Changing ways

Travel season opened this year, in January :)

I used to be very urban and mostly loved visiting big cities, with their museums and outstanding architecture (still love that!) But people change – hopefully evolve :) Changing ways – now I love nature, too. Above all, places with “water”. So in January I went to some places in South America, and was so amazed by what I saw! Cozy little cities, waterfalls, lakes, nice churches!

I was really impressed! Let’s see some pictures! And why not some comfy outfits :)

Old railway tracks, simply fantastic! The sunset made the colors amazing!

Old railway tracks, simply fantastic! The sunset made the colors amazing – the photo is the way it was taken, no filters! At Vale do Contestado

Outfit: Jeans and bolero, Asos. Ballerinas, don't remember. Bag, Kenneth Cole. Top, Topshop and T-shirt, from a Greek shop

Outfit: Jeans and bolero, Asos. Ballerinas, Emma shoes. Bag, Kenneth Cole. Top, Topshop. T-shirt, from a Greek shop. Watch, Mariner and bracelet, Pandora

River at Vale do Contestado

River at Vale do Contestado and a church on a hill

I love churches! These photos were in front of two different ones, in two cities

I love churches! These photos were taken in front of two different ones, in two cities. On the left, G21 tunic and Marc Jacobs comfortable shoes – I walked a lot!

Salto do Veloso waterfall

Salto Veloso waterfall

And again!

And again! I could have spent hours just looking at it!

And more water! Treze Tilias city. Massive Austrian immigration. The whole city is built like and Austrian city! The church on the hill is amazing!

And more water! Treze Tilias city. Founded by Austrians. The whole city is built like an Austrian city! The church on the hill is amazing, with sculptures on wood!

In front of the consulate

Clock in front of the consulate

Treze Tilias

Treze Tilias – they were taking off Christmas decoration, therefore Ohe and not Frohe!

Fraiburgo city, founded by Germans. That's a lovely house!

Fraiburgo city, founded by Germans. That’s a lovely house!

No joke, the fishes come to eat bread from your hands!!!! At LIndendorf Park

No joke, the fishes come to eat bread from your hands (that’s my hand).  At Lindendorf Park

A positive surprise! Places I’ve never imagined to see and, for me, relaxing and beautiful. I also went to an observatory, as I love astronomy and learned many things. Some points to remember:

* With sensitive skin, I’m always covered – no bikini, strapless dresses, sleeveless tops, mini skirts, shorts, no; not even when I was thinner. I never tan, just get red. My body is never touched by sun. Unfortunately, I didn’t put sunscreen on my feet. Result: awful injuries, not yet healed. Red feet and white legs, now, but there are more terrible things in the world. My fault;

* South America, fascinating! Brazil is the 5th biggest country in the world, Argentina is the 8th, Chile is the longest2 to 4 days later, by bus, (if not more), you’re still in the same country (mentioned above). This trip took me to new cities (I didn’t mention all), but needed 10 hours and 20 minutes to reach the main one. And I was in only 2 states, out of the 27 in Brazil. Incredible!

I hope you liked the post! More trips to follow and I am eager to see many new things! I love adventures! And thank you – I’ll be happy reading your lovely comments!

I wish you all a great week, with many radiant smiles!

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82 thoughts on “Changing ways

    • Thank you, dear Monica! It was an adventure, yes, with some roads without pavement (the roads that I most loooved! I can even say I had a spiritual moment there!) and so many natural beauties, lakes, rivers… so nice, really! I am sure you will go to that part one day, or places that are close to it! There are many nice places in the world, and I don’t know all, of course – but if I had to recommend one, that would be it! Thank you again for your always lovely comments!

    • Hi, dear Elle! Well, I am sure you will go to South America one day, when you want! So we can exchange some information, cause I didn’t go to Central America yet – I went to Mexico, but it seems that officially it belongs to North America! But I want to go, very much, to Panama, Guatemala… and other places! Maybe one day? I hope so, for both of us, to the places we want! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and a great week for you!

