Changing of name

Changing of name and reasons for that… Have you ever thought of changing your name? Due to marriage, disliking the name or another reason? Unexpectedly, someone went very far with it!

Les Nereides earrings that I like very much!

Les Nereides earrings that I like very much!

A British student changed his name to avoid Ryanair fees of £220. His passport with the new name cost £103, cheaper than the airline fees. Adam Armstrong uses the Batman actor’s name on facebook – Adam West – and his girlfriend’s stepfather booked a flight ticket for him with that name. The student said that he will change his name back when the passport expires.

That is such an unbelievable story! Would you do that? 

Weekly outfit time… :)

Asos dress, but I added some trimmings and Casa Grande jacket

Asos dress, but I added some trimmings and Casa Grande jacket – not so colorful today!

Roberto Cavalli bag and Claire's pearl ring. Nail: Essie metallic coat, the green/blue from manicurist

Roberto Cavalli bag and Claire’s pearl ring. Chubby fingers! Nails: Essie glitter coat, green/blue color was from manicurist. Red ring and pearl bracelet, Pan Arts

Les Nereides Civent Garden gold, pearl and enamel earrings

Les Nereides Covent Garden gold, pearl and enamel earrings

A Russian hand painted brooch that I love!

A Russian hand painted brooch that I love!

Rimmel London eyeliner - believe me, it's a nice eyeliner!

Rimmel London eyeliner – believe me, it’s a nice eyeliner!

Black cat again... I don't know where it comes from... when I see it's there!

Black cat again… I don’t know where it comes from… when I see it’s there!

Hope you have a week with many sweet smilesThank you for the kind comments!

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152 thoughts on “Changing of name

  1. Hehe! I was actually talking about name changing with the boyfriend tonight, we were talking aboutwhen people get married and change their last names, how much of a hassle it is to get all official documents changed and how you “lose your identity”… how interesting that that boy was able to save $$ on fees by changing his name ! i love your outfit btw, that asos dress is super cute and flattering! and I like the pops of color you added! looks great! and I love your hair up like that! you are so pretty! 😀 have a great week! xo

    • Hi, dear Andrea! Thank you for your lovely comment! Well, I have seen many people changing the name after getting married, but I must say that it depends on the country. For example, in some countries a woman would change the name – reeeeally, like from Grace West to Grace Brown and that will be her name then. That is a real change of identity, in my opinion. A few would do like Courteney Cox – that was for some time Courteney Cox Arquette, and I knew some (a few, I must say) that opted for that. Then I think it’s not so extreme. I have friends who were soooo proud of having changed their names, but I would feel strange. Anyway, each with their taste, of course! Thank you so much for your compliment – sometimes I wear my hair like that :) And I do need some color, even with a simple “beige” outfit :) Hope you have a great week! XXX

  2. That’s rather extreme! I didn’t know you could apply for a new passport in the wrong name!! Ryanair make me cross though, so understandable.
    I am really, really loving this pretty outfit, so lovely, nice with your hair up too! Can we see more dress detail please! Les Nereides are so cool, so whimsical and fairytalesque. Hope you are well. X x

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! It’s an extreme measure, isn’t it? Yes, Ryanair is extreme… I took 3 Ryanair flights, and although I have to say that two of them were fine, one was terrible – the crew was so rude. Oh, the dress – rather a simple dress for my “standards” :) I added the ribbon on the empire line cut and trimming on the hem – ah, some lace on the sleeves, to make them longer. I am always transforming some clothes! I will try to show things more detailed from now on! Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment and I hope you have a great week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Martina, you are so sweet! I have visited your blog on Saturday and I am looking forward to new posts, I also love your blog! Hope you have a very nice week!

  3. wow unbelievable indeed, but we can’t blame that guy i mean, he has his concerns, but i don’t think its true, i don’t know. All i know for sure is, you definitely look gorgeous in your outfit! I love your rings and bag <3

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment, dear Sarah! It seems it’s true, cause it has been informed by important newspapers in the UK… and I have traveled by Ryanair, the company that the news mentioned and yes, they are extreme! Thank you so much for your compliment, you are so sweet! Hope you have a great week!

    • Muchas gracias, Stephanie! Pues entonces te voy a seguir en twitter y facebook, pero bloglovin me dice cuando tu tienes un post y asi puedo ver el dia en que publicas! Asi que voy a seguirte alla, tambien! Gracias por tus palabras hacia el look de hoy, tu eres super dulce! Besitos!

