Fun Friday #8

Friday  Finds #8 – this week’s finds, hope you like some!

Finding things, right?

Finding things, right?

Fun Friday

Repurposed furniture, how lovely!

Toddlers that look EXACTLY like very famous people – it’s really impressive and funny!

More orchids! That look like lips with lipstick and birds? Impressive!

Friday Finds

On the bottom, a very amazing short video… how we can improve our relationships with love!

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50 wearable Hairstyles for Long Hair

50 wearable Hairstyles for Long Hair – actually, 53 and a bit more that I didn’t photograph… but 50 sounded better :) Easy styles, I like practical things. Do you like changing hairstyles?

With a scarf

Wavy with a scarf, Half ponytail, Scrunched and “end” curls with scarf, A bow made with hair, Straight with a headband, Half braided ponytail, Loop Braid, Fabric Hat, Ponytail with a scarf

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