  1. I think “relaxing” and “beautiful” are just the right adjectives to describe the photos I just saw, your whole adventure actually. haha and those are also the things I dream about right now because my life is far from relaxing and beautiful these days. but let’s better concentrate on your beautiful post :) I really loved it and it gave me some necessary positive vibes when I read your notes and looked at the photos full of greenery and warmness. such beautiful places and great experiences! I’m sure this comment doesn’t actually deliver all I wanted to say about this post but know that it’s one of my favourite posts from you :)

    Part of me

    • Wow, dear Maiken, one of your favorite posts from me!!!! I feel so honored! Thank you so much for the lovely words! I think I got what you wanted to say, because I suppose it was the same I felt when I was there – I was so amazed! And as I said, in the past I didn’t like this kind of trip very much, but people change and now I love it! I am eager to do something like that again (already preparing :) Thank you sooo very much again, dear Maiken, you are always so sweet towards me! I hope you can relax soon and that you have a beautiful week!

    • Dear Paola, you are so sweet! Thank you for your sweetness and these lovely comment! I am already preparing new trips :) I love that! Right now, my feet are still in a different color from the rest of the legs :) I am now wearing T-bar shoes, so that the pictures don’t show the difference very much :) It will take long to be the same, but OK – at first I was concerned, but now… we get used to all :) Kisses, dear Paola, and hope you have a nice and sweet week!

  2. Oh yes, people do evolve especially in their preferences.
    And I also noticed that as I get older I tend to mellow down
    especially in my choice of music and places to go to.
    Maybe you are mellowing too
    as to your preference to go near nature as opposed to cities.
    Well, if you’re now fond of the beach and the like, better
    invest in swimsuits :)

    • Oh, thank you so much for this sweet comment! I really loved it! You are so right – I am getting different, for sure, but it’s good, because otherwise I would be stuck on a certain pattern of behavior forever… not that it’s necessarily bad, but I like to change and maybe, to fix some things I think I can be better :) It’s nice that you told me that you are mellowing, and yes, so am I! Beach I always loved – but guess what… better in the winter or fall :) Sun is not my friend, I prefer when it’s a bit cooler and not with so many people around :) Thank you again for the sweet comment!

  3. I also love traveling, enjoying architecture and landscape and I would like to visit South America, but I’m afraid of spiders and there are the most terrifying species unfortunately;) Your pictures are so beautiful and it looks that you had really fantastic time there and incredible journey!
    Have a nice day:)

    • Hello, and thanks for this lovely comment! Such a coincidence, last weekend I photographed a spider and will show later, but I guarantee that I didn’t see any spiders where I went in January and the big cities here are very cosmopolitan, so don’t worry about that and just travel to South America – the architecture is very interesting and nature too! Really, you will love it! I hope you have a great day and week and again, thank you for the very nice comment!!!

    • Hi, dear Angel, thank you so much for always being so kind and sweet! There was a time where I could only travel with my parents and where they chose – not necessarily bad, but I was so eager to “break free” :) I guess this is why I still do it, going “here and there”… or because of being maybe a bit like a freak :) By the way, I read your answer… yes, do not hear their concerns about the post… you had the right to write it, it’s your blog and my word, you now have to use makeup on what they did… not nice, but I think in some time it will be properly healed. I really think so, and I hope so! Hope you have a great week!

  4. You know, with the first few photos, had you not mentioned that you were travelled around South America, I would have thought you were in Asia. I literally did a double-take when looking at them, and had to re-read your post, just to make sure.

    The photo of Fraiburgo also got my attention. I Googled the place quickly, and found the roof shapes of some of their buildings rather interesting. It reminds me of some of the roof structures of some provinces in Indonesia. It’s amazing how one can find commonality in places you least expect!

    Glad you had a wonderful time, despite the skin injuries. I empathise with that, having sensitive and fair skin myself. When I went to Mauritius, I got sunburns on my arms after just spending a bit of time under the sun. Thankfully, there was aloe vera at hand, so I was able to get a sort of tan from the experience, without too much injury.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

