Bollywood style

Bollywood style – some may find it strange to wear such a skirt outside India, but I LOVE and wear Indian fashion since I was a teenager. Let people think I look funny, because I’ll still wear it :)

Happiness Boutique earrings for a real Bollywood look!

Happiness Boutique earrings for a real Bollywood look! Lilac nails and black-pink ring

I met one of my best friends at university in Germany. She’s from Mumbai. We acted on a theater play; she introduced me to Bollywood, teaching me about culture, mangalsutra (wedding necklace), gulab jamun-sweets :) jhumka earrings, movies, actors-actresses and many more things. I always wanted to go to India since I was 13 and I wear Indian fashion since I was 18. After many Bollywood movies, I wanted to be a Bollywood star – I know it’s not possible, but it was a nice dream :)

Look of the day  with Happiness Boutique

Look of the day with Happiness Boutique earrings

With the outfit today, the sweet Happiness Boutique earrings are perfect! By now everybody knows the jewellery and clothes store from Berlin, so lovely! They offered me two pair of earrings, that came well packaged, with a lovely message! Check out Happiness Boutique for more beautiful items with great quality! Shipping prices overseas are excellent – tracked parcels are only 3.99, with a 60-days return policy and a Reward Program, to get some nice presents.
Happiness Boutique jewellery
The symbol of the shop is a nautilus, a marine mollusc, that with its tubular shell lives almost unchanged for millions of years and is considered as living fossil
Indian skirt
Indian skirt, Primark top and Kik belt

Indian skirt, pleated sleeves Primark top and Kik belt

A fabulous skirt, in my opinion!

A fabulous skirt, in my opinion!

Pearl choker, don't remember

Pearl choker, don’t remember

Chinese Laundry shoes

Chinese Laundry shoes

Indian bag

Indian bag

Have a fantastic week with many smiles! Thank you so much for the sweet comments!

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73 thoughts on “Bollywood style

  1. HI Denise
    I love that skirt – such gorgeous colours. Like you I”ve always loved Indian clothes and would love to visit the country some time. Thanks for the link to Happiness Boutique – just my type of jewellery.
    Have a great week
    Fil x

  2. You wear what you want girl, and when you want! As a teen I was heavily into wearing Indian clothes – Indian cheesecloth tops in partic. They were quite a fashion, I seem to be remember – or was that just me, lol! I love your skirt. So colourful. It evokes happiness, and that’s got to be good. My favourite piece from your ensemble though Denise is that choker. I love it! Chokers are another thing that I used to wear all the time, and they’re back in fashion again now. Kisses sweet Denise! BTW, your eyes are looking particuarly sparkly in the main pic. Beautiful :). Tx

  3. There’s so much I want to say about this post, first of all, you are such a stunner, Denise and that skirt is one of the prettiest that I’ve seen featured here. Bollywood is a celebration of colours and I think your captured the essence of it beautifully! Also love the statement earrings that you choose, what a gorgeous pair. Now I can’t wait to received mine too and hopefully I’ll be thrilled about my choices too! xx

  4. hey, you! that is an absolutely amazing look for you and I can totally picture you as a Bollywood star actually. your hair, that skirt and jewellery, your makeup. honestly, just wow! I can totally see how much you love that style and how much it touches you. not everyone can pull it off like that! I hadn’t heard about that boutique before but the earrings you got from them do look lovely. and your red shoes are fierce!
    by the way, thank you so much for the sweet words under my last post. I’m not going to lie – I really love gifts, I always have 😀 but sincere words and good wishes are important as well :)
    so, have a beautiful week and I wish you all the success with the school stuff as well! take care, Denise!

  5. Your skirt is gorgeous! I was always fascinated with my Indian colleagues when I was working. Women would come to our office in San Diego for training and they would wear their style clothing (not western clothing, which surprised me). The textiles of their sari’s was so beautiful that I had to stop myself from grabbing and touching the material .. lol.

    Yes, I’d love to go to India ~ one day :-)


  6. Olá querida Denise

    Eu me apaixonei por essa saia pois me lembrou as saias ciganas que eu também acho linda, além de ter ficado ótima em você!! Eu adoro a cultura indiana, com os seus aromas, suas cores, seus ritmos e o seu dançante cinema Bollywood. Adorei o brinco, é lindo!!

  7. Lo primero que se me viene a la mente al leer Bollywood es colores alegres, estampados únicos y mucha creatividad, y eso es exactamente lo que encuentro en tu hermosa falda de la India! Los detalles y distintos colores utilizados hacen de ella una falda única. Tu elección de aros de Happiness Boutique combina perfectamente con el outfit!
    Que tengas una hermosa semana, Denise!!!

  8. This maxi skirt is marvellous. I really like this India inspired outfit. I’ve been into Indian culture since I was a little girl and saw some documentary about goddess Kali. When I was a little girl, I would pretend with my friends that we lived in some caste in India.

    You look very beautiful !!! Bollywood style suits you…your make up is flawless…and I like your jewellery. That necklace is so pretty….and the earrings you got are fabulous.

  9. I think there is nothing wrong with wearing Indian fashion, BoHo style is very chic at the moment! And as longas you like it, who cares? I sometimes wear some Nepali clothes to formal events, because I love the memories they bring.

  10. Denise, you look amazing and I actually love the whole Bollywood culture/entertainment too! I have a friend from India too and she introduced me to some dances which are so fun! You look lovely and I love Happiness Boutique jewelry too!
    Anyhow, du bist wirklich sehr schoen und ich hoffe, dass es dir gut geht, mein Schatz!
    Sende dir ein dickes Bussi!

