it!

Naf Naf coat and finger knit scarf, by myself

Naf Naf pale blue coat and finger knit scarf, by myself

Here we can see the finger knit scarf a bit better

Here we can see the finger knit scarf a bit better

Finger knit scarf made by myself

Finger knit scarf made by myself

DIY Moment Cooking

Uruguayan capeletti soup

Aug 2016, Uruguayan capeletti soup, Las Acacias – Soup recipe on Vegetabible, with capeletti (tortellini)

And because some lovely blogger-friends asked me how to make a finger knit scarf, I’m sharing this video. I don’t have a video showing myself knitting it :) Believe me, it’s so easy!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

De Haar Castle in the Netherlands

Wishing you a beautiful week with smiles! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! :)

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57 thoughts on “Chionophile

  1. We can be Chionophiles together! :) I’m a big fan of winter and fall for the same reasons you are. If you love winter, come to Wisconsin sometime! The winters are quite the experience there, haha. I’m sad I’ll be missing out on winter all together this year…it’ll just be one big long summer due to our moves. :(

    I also love your coat and scarf! So beautiful!

    Hope you’re having a great week, Denise!


  2. Liebe Denise, was für eine wunderbare Bezeichnung für Dich! Es ist sehr klug von Dir, dass Du Dich nach Möglichkeit im Winter aufhälst und so auch auf Deine empfindliche Haut aufpasst. Ich mag alle Jahreszeiten sehr gerne – in der Regel geht es mir so, dass mir die aktuelle Jahreszeit so gut gefällt, dass ich denke, die nächste Jahreszeit kann nie mehr so schön sein – und dann wird sie sogar noch schöner! Sehr schön bist auch Du hier wieder und ich habe mich jetzt in Deine wunderbaren Schuhe verliebt <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  3. Hey Denise, I’m around again, though not fully back blogging. In fact I”m not back at all – I’m in a very hot and sunny part of Spain at the height of Summer. I’m guessing that sounds like hell to you? 😉 joking, of course but having just read your post, I now know that Winter is your thing. I’m not sure which of the seasons is my favourite. I see good in them all – and bad! While I love my annual Aug stay in Spain, the heat does get to me. And one of my favourite travels of all time was to Lapland, in Finland, for Christmas a few years back. The snow was brilliant white and crunchy underfoot. Husky sledging and riding snowmobiles was such fun – not something you can really do in Spain, lol! Btw I love the colour of that Naf Naf coat. Is it an egg shell shade? Really suits you. Big hugs sweetie. Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey! I noticed that you weren’t around, I saw the same post and thought “mmmm”, but now I know where you are! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Well, I have travelled during summer and yes, it was nice, every season has something nice, but to be reeeeally honest… it was kind of a burden. To enter the sea wearing a T-shirt, to wear sunscreen number 100, then that makes skin sticky… I prefer Lapland! I would love to go there, I always wanted to, but it never happened – glad you described the trip, it must have been amazing! The coat is baby blue, or what Pantone called Serenity, this year. I have it for many years. I will write the color on the post now :) Thank you again for such a lovely comment and enjoy your holidays! Hugs!!! XXX

  4. What an awesome term! As a Canadian who never shies away from embracing winter (even if it the least accommodating season usually for taking outfit photos in :)), I think that the term chiophile applies to me as well.

    I admire you so much, Denise. You’re such a strong, inspiring woman. Way to go on making the seasons work for you on your own terms by utilizing the globe as a whole.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  5. So funny that you wrote about your love of winter ~ I just wrote about how I Iove summer, but .. really ready for fall this year. It’s been humid due to this weather system called El Nino. I do hope the weather system will bring some rain this winter, Southern California has been in a long drought.

    Anyway, let’s talk about –> Those. Shoes!!! You have ~ THE ~ best taste in shoes! I love ’em !


  6. I didn’t know that you are following Winter across the globe, but I bet it makes your vacations more unique. This decision to vacation where it is colder doesn’t surprise me because I know that beach and sunny days aren’t to everyone’s liking. Many people prefer mountains during the Summer!

    I love the sea and the beach, but I’m also a fan of the mountains….even if there it is always cool and most often very cold (if we talk about those that are really high).

    In fact, tomorrow I’m heading of and visiting nature park Blidinje which is basically a mountain range made of different mountains here in BIH. I will be sure to write about it. So fun to hear you’re discovering South America at the moment…that’s so exciting!

    Your outfits in this post are so stylish. I really like that coat…and those boots are simply divine.

    Thank you for remembering to post that video about knitting with hands.

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