Words of wisdom plus “facts”

Many things in life will catch your eye.

Only a few will catch your heart.

Pursue those.

Note: what success means is different  for each person

Note: success means different things for each person

There’s no need to have it all.

Just make the best of what you have.

"There's enough in this world fr everybody's needs, but not enough for certain people's greed". Mahatma Gandhi

There’s enough in this world for everybody’s needs, but not enough for certain people’s greed“. (Gandhi)

And now, an award I got in June! Thank you so very much to Marianna! Her blog is so sweet!


The awarded blogger has to state some things, answer the friend’s questions and pass the award to some other bloggers. As I know many people don’t read long posts, I’ll stick to the facts only.

 11 facts about me
* I’m vegetarian. I don’t like the taste of meat since childhood;
* I love languages;
* I love learning (who doesn’t?);
* I love the sea;
* I love the word love and I use it a lot :) ;
* I love shoes;
* I love philosophy and history;
* My favorite color is red;
* I love reading;
* I love flowers and * my favorite ones are pink roses.

And a last quote :)


Hope you all have an amazing week with thousands of smiles!