  11. Good Morning (here in Germany at least) Denise!

    I know your love for Indian things and you can wear an Indian skirt at any time and any place you want, it looks fantastic on you an brings out your personality so well :) I hope one day you will fulfill your dream and go to India!

  12. I think this style suits you so well and I love that there’s a story behind it and your interest in India. Very beautiful pictures. I also love the earrings. I’ve heard a lot about the happiness boutique lately- what a lovely name.

  13. Secondo me tu saresti perfetta come star di Bollywood, con quel bel viso e quegli occhioni!
    E mi piace anche moltissimo la tua gonna, non sei per niente strana, anzi ti dà un tocco sofisticato da viaggiatrice, soprattutto abbinata ad accessori eleganti come quegli oreccchini! Anche io la indosserei volentieri!
    E piacerebbe tanto anche a me visitare l’India, alcuni miei amici ci sono andati ed ahnno fatto delle foto spettacolari! Prima o poi ci andremo anche noi, vedrai! ;D

  14. U look lovely!! But this is not bollywood style at all hahah!! I am from India and I totally understand why the Boho skirt feels Indian, actually, there is a whole industry in India specially in Gujarat and Rajasthan that make such clothing (bright and full of adornments). Love the earrings though.

    • Hello, Urvi! Thank you so much for your comment! Just to tell you that I didn’t say that I was wearing Bollywood style, just that I love the movies and Indian fashion! I can never be dressed like Madhuri Dixit in Devdas or Kajol like in KKKG, I know! I wish I could! But the skirt is from India, just that, I would never compare what I wear to the amazing Bollywood clothes (I mean, when they wear traditional clothes, not like in Salaam Namaste, for ex.) I really really love Bollywood movies so much! Maybe you could tell me the new ones there, cause since I am not living in the same city of my friend from Mumbai, I now don’t get updates (that before, she used to). I would love if you could tell me more, I am so fond of India! Hope you have a very nice day!

  15. You always put such great outfits together! Denise, you look absolutely beautiful today! Love the skirt, love the shoes, love everything about this look. Honey, people will always stare, so make it worth their while. Wear what you love, Denise and love what you wear. So sorry to hear about the rug, well at least it was the right size, huh 😉 sounds like you ordered at the same company, lol. Guess what, I bought two new rugs, I am going COLOR, lol. Nope I am not going to tell ya more, girl, hahaha, I know I am mean, lol. That home project is getting out of hands, lol. But tell you what, Denise I’m having a ball. Hope you’ll get the right one pretty soon. My fingers are crossed.

  16. Heeeey Denise 😀 You look really great with that outfit. I think it’s really courageous of you to not care about what other thinks about you and just wear what you want :)) You are amazing beautiful! It is such a lovely post 😀

  17. Hello my lovely Denise. I wish your dreams will come true one day:) you know why I’m saying that because you looks just as beautiful as the Bollywood movie stars are. I, myself love those Bollywood star girls:) they’re so beautiful:). I put India on my travel list lately because I’m a Buddhist and I wanted to take my parents to 4 glory places of Buddha:) to join an event and worship his born place and the other three places as well:). It’s going to be a real blessing when the time has come. Love the happiness Boutique Earrings – they looks gorgeous on you:). Wish you also a wonderful and relax into week:). Hugs and kisses dear Denise.


  18. Asian attire is so beautifully unique. I remember wearing some pieces to an Indian wedding a few years ago but I’ve never really worn them since despite loving them; you’ve inspired me to get them out of the drawers. Your skirt is very pretty and I don’t think I would have necessarily looked at it as Bollywood style, it looks very vintage. How lovely that you were introduced to this style of dress from a young age by your friend from Mumbai. You made me chuckle when you said you wanted to be a Bollywood actress – you never know ha ha!

  19. Hi Denise, you don’t look funny at all. You look marvelous sweetheart. I love the cute skirt. It’s not strange at all to wear a skirt like that outside of India. Btw I always wanted to visit too. So far no luck. I hope you’ll get there one day. You’re probably not going to be a Bollywood star but maybe you’ll meet some of them 😀 I was really looking forward to see your jewellery from the HB. The earrings are super lovely. Wish you a wonderful day sweetheart :)


  20. Liebe Denise, natürlich ist der Rock fantastisch und ich verstehe total, dass Du ihn liebst! Und für mich bist Du jetzt schon ein Star – von dem her würde es mich nicht wundern, wenn Du auch noch ein Bollywoodstar werden würdest :) Wer weiß, was die Zukunft bringt, Du hast so viele Talente – aber bitte halte mich auf dem Laufenden! Deine Freundin ist offenbar eine sehr gute Freundin, also genau, was Du verdient hast <3
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wunderbare Woche!
    Alles Liebe aus Bayern von Rena

  21. A perfect outfit! I really love how open you are to adopt other cultures, I think it is really important to embrace the richness of this world. Also the earrings look fantastic with the clothes. Great job!


  22. I totally love Bollywood style too, because it’s so colorful, positive and full of good energy. It had to be great experience to gained some knowledge about this style from your friend from Mumbai:) Have you ever been in India and you made your dream come true? If not, I hope that you’ll visit this country as soon as possible, dear Denise :) What’s more, your new earrings are so beautiful, they’re eye-catching and in Bollywood style :) Hope that you’re having great evening, dear :)

  23. Denise, Come to India ASAP because Bollywood is waiting for you!!!!! 😀 you’re looking sooooo sooo pretty! I feel really happy when I see that people from foreign countries are appreciating our culture. ^_^

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