    • Hello, dear Tina, and thank you so much for the lovely comment and sharing your thoughts with me! Well, I took a look and I guess Tina is the nickname of Christina, Martina, etc :) That is the nickname of one of my brothers’ girlfriend – I mean one of my brothers, cause I have two, not that he has more than one girlfriend, because he doesn’t :) And it has a beautiful meaning, river. I like rivers very much! And just to try, although you may not believe in numerology, I wrote Tina and the surname and the number that came was 3 – and these are the meanings :) “Expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living”. I think it describes you! Yes, such a fuss to change the name because of £117! Ah, the cat! Not mine! It always comes when I am posing! Insistent – it’s the 2nd post that it wants to be part of! It gives a smile to me! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hello, Aimee, thank you so much for your lovely comment and welcome to the blog! Yes, I have two friends who got divorced and changed their names back to their original ones! This story about changing names for saving £117 was so impressive! Thank you again for the kind comment, I hope you have a nice week!

  4. I didn’t change my last name when I got married ~ my last name is Greek and unique so I kept it. It’s a shame that there was an airline fee for a name change .. what will the airlines think of next.

    Love your outfit .. especially the full skirt which I always think is ultra feminine.


    • Thank you so much, dear Monica, a lovely comment to know you a bit more! That’s nice that you kept your name, and it must be unique, yes! There are some countries where a person keeps the original name and adds the spouse’s name as well – both men and women can do so. Other countries simply wipe up the original name and the person kind of assume a new “self”. Well, each culture with their things. The guy saved, apparently, if he didn’t have to pay to change his name at other official departments – £117. But such a fuss! Ah, it seems some airlines want to charge to use the toilet. No joke, I’ve read about it! Sooo bad! Thank you so much for the compliment, I love dresses like that! Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, dear Swati! I agree with you, it must be such a fuss, to change every name, just to save £100! A $117, in fact, but really, so much fuss! Hahaha. that’s not my cat – but I feel like it is, now. It simply comes from I-don’t-know-where and wants to be in the picture! Second time, already! Let’s see the next time how it will be! Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you so very much, dear Vanessa! It means so much to me, this compliment made me so happy! I love when I receive good vibes and I take them really happily – and I am sending you good vibes, too! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

    • Tante grazie, sempre, caria Paola! E vero, che cosa incredibile, questa di cambiare il nome! Molto strana, e solo per volare! Grazie per i complimenti, sono davvero felice che ti hai piaciuto il look ed il mio viso – cerco d’aver buona pelle, niente piu! Baci!

  5. Oh my I don’t think I would do what this person did haha, I rather just stick with my name.

    Lovely look today always with the cutest dresses! Love your up do and the earrings are very nice! Also I am such a fan of those heels :) Have a wonderful week dear :)

    Ps, I am sorry I do not have bloglovin!


    • Hello, dear! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! It’s Ok that you don’t have bloglovin, so I told you, I will visit you on Saturdays, when it’s a more relaxing and enjoyable day to read the posts! Hope it’s fine with you! Oh yes, the guy went too far to save some money. Well, a 1000 dollars I would understand, but a 100, is extreme! Thank you so much for the compliments, I tried to have a simple look, but with some ice accessories! Hope you have a very beautiful week, too!

  6. hahaha That’s sounds a bit stupid, I’m sorry! I wouldn’t change my name to avoid fees. And how someone books a ticket in your name, without asking you for your proper info? Unbelievable!
    You know I have a very similar nail polish, from that Greek brand. It looks exactly the same!
    Also loved your shoes again! You look amazing! :)

    • Hi, dear M., thank you for the nice comment! Yes, it was really weird, I thought! Cause the father of his gf could have asked the name before – the article even says that he found it funny, that the boy had the same name as the first Batman, but booked it anyway – so why, finding it funny, he didn’t ask the boy before? Seriously strange! The funny things in the world today! Hope you have a great week! Kisses!

  7. Wow I think that is a bit extreme. I know some people who have changed their names. I never legally changed my last name when I got married but in Canada you can just assume your spouse’s last name without legally changing all of your documents. I love your outfit Denise the shoes are so cute.

