Hair Color Personality Quiz

Hair Color Personality Quiz – another fun moment to check out :)

As I said before, I would/will be more “blog-active” around the 3rd week of July, so the next post will be on air on July 24th :) Thanks for bearing with me!

Since childhood - what people call Auburn. It's a mix of reddish-brown and natural golden highlights. Although in pics the eyebrows look dark, they are not in person :)

Since childhood, my hair color  is what people call Auburn. It’s a mix of reddish-brown and natural golden highlights – on a windy day :)

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Chionophile is any organism – animals, plants – that can live during harsh winters (the word is derived from Greek: chion, snow, and phile roughly “lover”). I’ve just discovered what I am!

Colcci scarf worn as a headband

Colcci scarf as headband; Red, blue and white for the Olympic Team GB, but the USA and other countries, too!

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