Body Talk

Body talk  your body really talks to you, trying to speak when something is wrong, though pain, but other things that we tend to take for granted – all connected to emotions. Do you agree with that?

Necklace, made by myself - no big deal, that one. Pendant, don't remember

Necklace, made by myself – no big deal, simple. Pendant, don’t remember. Earrings, Tina Silva. Emerald ring, Zoppini

The picture shows – under eye circles, tiredness, days with eye pain and painful drops. The body is fantastic: when we have problems, the body suffers and alerts us, telling things that we prefer not to admit, sometimes. Eye-sight problems are connected to being oblivious to truth and the future, that we kind of instinctively know. There are other illnesses to think about! Here, a quick summary:

If you have: back pain, headache, insomnia, shortness of breath, upset stomach, sore throat (expressions’ need), for example… you may be facing being fired, death of a loved one, divorce or wedding (even that!), promotion, financial problems, moving to a new home, having a baby or children leaving. All can be something else, but emotions have to be considered when our bodies talk.

OK, something happier :) Look of the day :)

Dress, EAST. I love that brand! Brown tights, Selene

Dress, EAST. I love that brand! Brown tights, Selene. Tank top, Asos. And a Russian hand painted brooch

Dress, EAST. Brown tights, Selene. Jacket,

Jacket, Jackie USA

Shoes, Pedro Garcia

Shoes, Pedro Garcia

Topshop clutch

Topshop clutch

Some flowers, because I love them!

Some flowers, because I love them!

Hope you’re healthy, with a great week with smiles! Thank you for the sweet comments!

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67 thoughts on “Body Talk

  1. That’s a lot of things through illnesses!!! I have an awful throat at the moment, not sure what’s wrong as it is not going away. Are you well Denise? I hope so.
    Those shoes are really fun and I love the dress-do you know, I’ve never been in East!
    Close up of brooch please! In fact, a brooch post would be lovely! Two of my blogging friends have now reciprocated amd created brooch posts so now I’m ‘tagging’ you!!!x

  2. HAi ragione cara Denise, il nostro corpo è fantastico, ci invia subito dei segnali quando qualcosa non va in modo che possiamo sapere che c’è un problema e quindi risolverlo!
    Purtroppo spesso non sappiamo interpretarli oppure non abbiamo tempo per ascoltare il nostro corpo e ci limitiamo ad eliminare i sintomi con i medicinali… però secondo me se si ignorano questi segnali le cose non possono che peggiorare!
    Mi diapiace tanto che tu abbia avuto dei problemi e sia stata male, ma vedrai che alla fine tutto andrà per il meglio! Stai tranquilla ed ottimista che è il modo migliore per affrontare i problemi! :)

  3. Beautiful photos! I hope your eyes are feeling better too! Yeah, it’s amazing how our physical health is connected to our mental/emotional health. I got diagnosed with a pain disorder 4 years ago around a really stressful time in my life. Though I can’t always put my finger on why I have flare ups, sometimes I can easily connect it to stress. Beautiful dress, by the way! XO

  4. Hallo meine liebe Denise, ich stimme da ganz mit dir ueberein: Unser Koerper veraet uns ganz viel ueber unsere Gesundheit! Ich finde es so toll, wie du fashion mit Lehrgaben in Uebereinstimming bringst! Du bist total informierenswert und vor allen Dingen SUPER SUESS! Deine Schuhe sind einfach traumhaft, und obwohl to muede bist (wie du auf Foto 1 sagst) siehst du immer noch schoen aus! Das ist dein zauberhaftes Laecheln.
    Ich druecke dich ganz fest, liebe Denise!
    Much love,

  5. Este post no pudo haber venido en mejor momento, Denise! Como te comenté en el post anterior, estuve enferma este fin de semana y recién me estoy mejorando de a poco. Al parecer algo que comí el Sábado a la noche afuera me hizo muy mal :( así que creo que esa fue la causa de mi enfermedad. Pero mi hermana una vez me habló de algo parecido a lo que describes aquí, explicándome cómo todo en el cuerpo humano estaba relacionado. :) Este recordatorio me viene perfecto!

  6. Oh, absolutely!!! There is so much going on in the endlessly complex system that is our body that we may not even realize ourselves. From little issues that foretell larger ones to certain emotion/psychological issues manifesting in unexpected physical ways, it’s downright amazing what our (wise) bodies can and will do just to try and ensure we know that something is up (or that we need to pay more attention to a problem we may already be aware of).

    Great outfit! I just love those shoes! My first thought is what a fabulous New Year’s Eve pair they’d be.

    Big hugs & happy end of September wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. I definitely agree with this Denise, but sometimes we’re to oblivious about it, just like me, i tend to just don’t care when it comes to small to very little body pains, but little by little i trained myself to listen to it. Anyway, you looked gorgeous as always, i love how you accessorize your outfits!