    • Dear Maria Celiiiina! So glad to have received your beautiful comment! I am soooo amazed by what you said – one of my “resume gaps” is that I still haven’t visited Asia, but I want to do it, so much! And then you tell me that the photos look like Asia, you even mentioned the roofs of some provinces of Indonesia… I am so amazed! And also about the coincidence of having the same thing in Mauritius… yes, sensitive and fair skin leads to this, but what can we do… just protect ourselves in a better way! It was my mistake – because I am always “covered” (I use to say, from neck to toe :), and even wear sometimes some up-to-the-knee tights :) I, this time, forgot to spread sunscreen on the feet – you know when you just overlook something… anyway, that was not the first time – I remember once I had the same thing on my knees!!!! and nearly ended up at the hospital. I was unable to walk for many days (looked like a robot) and had to put some kind of yellow ointment on the injuries… that stained every piece of textile where it touched :) Sheets, skirts, towels :) So glad you had aloe vera! And that you were fine after that! I am also glad to discover this one more common point between us :) Thank you again for the lovely comment, dear Maria Celina! And hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jenny! The outfits were really nothing special, just good enough to be “presentable” and comfortable at the same time! It’s amazing that around a year and a half ago I didn’t have even one pair of flat shoes, and now I loved them :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment, my dear friend – I am always so happy when I read your words, cause beautiful inside and out is a lot to me, I don’t know whether I deserve it! What I know is that it’s a mutual feeling: you are that, extremely beautiful inside and out! Hope you are having a nice day!

    • Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for the nice comment! And hahahahahahaha- you are so right – I was going to mention the watch, but decided not to… but you saw it :) It did match the fish, I was amazed when I saw it :) And had to smile! I love waterfalls, they make me feel so… free of everything, only positive and peaceful thoughts come to my mind! Thank you again for the lovely comment and I hope you are having a nice week!

  5. Hi Denise, oh I was just like you but nowadays I prefer the nature. Seeing the pics makes me dream of these beautiful places. The waterfalls look totally stunning. I wish I were there right now. What an amazing experience. Lucky you. I’m sorry your feet got sunburnt. I always used to tan easily but not anymore. So I’m also careful now. Wünsch dir einen wunderschönen Mittwoch!!


    • Hello, dear! Thank you very much for so kind and sweet words towards me! So we have this one more point in common – first, big cities and then now, nature! It’s good to change! And being among nature makes all so quiet and sweet! It’s like charging the batteries again :) especially with water around! My feet are better, but stained now :) It’s OK, I am wearing T-bar shoes to disguise :) and sometimes makeup on them and even tights, although it’s summer here :) I hope you have a great rest of the week and then a fabulous weekend!

  6. Liebe Denise, Du warst ja an wunderbaren Plätzen! Und zum Teil sieht es dort wirklich sehr deutsch bzw. österreichisch aus :) Ich mag nämlich vor allem die Natur sehr gerne und in Städten ist es mir schnell einmal zu überfüllt. Süd Afrika muss so wunderschön sein, Deine Fotos bestätigen das wieder. Eine meiner lieben Kolleginen fährt in den nächsten Tagen auch dorthin, um Urlaub zu machen, und sie freut sich schon sehr. Tatsächlich hat es ihr im letzten Jahr so gut gefallen, dass sie in diesem Jahr wieder dorthin fährt. Du siehst sehr hübsch aus auf den Fotos, liebe Denise, und ich denke, Du tust Deiner Haut einen großen Gefallen, dass Du Dich nicht bräunst. Ich habe das früher gemacht, aber jetzt seit einigen Jahren nicht mehr. Jetzt bin ich eben blass :) Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du bist glücklich <3 Alles Liebe von Deiner Rena

    • Liebe Rena, vielen dank fuer deine immer suesse Woerte! Naja, frueher habe ich NUR grosse Staedte gemocht, aber jetzt mag ich die Staedte immer noch, aber die Natur auch, und so sehr! Ah, ich muss sagen, nicht Suedafrika, sondern Suedamerika! Aber ich denke, die sind etwas aenhlich aus. Eine Stadt ist sehr oesterreirisch, aber die andere (Fraiburgo :) Deustch – von familie Frey aus Deustchland, die gekommen sind, nach Suedamerika in 19. Jahrhundert. Eine andere Stadt, von Italienisch gegruendet… es ist alles einfach fazinierend! Danke sehr, fuer die Komplimente! Ich habe kein Problem blass zu sein, und ich weiss du auch nicht, aber in der Vergangenheit ich habe so viele Witze gehoert… weil ich konnte nie braun sein :) Aber es ist gut fuer die Haut, wenn uns Schuetzcreme benutzen! Viele liebe Gruesse und einen schoenen Abend noch!

