Someone bad envious hacking

Dear friends,

From time to time someone I know – and who is obsessed with me, what I do, where I go, what I study, what I wear and the list goes on – hacks my blog and writes posts that have nothing to do with me, just to be malicious, to cause me harm and to deflect the lovely comments I get and she doesn’t. I always say that there’s space for everybody, but we have to turn the obsession and envy into inspiration. Being positive, respectful and kind takes us really far; being bad, obsessed and envious will just perpetrate poor spirits. I cannot check my blog while I am sleeping :) the time she likes to attack, so I’m writing this to say that the post that counts THIS WEEK is 5 TIPS FOR BEING A TRAVELER, if you want to share opinions with me (and I love that!)

Sorry about that and thanks for your understanding! COMMENTS ON THIS NOTE ARE CLOSED :)