Changing your hairstyle with cool wigs

Some people compliment my long hair, one of my “trademarks” :) I seldom changed my hairstyle since I was a teenager;  I did it twice, but it didn’t last. Some friends tell me “I wanted to have hair as long as yours, but mine simply doesn’t grow!” We can have long hair, just visit the nice recommended site below, Wigsbuy!

If you have short hair, soft and natural looking extensions are the practical and super easy way to get the length you want without waiting for your own hair to grow – you can have the length you dreamed in no time, with extensions or a wig – yes, a wig, why not? In the past it was really cool to wear one, and as we know, fashion comes and goes, so it’s time for it to be “in” again, with nice wigs in different styles, like the one you can see below, showing Taylor Swift as an example for Cute Short Bob Haircut.

I have been thinking of having a radical haircut, so to donate my hair to make wigs, for cancer patients. This is an initiative from some cancer institutions, asking for people with long hair to help. I am still making my mind up, but probably I “need” to do it, as a “hommage”, help and empathy for people with cancer among friends and family. I should have done it much earlier, but due to my own inner confusion I lacked sensitivity at the time, but now I am back to my senses and “need”, want to do so, to be in peace with myself. Then to have longer hair, I can then wear some wigs, why not? A good way to change looks! One that I really loved was a wig from the line of Short brown wigs, as seen below:

Short brown wigs are really cool, you can see on the site! You can browse through hair style, hair material, hair texture, lenght, cap construction and you will have free shipping over $39, plus they will give you some gifts. They offer live chat if you need any further explanation and if you sign up you will get a coupon.

Graceful Medium Wavy Natural Brown 14 Inches Synthetic Wig

Graceful Medium Wavy Natural Brown 14 Inches Synthetic Wig

So if you want to add length to your hair right now, as well as thickness, too, or just to change your hair style with some short wigs, check the shop out! All with no damage to your natural hair! They offer synthetic hair wigs, as well as human hair. So versatile to have different hair when you want, you can have so many different and beautiful hair styles now! Trendy affordable great selections at the site; high quality and natural feel!
 Have you already tried wigs? Would yougive it a try?  

Wishing you a great day with many smilesThank you for your sweet comments!

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7 thoughts on “Changing your hairstyle with cool wigs

  1. Denise, my lovely. I have never worn a wig, ever. Funnily enough though I bumped into someone at an event a few days back who was telling me that her hair melted after a disastrous episode at a hairdresser and she lost most of her hair, temporarily. She was forced to wear wigs until it grew back. Guess what? It was a revelation. She loved wearing them, being able to change the colour, style and length at will. So there you go. Give it a try and chances are wigs will get a thumbs up. But ooh, Denise, don’t cut your hair! It’s beautiful. If you have to, just trim it. But who am I to tell you what to do!? Lol! It’s your choice, of course. Hugs and kisses. Txx

    • Dear Tracey! You are so sweet! Thanks for sharing this story with me, thank you for your lovely comment! I am even surprised that the comment could be on air, because 1) this post had closed comments; 2) the site is under maintenance and I couldn’t access it for days! But very happy it is working now then – you brought me luck! Oh, the story was quite sad, hair melting! I never heard of that, it must have been so stressful! Well, thank you for your compliment! The fact is that I was not so sensitive on an episode of cancer in family – I think I was shocked. And some people have extreme haircuts for solidarity, and I had never thought of that – today I think, why? I blame myself, I should have shown more solidarity. And to be in peace with myself I think that now that I have thought of that, this is the time to do it. But it will take some months for me to prepare myself psychologically. There’s a movement that asks for hair for wigs to cancer patients, and I wanted to help them :) Hugs and kisses, dear Tracey, hope you are having a nice week!

  2. Extremely interesting and useful articles. I love to wear and change wigs weekly or monthly basses. Yes it’s true if anybody want to change his/her hair style so they can choose wig according to his/her choice.

  3. My hair is not much long and there are damages because I use to cut and style my hair always. But now I’m wearing nice short and long wigs with confident which make me able to pull off any look I want. So it’s like my designer suit.

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