    • Thank you so much, dear Simera, for your nice comment and the information about Canada, I love to learn new things! I didn’t know that it was – is possible to use the husband’s last name in Canada, without legally changing it and I find it good! It saves time, I like the idea! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • W-o-w, dear Olympia, what for a great comment, I am so flattered! Cause I like porcelain dolls, so I loved the compliment! Yes, this time I decided to wear a beige dress, but as I guess you know me by now, from the pictures, a beige dress wouldn’t be enough for me and I had to wear colorful shoes and bag together :) Thank you so much for the super nice comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

  8. I think a lot of people would pay £240 to avoid all the hassle that comes with sorting out paperwork and stuff. I certainly wouldn’t change my name to save a few quid, not even if it was quite a few times more than this guy managed to save.. :)

    • I totally agree with you, dear Min! I thought about that when I read about it, to save £117 he had to go to the passport department and so on… too much fuss. But he seems to be happy and now, famous – I bet he made some money with this story! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, and I hope you have a nice week!

    • I like your name as well, dear Anna-Alina! But the guy says it was worth saving money and having the trip… I found it weird! Thank you for your nice comment, hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hello, dear! I like your name too, I told you I have another friend (it feels like I know you!) who also shares your name, and it’s very beautiful, indeed! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and compliment and I hope you have a great week, too! Kisses!

    • Hu, dear Jenny, always so many thanks for the compliments and lovely comment! It was weird, wasn’t it? But he saved more than £100, so for him it was OK… :) I found it so weird! Hope you have a beautiful week, too!

  9. This story sounds unreal, but I have to admit that that student maybe did great in this situation, but on the other hand he had to change all of his document with old name, right? Or maybe he changed his mind and after this flight he changed his name again, but this time for the “old name”? What about your outfit I really like your bag, Denise, it has stunning floral print, which is perfect for the summer :) And even I won’t have any exams anymore (ok, just one left, which is contected with my Master of Arts) I’m looking for a job now, so as you can see I don’t have holiday :) Anyway, have a great week ahead, dear Denise :)

      • Don’t worry, dear Ivonne, I understood the meaning! I can see you are really sweet, back to say that you believed the story – I know you did, don’t worry! I am sorry if I sounded as if I was telling “look, it exists”, no, not my intention! I like to know that you care for people’s thoughts, you are so sweet!

    • Hi, dear Ivonne! It seems the story is real, I linked it to the well known paper that told it… and he said he will go back to his real name when the passport expires. But it’s so crazy, I have to say! Well, you know I just couldn’t wear a beige dress – I had to add some color :) Ah, wow! You are looking for a job! I am sure you will find a very nice one and I am sending you good vibes! keep me informed, please, I am always sending you good luck wishes on thoughts! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment!

  10. Qué increíble que pasen esas cosas por regulaciones de las línead aéreas. Me pregunto si la gente que trabaja ahí no son seres humanos para entender que un cambio por ese error no debeía ser cobrado? En verdad me cuesta entender esas reglas tan rígidas.
    Tu ropa de estas fotos puede ser menos colorida, pero no por eso menos linda. Bella combinación y el bolsito muy lindo!

    • Muchas gracias, querida amiga, que bueno que a ti te gusto la combinacion ropa-menos-colorida :) y bolsito! Es que a veces hasta yo no aguanto semana tras semana contanto color :) Para el post nel otro lunes (el 22) estoy con la misma cosa – negro y zapatos con color :) Hay que cambiar un poco, a veces :) Raro, no? Esa cosa del vuelo y cambiar un nombre. Te digo que Ryanair es una linea suuuuuper dura, asi que como ya use esa linea, entiendo como fue duro paea el muchacho. Son impresionantes de duros. Bueno, espero que tu semana sea linda y que bueno leer tus posts de nuevo! Besos!

  11. Haha, he’s so crazy:) I have changed my name after marriage, but it was totally natural and legally:)
    You look fabulous as always! Lovely dress, perfect combo with this denim jacket and these shoes! This cat is so cute:)
    Have a nice day:)

    • Hello, dear! Thank you for the nice comment and compliments! That cat is so funny! He or she is not mine, appears from the trees and wants to be in the picture – already the second time! There are other cats around, but that one is the one who comes to me! So funny! Yes, I know some people who changed names after marriage, but that is a natural things in our society; but to change to save £117 is something impressive! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Monica! Yes, the guy who changed his name took an extreme measure! I can’t imagine doing that! Thank you so much for the compliment, I normally dress colorful on weekends (when I take pictures), but sometimes I like to be a little less colorful! Hope you have a great week!

