Breaking the rules about mixing colors – part II

Friday – isn’t it a day that everybody loves?

On Wednesday I wrote about “breaking rules about mixing colors“, showing examples of black + blue together… in fact, it was because, as I’ve explained, I hate carrying loads of stuff with me when travelling… and I was “forced” to wear colors that normally are not seen as “matching” – that was what I had in my hand luggage! Now I’ll show another example (that I also wore!):

Black + Brown


 Kate Moss and Anne Hathaway among others wearing the mix

 And now… my mix!


Paris, December 31st, 2012 – altogether… black, brown and blue – that was the best I could do out of my frugal suitcase!


Milan, January 11th, 2013 – again black, brown and blue!


Wales, January 15th, 2013 – the saaaame old mix

Well, I guess next I’ll write a post about where to find some of the pieces… I really love them – they have been my faithful friends in many places!

But now I wish everybody a lovely weekend and I want to say I’m very happy with my new “place” – still learning things, which is always good!

Loads of smiles to you and thanks for visiting me!


4 thoughts on “Breaking the rules about mixing colors – part II

  1. I never thought about combing these colours before, think I may have been against this match but seeing it in your celeb inspiration pics and on you, I have change my mind. Lurv your printed scared, such a pretty and versatile piece and loved seeing the snippets of your travels!! Hope to see more.Thanks for your insightful and kind comment dear… Have a splendid weekend!

  2. I must be honest, I’m not a huge fan of black and brown. I do wear them together from time to time, but I don’t think they look so good together. I found brown to go better with other earth colors such as green, beige, yellow, blue… But seeing your mix makes me want to give it a try too. :)

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