Fun Friday #3

Fun Friday, now “edition #3″, I feel good about that :) I think it’s nice to find interesting things and share them! Comments are closed, it’s just to relax and smile a bit :) Hope you like that!

Victorian tea

2 weeks ago I said that researching makes me happy, learning something. So, I’m sharing again this week’s discoveries! Just click on the links – today, comments won’t be open :)

Fun Friday

These glass vases! Not the usual design, really cool!

How cute is this? Kind of easy to make!

I loved this lounge chair!

Friday Finds

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Nice Hair Extensions

Some people point out about my long hair, a trademark for me, I suppose. Some are kind of shocked that I didn’t change my hair style since I was a teenager – well, I dd sometiimes, but it didn’t last – I really don’t recognize myself without long hair. Some friends tell me “I wanted to have hair as long as yours, but mine simply doesn’t grow!” We can have long hair, just visit the nice recommended site below, Omgnb!

Silver brooch bought at Trinity College, I love it!

Silver brooch bought at Trinity College, I love it!

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