    • Hi, dear Anouk! I agree with you! I was thinking of that, too! I think I would have paid the required amount! Yes, imagine all the jokes now! The guy will have this story for the rest of his life! Thank you so much for your kind comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

  12. Sounds like a lot of work so I wouldn’t do that. But of course I’m lazy. I didn’t change my name when I got married just because it sounded like to much work changing all my credit cars, passport and so on…

    • You are so right, dear Kashaya! It’s not only changing the name, it’s everything else, cards, driver’s licence, all! Too much fuss! Thank you so much for the nice comment, I hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Tante grazie, carina Maggie, per le tue parole! Che bene che hai fatto il passporto americano con il tuo cognome, ed una cosa importante! Questo ragazzo in Inghilterra ed un po – opppure molto! – strano, ma ch dico io, ogni persona con le cose che trovano importante; per questo ragazzo, £117 :) Ed abbastanza denaro per cambiare il cognome per viaggare, ma Ryanair e cosi. Grazie per i complimenti, sono gia due settimane con outfits meno colorati, e bene a vece! Una bella settimana per te! Baci!

  13. First of all you look lovely, you’re a classic beauty! Second, I don’t think I would change my name after marriage, I just don’t see the point. It’s not like I’m a different person and I don’t wanna feel like I “belong” to someone. It’s kind of an antiquated notion that women should take their husbands’ last name.

    That story you shared though, that was pretty funny, I had never heard of something like that! Go figure!

    Great blog, love how you share your thoughts and interact with readers, keep it up!



    • Thank you so much, dear Athena! I was amazed by your name, a name that I like very much and one of my email addresses is actually athena! Wow, people say there are no coincidences! Thank you very much for such a lovely comment and compliments, I feel flattered! Well, you are right, it is very old fashion to change the last name because of marriage, but I know some friends who were eager to do that and did! It’s a cultural thing, I think – some countries still encourage to do so. But that guy just wanted to save money :) He saved £117 by changing his name, but I think, was it worth, all the fuss? I don’t know, but he is famous now and will remember that story forever – maybe he will even laugh, in the future! Thank you again for the sweet comment, I will visit your blog soon – I love to read comments here, so that I can find great ew blogs (new to me :) Hope you have a great week!

  14. I’ve always thought about changing my name.. but unrelated to that, i actually envy the effort you put into your blog posts. I am literally stuck in my silly little head, not able to do anything. and thank you for always leaving me encouraging comments. it really means a lot to me right now cause i know i’m not in a good place.. so thank you x

    • Hi, dear Annick! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Well, you should be happy with your name or with a new one, why not! I can say that I love Annick, it’s a sweet name, if that’s your name really (blogs admit changes :) I am glad I could be of help, and believe me that all my comments are sincere. But don’t be too hard on yourself… I also had my “moments” and we never know, they may come back one day – last year I used to post once a MONTH :) This year I am more diligent :) So, don’t worry! If the blog is a source of happiness, nice – but if it turns to be a duty and a burden, give yourself some time! Maybe you post once a week? I do this here and I found it good so! Hope you have a very nice day! XXX

  15. Fantastic outfit! I love the marriage of a dark denim jacket with a breezy, feminine sundress like that. You really, really look marvelous, dear Denise!

    Big hugs & many sincere thanks for each and every one of your terrific recent blog comments!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you very much, dear Jessica! Be very sure that my comments are sincere, because my opinion about blogs is normally the same of other things – there are many blogs out there, but we “click” with some people and then we read – cause no one forces us :) I really think you are super sweet! Thank you for the compliments, I looove denim jackets with even better fabrics like velvet and organza :) Just a “quirky-me” :) Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment and compliment, Alyssa! I can see, your name is very beautiful! Well, yes, the guy was extreme, but he saved £117 :) That was important for him, and he said he will go back to his previous name when the passport expires :) Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Hi, dear Demi Mist! Thank you so much for the compliment and the lovely comment! I like buns – but I confess that day it was more because I was wearing the nice earrings, so I thought about showing them :) Through this post I learned a lot, no joke! All the kinds of opinions! “I would never change my name!” “I could and would like to change my name” and so, it’s so good to learn new opinions! I think that each person should do what makes him/her happy! In the case of the boy, he was happy saving £117! Hope you have a lovely day and that all is well there with your family!

