Classy or Trashy

Are these trousers/pants nice or not?

Source here

Source here

Pants/trousers by Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll’s Spring 2013 collection

Another picture

Source here

Source here

They are edgy, no doubt! And put a smile on my face! She’s young and it’s a nice item to wear on stage. But I don’t think I’d wear them everywhere – but alas, I’m not Rita Ora!

Have a great day everybody with many many smiles!


Classy or Trashy

It’s a fact that I love shoes (who doesn’t? I mean, among girls?) and so I normally look for shoes all the time (well, nearly) and things related to them. I found this bag last week – mmm… Classy or Trashy?

Blue Q Shoes Galore bag for £10 here

Blue Q Shoes Galore bag for £10 here

They also have floral print bags, a camera-printed bag and other prints. I have a Blue Q “envelope” pouch that was really thought to be a real envelope that I was taking to  the post office. Funny :)

Since I already have a tapestry bag, but with hats AND shoes, and a pouch by Lulu Guinness where it’s written “A girl can never have too many shoes:) I don’t know whether I “should” get this or not.

So, waiting for your thoughts! It’ll be good to know what you think about it!

Have a lovely day everybody, with very sincere smiles!


Classy or Trashy

So, you bought a pair of creative Charlotte Olympia shoes, with impressive heels (really very creative) and you didn’t mind having a pedi. OK, as usual, I do respect it. But honestly, it would have been better with a bit more care, in my opinion.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Cherie Poodle Heel Platform Sandal, at $1695.00 here

The site says so: “a Charlotte Olympia shoe lives to turn heads. The Cherie poodle sandal, in a gorgeous rose hue, will give you a reason to walk your dog—in chic beauty“. OK, let’s see if the owner is up to these standards:

I know that there are, of course, worse things in life, clearly – but a bit of care also shows love towards yourself. I didn’t like this picture, but at least you can see the poodle heels better. And here the ex playmate at the event:

Dog event

The Animal Foundation’s 10th Annual Best In Show at The Orleans Arena & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Dailymail says: “As a former Playboy model she should be used to looking her best for the camera. However, Holly Madison displayed some bad feet in need of a desperate pedicure as she attended the The Animal Foundation’s 10th Annual Best In Show event held at The Orleans Arena & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Wearing a pair of poodle inspired heels the 33-year-old showed off her cracked and dry feet as she hosted the event on Sunday”.

Classy or Trashy? I mean everything, nice sandals? Is it OK wearing sandals without visiting a pedicure first? Tell me your opinion, it’ll be respected!

I hope you all have a beautiful day with many sunny smiles!