Break the rules – if they exist! – about mixing colors!

Wednesday – By starting with the day of the week, I feel like writing a Reuters article! But as I said, the blog is also about where I was and when, like I wrote before. And it’s practical to know the day of the week – at least for me!

Today it’s about Breaking the rules of mixing colors

My old blog talked about many things – fashion, films, psychology and my trips. I must say that before launching this one I deleted many posts there, and now you have only the fashion ones there. I found it better this way. So trips again, but just here. My friends know that if there’s something that motivates me… it must be a new adventure!

From December 30th, 2012 to January 15th, 2013 I was on Rally Holidays, like I call them – it’s like the Rally Paris-Dakar, you know? In my case, I used to do it many years ago, and whenever I have the opportunity I do it again – renting a car and crossing 3,500 km (now) or more in 2 weeks. This time it was 8 countries in 17 days. I looove doing so! And can’t wait for the next Rally Holidays!

What does it have to do with mixing colors? You will see soon. I like travelling light. I took with me only a small hand luggage/suitcase with mainly one coat, 3 scarves and 3 jumpers/sweaters. Not always they matched, but… that was my decision. Travelling light is more practical. Let’s see the mix now!

Black + blue


Cameron Diaz here



Source here


I didn’t “cut” the man in Cameron’s picture, because he’s also wearing black and blue! So here you have 3 examples of the mix, the catwalk and Cameron’s picture.

And now… my turn!

Austria, January 6th, 2013 - blue jumper/sweater and black jeans


Croatia, January 8th, 2013 - black coat, black jeans and blue satchel

More mixes soon! By now, have a great day with many sweet smiles!

3 thoughts on “Break the rules – if they exist! – about mixing colors!

  1. you look marvelous as ever!!!
    This bag is ‘the bag’… very very beautiful indeed
    yesterday I looked for you… but I guess you were alreaday sleeping
    I got news…
    Love you
    Have a nice day D

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