    • Hello, dear sweet Ivonne! Yes, the day is going well, I am always so pleased that you think of me and come to wish a nice day! I talk about you to my family – you know, one of my brothers is married to a Polish-family girl and I think Polish people are all like you, so very sweet! Hope you too have a great day!

  16. Noooo, io non cambierei mai il mio nome!!!:-)
    Che bello il tuo abito, e l’hai reso ancora più carino con il nastro e l’orlo che hai aggiunto. Le tue scarpe sono sempre così particolari! E mi piace la tua borsa di cavalli così colorata!
    Un bacio
    Paola <3

    • Grazie tante, bella e carina Paola, per le tue parole sempre tanto carina per me! Questo abito beige senza “niente” non mi sembra mai cosi bello, ma con il nastro mi sembra piu come me – con un po di colore posso indossar il abito, lo sai :) Mi piace il tuo nome Paola tantissimo! E molto femminile! Una “ragazza” d’un fratello si chiamava Paola :) Ma fa gia molti anni :) Baci, carina Paola!

  17. Che carina che sei con i capelli raccolti Denise! Hai un viso bellissimo, fai bene a metterlo in evidenza!
    E che dolci le foto con il gattino,mi sa che gli piaci! ;D
    La storia che hai raccontato è incredibile! Ma, mi chiedo, a quello studente alla fine non sarà costato di più rifare tutti i documenti?
    A me comunque dispiacerebbe cambiare nome, è qualcosa che mi lega alla mia famiglia: anche mia mamma da sposata ha mentenuto il suo cognome più ha aggiunto quello di papà (anche perchè viene da una familgia che in passato in Francia era nobile), e non ha mai avuto problemi, io penso che farò lo stesso quando mi sposerò! :)

    • Che carina, bella e dolci S.! Mi sento felice che ti ha piaciuto i capelli cosi, raccolti! A vece e bene cosi, perche mi di pigrizia per “fare” un “bllo” capelli e voluto mostrare gli orecchini :) E vero una incredibile storia, ma bene, si voleva salvare £117, ha salvato, dopo… suo problema :) Sono d’accordo con te, non voglio cambiare il mio nome, e sono felice che ua cosa piu ci lega :) Non mi piace dire a molte gente questo, mas adesso sono felice che tu hai detto (e poi, non hanno molta gente che leggeranno i commenti :) Anche la mia mamma viene d’una famiglia come la della tua mamma in passato e ha aggiunto il cognome di mi papa – e cosi, noi tutti abbiamo 7 nomi, 2 nomi e 5 cognomi! E sempre un problema per me, con l’autorita, e scherzo tra amici, ma mi piace cosi e non voglio ca,biare :) Hai ragione, non cambia il tuo nome dopo nozze, solo aggiungere un cognome e gia bene! Baci e tante grazie per aver condiviso con me questo commento! Sarebbe felice di conoscerti un giorno!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Jackie! Yes, changing the name seems such a hassle, but the guy wanted to save £117! I also like your name! Especially because it is also one of my idols names :) George Harrison! Hope you have a great day!

  18. whoa I never thought anyone would go that far. In my country it takes years to change the name and its a painstaking process so I doubt anyone would do that here.

    I love your shoes! :) such a feminine and comfy outfit

    • Hi, dear Angel! Yes, you are so right, I was like “what? So easy to change it and so fast!”, but he seemed to be happy for saving the fees :) Thank you so much for the compliments, you are always so sweet! Hope you have a great day!

  19. The shoes! I just want to crawl into your shoe closet and frolic in your shoe collection. They are always stunning.

    I also really love that jacket with the white seams. Very chic.

    That is a bit crazy about the whole name changing thing. It is a hassle to get a name change here, I wouldn’t do it. When I first got married I tried to have a hyphenated name, Suzanne Carillo-Scott. It was too much of a pain in the butt. After the first year or two I dropped the Scott. Carillo is hard enough on its own. LOL


    • Hello, dear Suzanne, what for a coincidence – Scott is one of my favorite names! No joke! It goes together with Adrian, Alistair, Alan, Fabian, Stephan… I mean, it is one of the names I would choose if I had a son (in fact, Scott would be the first choice), I told you, such a coincidence! I will share something with you now :) For some reasons that are not necessary to state, I have 7 names – 2 given names and 5 surnames. ALL of them in any documents – ID, passport, anything, all my 7 names are there. It causes so much trouble, ALWAYS :) So I can understand what you are saying, oh yes! Thank you so much for your always lovely comments, and about my shoes :) I don’t like mess, and I am struggling with a walk-in wardrobe renovation (I am slow and also change my mind about furniture a lot :) But as soon as it is finished (in 3 months? Hahaha!) I intended to show my shoes’ shelves :) I hope you like them :) Hope you have a nice day! Bisous!

