Blurred and artistic

Monday again! – Since teen years I love cameras and pictures. I remember going with a camera to school, at the age of 14, to register scenes at the school’s patio, with classmates I would never see again. I still love registering scenes with my cameras! Many people hate my hobby, especially my brothers – but among other reasons, I told them “please, allow me to take pictures when we are together, it remains registered!” It’s like the blog – my diary to know when we met and where. There’s another much more important reason, but it’s not the moment for it now.

But having stated my love for pictures, I must also say that not always my cameras were great, what I really didn’t mind before, so many pictures were blurred. I got a good camera last year, finally. Still, some of the pictures are or will be blurred – but you know what? I like that way too!

Reading InStyle UK, March 2013 I found these amazing BLURRED pics, on purpose!


InStyle UK March 2013 featuring actress Hayley Atwell
InStyle magazine UK edition, March 2013

InStyle magazine UK edition, March 2013



Well… if they could show pictures that blurred, and on purpose, I can too! This was in Rijeka, Croatia, January 8th, 2013

Still Rijeka, Croatia, Jan 8th, 2013

Still Rijeka, Croatia, Jan 8th, 2013


Paris, Jan 2nd, 2013 – I must confess I love this picture. I always go to the Louvre, repeatedly – one of my favorite places in the world. That picture shows that tiny little “thing” (myself) among giants (or just normal people, of course) all looking at the painting and I was looking at… the camera! (But of course I looked at the picture before!) And although it might not look as blurred, it definitely is.

I hope you publish your blurred pictures, if you like, of course! I’ll enjoy taking a look at them!

Now I hope you enjoy your day with many smiles!


4 thoughts on “Blurred and artistic

  1. Dear D,
    Joserita is so much happy with us herel
    me and moises, we went to mercado municipal e estaçao
    da Luz. Hoje iremos ao museu do ipiranga
    Ela tem um notebook here. Amanha sera o grande dia
    Bj I ll be in touch, love you, me.

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