  8. Hey Denise, our bodies are such amazing things, absolutely. Yes, they tell us when something is wrong and are (usually) very efficient at repairing themselves. I think we take how wonderful the human body is for granted! Though I’d never thought about linking particular symptoms of illness with certain upcoming events in our lives. Interesting idea! You look so sunny and pretty in your pictures. That tulip garden is delightful, so colourful! I’m loving the clutch bag. I love Top Shop, though I do think the stuff they sell has gotten a little more pricey over the years. Tx

  9. I completely agree that your wellbeing can show through your body and skin. People even comment if you look upset, stressed or frightened so it can be easily seen without you even telling anyone. I hate dark circles under my eyes and dry skin so i try my best to ensure I avoid this.

    That’s a gorgeous Topshop clutch and goes perfectly with the dress and you know I always like your quirky shoes which you wear so well with your outfits. Hope you are having a great week!

  10. I really hope your eyes are starting to get better, Denise. I can tell they look sore in the photo as I can see a tiredness behind them, but you still look beautiful. It’s not that noticeable! I agree with emotions and psychical problems too, they are all connected to each other. That’s why I try to keep the positive mindset.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  11. Denise you always wear the most amazing shoes and this one are no exception. Love the complete outfit, from head to toe, that dress is stunning, girl. Well never change a winning horse, huh 😉 in answer to your kitchen chairs, lol. Nah, just kidding. But you are right, such a project seems to be never done, there is always some or another that can be changed or need repair or what not. It will take me quite some time to get everything done, I know that by now, probably more than a year, got the first cost estimates for that dreadful ceiling and went into shock, lol. Well that’s not in my budged so I have to think of something else about that ceiling. What about the rug? Did they deliver the right one by now?

  12. I do agree with you…often our body uses pain to send us message, to tell us we need to slow down or speed up. That dress you’re wearing is so wonderful…and I do like those heels…another beautiful and feminine outfit. I love your smile!!!!
    I hope your eye problems won’t last for long.


  13. I agree Denise, after taking the time out to study the body and how it works, one can see how truly amazing it really is! I definitely agree that any kind of pain is the body’s way of telling you there is a problem. On a side note, you look pretty as always. You have the prettiest and most amazing smile! In love with your clutch too <3

    House of Illusions

  14. Hi Denise, I totally agree with you – our body tells us everything.. and our heart too! I am sorry to hear that your eyes are in pain but somehow you keep smiling and looking like everything is ok! I hope by now you feel better!!! and of soure I love your look and your printed dress.. looking so feminie and fits you perfectly!

  15. Definitely an intriguing idea! I think I do believe that when certain things happen to us, our bodies respond in certain ways. I think a lot of it may have to do with one’s personal body chemistry though. Like I tend to get fidgety when I’m stressed, but many of my friends become sluggish instead!

  16. Liebe Denise, an das, über was Du hier schreibst, glaube ich absolut und ich habe auch die Klienten in meiner Praxis danach behandelt. Der Körper sagt uns meiner Meinung nach wirklich, wenn etwas mit uns nicht in Ordnung ist – vor allem dann, wenn wir auf die ersten Alarmzeichen der Seele nicht hören. Aber nicht jeder mag das hören sondern lieber Ärzte und andere verantwortlich machen. Du bist auch hier so wundervoll verantwortungsvoll und bewusst, das finde ich einfach nur toll. Toll bist auch wieder Du mit Deinem schönen Outfit. Mir gefällt wieder alles total gut und auch die Tasche ist ein wahrer Traum. Alles Liebe für Dich, vielen Dank für diesen wichtigen Post!

  17. Hello dear lovely Denise. Please don’t feel bad to be just a day delayed:). We are life’s understandable people:). It’s been always nice seeing you there with your darling/cheerful words:) xx they appreciated a lot from me. The body talk that tells us how it’s need us to pay attention when the sight shows. I started to have an eye bag 3 years later since my twins born and it has been always my big problem ever since from sleepless, restless, work on blog and also management of our company on top of take care the kids and household, that is why I’m always juggled with blogging:). Well, one day your friend will learn to become a life quality better than a flool:). Life is all about responsible and what we choose to lives our own life while we living in the world, being a good quality person that’s not easy :) why a lot out there rejected an adult’s life but teens. According to your look:). I love your dress is something I would wear:) and that is looking beautiful on you and the shoes is so cool:). I also wishing you a day and week that more than wonderful darling Denise. Many kisses and hugs to you:). Oxoxo


  18. O nosso corpo realmente fala. E quando ignoramos os pequenos sinais que ele nos dá, as enfermidades aparecem, eu também acredito assim. Querida Denise, o que dizer dos seus sapatos? Cada um mais lindo que o outro, são simplesmente maravilhosos!! Adorei o vestido, e com a jaqueta ficou ainda mais bonito. Beijos e uma linda semana pra você <3

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