  20. That is quite the interesting story about how a guy could save money on flights just by having a different name. I have changed my last name after getting married but that is about it. I think a name change could be fun.
    Love your pretty outfit! Those shoes are perfect and really go so well with your other accessories to make the outfit pop! Love that dress too!


    • Thank you so very much, dear Rebecca, for the lovely comment and compliments! Actually, it’s true – through the story and the comments, I have learned quite a lot and also, why not saying, changed views too! I like to change view, exchange view too, and if the guy liked the idea of saving by changing his name, why not? It’s not like doing something harmful to someone! And how many artists change names? It sounds fun, you are so right! Life is to enjoy! :) Hope you have a very day, again, thanks for the lovely comment!

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment, dear! Yes, such a hassle, but just like you said, to each their own. Many people are kind of judging the guy, but if he was happy saving £117, it’s his business! Thank you so much for your compliments! I hope you have a nice day!

  21. OH my goodness that is a bit extreme but then I don’t think it costs too much to change your name anyway, i think it’s just the hassle of it all that is the problem. I wouldn’t change my name, I’m quite happy with it and my first name is quite unique but it would be quite good for a laugh I guess especially if you end up being able to get something cheaper! I’m so into denim jackets right now especially paired with feminine dresses – I still think you look colourful. You look summery because of the white dress and those shoes which you know I always love your quirky shoes. Thank you for your lovely words on my blog and I’m so pleased to hear about the 4lbs – keep up the good work Denise!

    • Hi, dear Colleen, thank you so much for your lovely comment! 8 lbs, dear Colleen, not 4 :) 4 kilos, but 8 lbs! Feeling so much lighter! Yes, you are so right, the fuss about changing the name, going to the passport department, it’s so much fuss! But, he saved £117 :) That was his goal, till the next fuss, a new passport when this one expires :) Hahaha, yes, even though I wore that very light beige dress I still had to mix it with colors :) But can you believe there was a time when I wore black from head to toe (even accessories) for 8 or 9 months in a row? I really mean it, everyday! People change :) Hope you have a great day, dear Colleen!

  22. Such a cute outfit!! I LOVE the shoes. That story is CRAZY about the name change!?! I got married last year and had to change my name. It wasn’t the funnest experience but I was pretty excited to take my husband’s last name. Both because I love his last name and never cared much for the one I was born with, lol!

    • Hello, dear Kristen! Thank you so much for your comment! I liked it very much – I thank you for the compliments! – not only because of the “shoes”, but also for sharing your thoughts about changing names! You see, many people are saying that they wouldn’t change their names because of marriage, but I think people should do what they feel happy about and who can say “oh, she did it, oh no!” I repeat, I think it’s not a big deal changing a name after marriage and also not changing – it all depends on the person! I am glad you are happy about having changed it! I really loved your comment! Hope you have a great day!

  23. You are looking gorgeous as ever and i really love your accessories. As far as name is concerned i do not think i would change my name for any reason, i mean whats the point. Though i know in some areas people even change their name for some fortune or like being superstitious.

    • Hi, dear Zubaida, thank you so much for your lovely comment! You are so right, I even forgot about changing a name for superstitious reasons… it’s true, it happens! Yes, and there are also artists… I really forgot! I should have written about that – there are many comments talking about name changing because of marriage, but no one mentioned what you did and I found your comment excellent! Thank you so much for that! It’s a great approach! Hope you have a great day!

    • Hahaha, so sweet, dear Maria, I always love your comments! You are so clever and sweet, thank you so much for the comment! Yes, I always say to everybody – they should do whatever makes them happy! So if changing the name makes one happy, that good! Hope you have a very nice day, dear Maria!

    • Hi, dear! Thank you so much for the compliments! Well, I am glad you are happy with your name and didn’t change it! But if it was about marriage, I don’t know how it is in your country, but there are some where men also can change it or women keep both maiden’s name and add the husband’s one :) I find it OK, when a person feels good! Thank you again for your lovely comment! And hope you have a nice day!