  7. Hello Denise! these are beautiful photos. Of you and the places! I love them. Something very calming about waterfalls and any natural water! I really like your Marc Jacobs shoes- really nice. OUCH re the sunburn, that’s dreadful! I remember kiyaking on the river Wye once and I was wearing shorts and the kiyak came up to my knees and I got really burnt and had this horrendous red painful strip (uneven) across both legs!x

    • Dear Kezzie!!! Sooo nice to receive your always so kind and sweet comments! Thanks for the compliments! I am so sorry about the sunburn, I can imagine how it was! I had a similar problem – not like uneven strips, but on my knees many years ago! Couldn’t walk for 3 days! Burnt knees (by the sun), how ridiculous is this! So I can imagine how it was for you, the legs, not good! But alas, we learned something, you and I :) Sunscreen even on areas we think are unimportant! Hope you are having a lovely evening, my dear friend! I am so looking forward to meeting you again!

    • Hi, dear Anouk! Thank you for the sweet comment! Well, you are going to NY soon, although it will be cold! I could swap places – I am not such a friend of sunny days :) But I have to confess the trip was cool! Hope you are fine and having a great time before (or during!) the trip! Looking forward to seeing your pictures soon!

    • Hello, and thank you for the sweet comment! I love adventures, it’s true, and in the past I didn’t car much about nature, but now I do :) Waterfalls, especially! Thank you again for your sweet words and I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

    • Hi, dear Jezz! It’s that “time thirst” that affects me… you know, like “life is short, I want to see this, that and a bit more if I can!” But I am waiting for the time when I feel a bit “tired” and want to “re;ax” a bit… although I don’t know whether and when it will happen :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, dear Tina! You are so right! It was a rural spot and I didn’t come up with the word to describe it, and now you did! Thank you! You are again right, waterfalls are amazing (I love them!) and I am glad you have these nice memories from travels among nature! I am eager to repeat that latest trip – to another rural point :) Thank you for such a beautiful comment and wishing you a great weekend!!!! Hugs and kisses!

  8. You look lovely in these photos Denise, also wow you’ve really been travelling a lot! I’d love to visit South America, it looks super stunning. And you can really see the German and Austrian influence in those buildings my word! XXX

    • So sweet comment, dear Laila, thank you so much! It’s really a fascinating place, no doubt, and some parts really close to European landscape and culture. I found cities where people only speak German (a dialect from the 19th century) or Talian (an Italian dialect). It’s really impressive! Since I am here for a while, I am planning trips (more like adventures, but I love so!) soon! Hope you come to S.A. soon, I am sure you will be amazed! Hope you have a very beautiful weekend! XXX

  9. I’ve just lived vicariously through your pictures – it’s been a while since I’ve been away and this place looks stunning – you lucky girl! That waterfall is just stunning, I enjoy city holidays and nature holidays, that’s why I love cruises because you get to see a mix each day. I hope to have a beach type holiday next although I’m not a fan of lying on the beach all day. You look very pretty!

    • Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment, dear Colleen! I never went on a cruise – I mean, ferry from one country to another doesn’t count. And I am longing to go and now you told me that you see a bit of everything – cities and nature… so I am even more eager to embark! You are also right – a beach is better for me in the winter. I love going to Tenby in Wales and watch the tide for hours… but not in the summer – the sun is not my friend :) I am sure you will have an amazing trip and holidays soon! And share with readers, I love seeing your pictures! Thank you again for the cruise suggestion and I wish you a great Sunday!

    • Hi, dear Min, thanks for the beautiful comment! You are so right, today I may have chosen nature more… although I am still an architecture’s fan! It’s a balance, I guess, and very good! I am eager to see more water/nature soon – and am already planning another trip like that! Hope you have a great week and again thanks for the nice comment!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth, thank you for your sweet comment! Waterfalls or water in general, they are so beautiful, indeed, so peaceful ad energize me in a great way! I hope you have a beautiful week ahead! XXX

  10. Such a beautiful post. I loved all the photos in it, but especially the ones of the waterfalls. Wish I could be there. But it felt like I was, just by looking at your pictures. Thank you so much for that! <3

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear M.! Waterfalls always draw my attention, I love them! I wish I could be there again, too :) It was such a great trip with great views, and I was really positively surprised! Wishing you a beautiful week!

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