Master or Disaster

Finally shoes again! Guess what, I had high fever this week, but got better and can now publish this Master or Disaster! I’m in South Americal now; I want to show something local. Fashion and shoes are strong and creative here!

Source here

Source here

Shoes by Jailson Marcos. I know many people will say they don’t like square toes, but that’s not why I’m showing them….


Another angle

Jailson Marcos para Ronaldo Fraga

Jailson Marcos for Ronaldo Fraga, 2010


And a closer look


What I say: the shoes are, no doubt, amazingly creative. I love creative things! I would put them on a shelf to admire them as art. They are artistic! But I think I wouldn’t wear them…

Have a beautiful day everybody with many gorgeous smiles!


Master or Disaster… hair

I was so busy last week (who wasn’t? I’m sure we all were!)  that I didn’t even prepare a Master or Disaster post! I normally never post outfits, but since everybody does, I wanted to show one of my “creations”! :)

Dress/tunic: Superdry. With DIY hem - I found it plain, so I put some velvet ribbons there!

Dress/tunic: Superdry. from England (jacket as well). With DIY hem (well, my dressmaker) – I found it plain, so I put some velvet ribbons there! I like colorful looks!

I really love this dress/tunic - it has a hood :) Jacket from Germany

I really love the Superdry dress/tunic and its hood :) Here worn with a jacket from Germany

It was also an opportunity to wear this lovely bag - in my opinion. But now I wore it 4 times already and I'll change bags.

It was also an opportunity to wear this lovely bag – in my opinion. I bought it in Brazil. But now I wore it 4 times already and I’ll wear another one tomorrow.

Another pair of shoes with hearts … I love these ones!

Since Master or Diaster is about shoes... I posted one of my pairs here! Shoes: Emporio K

Since Master or Disaster is about shoes… I posted one of my pairs here! Shoes: Emporio K

And now… my Master or Disaster DIY… my hair.  I’m struggling to like it darker… it’s not my natural color, by the way. Mine is more like… “before”:


June 2nd, 2013

June 2nd, 2013


June 16, 2013 = Master... or Disaster?

June 16, 2013 – Master… or Disaster?

Honestly speaking, I know many people don’t read posts – they only look at the pictures. I hope people read what I have asked – which is better? Before or After? Which is Master or Disaster for me? Well… I have my opinion, but really would like to know yours!

Thank you so much for your visit!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, with many beautiful smiles!


Master or Disaster – with news!

thursday 1

I meant far from England :)

This will be a different Master or Disaster! I will show a pair that I do want an opinion – but will give news from where I am and will be for a while. People are asking me to do so!

Master or Disaster for today


Two years ago I never wore flats! Now I like them! What do you think? The one with the tiger head on the front? A Master or a Disaster? I’m thinking of getting it… The bag is also great!

This is part of my last Sunday at a Mall in the south of South America… I’ll prepare a post with information about this impressive place. About the countries I’ll get to know, their industries and more.  One of the countries I’m visiting is Brazil. That is the “gate” for the other countries that I’ll soon go. The shoe industry here is phenomenal! Leather industry in general. They produce for Kurt GeigerCarvella and other brands. They export shoes for many countries and ooohhh, I just went crazy at the Mall!  I know I have now more than 400 pairs, but I’m planning to get some more here :) On Sunday I bought just one pair :)

Hope you’re all fine and that you have a great day with tons of smiles!