  24. Liebe Denise, die schwarze Katze freut sich einfach auch an Deiner Schönheit! Ich liebe Dein Outfit mit all seinen Zutaten, es ist einfach perfekt <3 Und auch wenn ich keinesfalls meinen Namen ändern würde, aus dem Grund, wie es der Student getan hat, habe ich selber schon für mich interessante Namensänderungen mit meinem Namen gemacht. Als ich nämlich meinen jetzigen Mann geheiratet habe, habe ich meinen Mädchennamen wieder angenommen und auch den Namen meines Mannes. Dann habe ich mich eine Weile sehr seltsam gefühlt und ich meine es lag auch an der neuen Schwingung des Namens. Zumindest für mich passt diese Erklärung, denn sobald ich mich nach einiger Zeit an meinen neuen Namen gewöhnt hatte, fühlte ich mich auch wieder wohl :) Alles Liebe von Rena
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    • Hallo, liebe Rena, danke sehr fuer die suesse Kompliment, wie immer! Ich bin immer sehr froh, als ich deine Worte lese! Ich kann verstehen, auf jeden Fall, wie du dich fuehlst, jetzt, schon eingewohnt mit dem Namen deines Mannes – und es ist gut, dass du zusammen mit deinem eigenen Namen hast. Meine Mutter hat dasselbe gemacht und ich und meine Bruedern… haben 7 Namen, ja, 7! Stell dir vor, als ich in Deutschland studiert habe, wie viele Scherze habe ich gehoert, im Aemte, von Freunde… troztdem, ich werde mein Name speichert, jetzt! Es gab schon eine Zeit die ich etwas peinlich gefunden habe, als meine Kollegen waren Johan *, Silke *, Ute *, villeicht eine geheiratet hat und war Tanja *-*. Und ich Denise M. * * * * * und alle gelacht haben :) Aber jetzt, wie du gesagt hast, bin ich gewohnt daran und haette £220 fuer Ryanair, statt £117 speichert :) Liebe Gruesse, und danke noch einmal, wieder etwas ueber dich zu kennen, es ist schoen!

  25. I never thought of changing my name, I love my name, I was named after my grandmother. I did change my last name when I got married but that was for me normal thing to do.
    Always so lovely and colorful!!! xo

    • Thank you very much, dear Marija, for such a nice and kind comment! Yes, in some countries it’s normal to change the last name when getting married! In other countries one can add it to the previous name and in some nothing changes :) I know many people who changed the last name, so it’s a normal procedure. The guy did it too, but only till the passport expires! And saved some money, but it was such a headache, I bet! Thank you so much for the compliment! I tried to be less colorful, but I need colorful accessories then! Hope you have a very nice evening! XXX

  26. Oh my word that’s hilarious! I am quite happy with my name so don’t think I would change it, though I understand when people change their names after marriage or divorce…

    You are looking so lovely in that Asos dress and your shoes are so cute!

    • Thank you so much, dear Steffy, for such a lovely comment and compliments! Yes, I agree with you, that was a hilarious story :) But well, he wanted to save money… and he did, but so much work, in my opinion! Hope you have a very lovely day and rest of the week!

    • Hello, dear Anna! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and compliment! I like quirky shoes, or at least, with some “spice” :) The embroidered hem was my idea! I added it, so I am glad you liked it! Hope you have a very nice rest of the week and weekend!

  27. I just heard that story! I can’t believe someone would go to such lengths to avoid paying an airline fee! I changed my name when I got married (my maiden name is now my original name) and it is hard to get used to. It was such a big deal for me that I can’t imagine someone doing it so casually! I absolutely love your outfit! That ASOS dress is perfect with your denim jacket. And those earrings are stunning!


    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, always so lovely comments! Yes, that story is so impressive – but what I know about some people is that they would go miles to save some money – and it’s OK, each one should do what pleases him/herself :) I think I would have paid the fee :) I tried to wear a less colorful dress this time :) and ended up using colors anyway, shoes and accessories :) Thank you so much for your compliments, you are always so sweet! XXX

    • Hi, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Really? Well, if you feel that, why not! It’s normal today, there are countries that allow name changing! Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Hi Denise, hahaha if I ever change my name it’s not going to be to avoid some fees 😀 That guy needs therapy. I have been thinking about changing my name. Become a princess or something like that would be nice 😉 but I think I keep my name. It’s pretty difficult to change your name in Germany anyway. You can’t change it whenever you feel like it haha. You look totally marvelous although you’re not wearing a lot of color today. That dress is a dream and I love your cute heels too. We should give the cute black cat a nice name. Wish you a happy Friday sweetheart!


