Butterflies for a dreamful atmopshere

I always loved butterflies, but it’s difficult to see many of them if you live in a big city. Butterflies, in some cultures, are a sign of luck when they fly around you :) I do believe in that :) Always when I see one, I think “luck is entering my road right now” :)

As I am always looking for new things for my places, I found this amazing set of butterflies on Beddinginn, where you can buy butterfly wall stickers online. Have I mentioned that I love stickers as well as butterflies? I have many stickers in my bedroom, living room and even kitchen! So, how lovely to find these butterflies, so I can keep the view of them in my house, in a big city :) 

It is so good to have stickers that way, in my opinion, so that I can look at the things I like, get dreamful inspiration, think I am in a nice field and the best – if I want to change, it’s easy – stickers have this advantage!
For a dreamful bedroom, if you like, you can also add butterflies as a bed cover :) I love flowers, but can give a try using  the vivid 3d butterfly bedding sets for sale. The blue base color is recommended to bedrooms, so that people can relax. Although the description says “vivid”, it feels relaxing, in my opinion.

Such a great find for me! I will show my currently main place here one day, and hope people like it – I love ludic, playful things, so that I can keep dreaming and hold a lighter soul :) Right now, I am deciding which set of stickers to get, cause the shop has more to offer!

I hope you liked the post! I wish you a great weekend, with many nice dreams and smiles!

This post was brought to you by Beddinginn and it shows my 100% honest opinions – I only post about what I love!

22 thoughts on “Butterflies for a dreamful atmopshere

  1. hey, Denise! once again I’ve been thinking about visiting your blog and only now get to actually do it. but what a great timing! interior design ideas are something I love! and this bedding set looks simply amazing, honestly! I love love love it! it’s like true winter wonderland from a fairytale :) when it comes to the butterflies I have to say I love those as well. but I would use more similar ones to get an even result, not too colourful. a matter of taste, of course but that’s what I thought when I looked at the photo above :) anyway, it would be awesome when you share your place one day! I’m looking forward to it for sure!
    and Denise, thank you so much for the supportive comment you left me! your words definitely lifted my spirits. and I already feel better than before. I don’t know if it’s because the arrival of spring but yeah, my thoughts are not as dark as they used to be weeks ago. may it stay that way, really! 😛 oh and I try to be back with a new post later today!

    • Dear Maiken! I always look so much forward to your sweet comments, cause it’s you who lift my spirits, always! Thank you for the lovely comment and lifting my spirit up, as usual! I always meant everything I say in a honest way and I know you are the same! So when I write to you, it’s always with a lot of friendship and honesty and I only want to see you happy, you know that! Really looking forward to going to Estonia one day, and soon! I think you know I have what I call a “main place”, that is the one I mostly decorate, and the others I decorate as well, but not consistently :) And the main is what I meant to share one day, probably till July :) Sounds far away, but it’ amazing how the year flies! In the main place I have many stickers – basically flowers, stars and colorful Portuguese/Moroccan style tiles – but I really love butterflies, no joke :) I love what makes life more practical :) And don’t worry – last week I was the one to have dark thoughts… much better now… so you see, it’s a cycle. They happen from time to time, but we overcome all with a smile :) Ah, the post comes tomorrow, my “outfit” post and things I read. This time it’s a vintage dress from the 50s! I love it! Thank you again so much for the really sweet comment and I hope you have a great Sunday!

    • That’s very nice as well, I have flowers on the walls, but unicorns would also be so lovely! I love places where I can look at and dream! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I wish you a lovely Sunday!

  2. Cute, but of course I prefer dragonflies. Butterflies come in many colors and shapes though, but they are more a thing of my mother and sister. I’m drawn to dragonflies. Lately, however, it’s been possible to see even dragonflies in interior shops and that has been refreshing! I’m quite happy that it’s not a mainstream thing, that makes it just more special when I find something with dragonflies on. Interior stickers are great! Thank you for your kind comment on my blog Denise!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Hello and thank you for the nice comment! Yes, I know you prefer dragonflies! And I think they are lovely as well! I also like them, but I confess butterflies are more my preference. Actually I saw the stickers and could easily put them on one of the bedrooms walls, but it’s about stickers in general – I have flower stickers in my master bedroom and living room, and stars in the kitchen :) Maybe they have dragonflies as well? I think you are right, when someone offers dragonflies it would be great! Hope you have a very nice Sunday, with food event, I love to read your posts with food events!

    • I am sure that you are good at interior design, Kezzie, as much as you are about your outfits, that I love! I will check the office you mentioned, cause I love interior design! My master bedroom has flower stickers on the walls, stars and moon on the ceiling and a small “living room”, and I wanted to create a cosy space, so much that whenever I work there, I do, it has a desk, everything! But experts say we should use the bedroom to sleep, not connecting it to working or watching TV! I will now head to the link you sent me, thank you so much for that! XXX

  3. Someone that loves butterflies as much as me.

    The real reason why I wanted a garden in my office was because this year we just lived through the worst winter on record. Ever. It has been 5 months of freezing hell. At least with a garden in my office it is always Spring : )


    • Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment and welcome! Yes, I can understand you! I agree, it’s the same as having beach elements around the house… I do, because having shells and pictures of beaches transport me to the beach again… or even pictures of rivers – I love water! So well done for the garden at the office! I really loved it! Hope you enjoy a beautiful week! XXX

    • That’s lovely to know, dear Tina! Cause I am also a huge fan of butterflies! And somehow I believe that butterflies flying close to you is a sign of luck :) I know, of course it’s just a sign that the butterfly is flying randomly, but I like to think that way :) Hope you see many butterflies in your garden!!! Hugs and kisses and a colorful weekend!

  4. Butterflies are so elegant, so beautiful. I feel a bit sorry for moths really, as they pale by comparison and are not well loved (I find them a nuisance, personally). Sadly, certain breeds of butterflies are dying out. Red Admiral springs to mind, here in the UK. A few months ago I found a butterfly hibernating under our stack of wood that we keep for the wood burner. I lifted up the tarpaulin to get a log, and there before me was this beautiful red and blue butterfly, closed up but flapping its wings slowly when I uncovered it. I quickly put the tarp back, hoping I hadn’t disturbed the creature too much. Isn’t nature a wonderful thing?! Lovely post Denise! Tx

    • Thank you so much, dear Tracey, you are so sweet! As I read your comment, I could imagine the red butterfly – and red is my favorite color! It must have been so beautiful, I really love butterflies! It’s true, who likes moths? I certainly don’t! But moths love clothes, argh :) I have lost some to them and now I hope my measures to avoid them pay off! Thank you again for the lovely comment and I hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend!

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