    • Hi, dear Mira, you are sooo sweet :) A princess, you are a princess already! Yes, it’s difficult to change the name in many countries, but in the UK it seems it’s not. A friend of mine once told me that one of her friends was, instead of Natalia (she is a Russian friend), Stephanie from then on. I said, why? Natalia is a nice name. Well, she didn’t like and change it. And it was easy! Impressive. I also heard of a woman in Germany, who was already, let’s say, Tanja Ritter-Meyer from birth and didn’t want to get rid of her name when marrying, and then she wanted to be Ritter-Meyer-Wagner, for example (just creating names). And the case went to the court and the judge didn’t allow it. She has to opt for her maiden’s names or the husband’s name. I don’t know what she decided. I know I have 7 names and in Germany it was always a big problem, but I like my name :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment and compliment – I am trying to diminish the color look of my outfits :) The cat, oh, I bet it will come to me again! I will find its name out! Hope you have a very nice day and weekend, liebe Mira!

    • Hello, dear Vanessa, you are so sweet, I feel so flattered! Thank you very much for such a lovely comment and compliments! Actually for Monday I have a casual outfit, but I like to mix hi-lo :) Thank you again for the sweet words and I hope you have a great weekend! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Lenya, you are always so sweet! Yes, the guy was definitely very extreme, but there are people this way :) I am glad that you liked the look :) And I hope you have a very nice weekend!

  29. Oh my:). Changing a name is must been lots to change after all. I’d myself too after marry my husband, lots to do then to change the name and that cost $$$ too. To your look:) I love from head to toes and I love your unique style and you have such a beautiful smile:). I wish you a wonderful weekend:).


    • Dear Tanya, you are so so sweet! Thank you so much for your compliments! Well, yes, I am sure that changing a name, whichever the reason, is a burden somehow, to change every document and the cost of that! I don’t know what the guy planned to do, maybe he will use two names? Maybe he uses the passport to travel and the rest he keeps using his previous name… anyway, a very strange and bizarre situation! Hope you have a very nice weekend, dear Tanya!

  30. Olá querida Denise!

    Eu adoro vim aqui e ver os seus belos looks sempre tão inspiradores e elegantes!! Eu adorei esse broche pintado, é mesmo uma graça!! E esse gatinho da foto? Fofo demais né? :)

    • Oi, querida Lilly, voce eh um amor, sempre tao gentil, obrigada! Que bom quee voce gosta dos looks – eu nao penso muito, vou combinando conforme o que vai me fazendo confortavel e o broche eh para cobrir tudo :) nao gosto nem do minimo decote em mim :) Dizem que eh bobagem, mas eu sou assim :) O gato eh muito fofo e muito insistente, nao sai enquanto nao aparece pelo menos em uma foto! Um beijao para voce!

    • Hi, dear Anat! I am so glad that you liked the heels and that cat is so sweet, indeed – always wants to come to pictures! Appears from trees – or wherever :) – and insists to be photographed! It’s not mine, by the way! Thank you so much for the sweet comment, I hope you have a nice week!

    • Ooohh, so sweet, dear Isabel, thank you so much, you always touch me so much with your lovely words! I try my best to show something nice, and I am so glad that you like it! I hope you have a very nice week! Kisses!

  31. It is comical.I would never change my name because of one reason so insignificant. Well, well, well… Read you my reply to your comment on the film Somewhere in time at my blog? I modified my post because of your comment and I put there in the blog a link to here. Look there.

    • Wow, thank you so much, dear, I never leave comments for the author to modify the post, I hope you know it, but again, thanks for linking to my blog! It was just an information that I knew and I looove that movie, so I wanted to share it with you! I will now read the post again! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Hello, dear! Thank you so much for your lovely words! I follow you on bloglovvin, I am not on instagram – I know it’s cool, but I decided to restrict myself a bit :) Maybe in the future, who knows! Hope you have a great weekend! XXX

    • Thank you so much, my dear friend! Actually, I wore the hair that way because I was going to wear a jacket with print on the back, but had a last-minute change :) But the hair remained that way, then! I have missed you! Hope you are fine!

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