Blogging Rituals

Blogging Rituals bloggers have them, I think!

I'm looking for a "winter" place to buy, so this was a day trip to a small town with a great mosaic park. I chose a "mosaic-like" dress!

Looking for a “winter” place to buy; this was a day trip to a nice town with a mosaic park. Wearing a “mosaic-like” dress!

Blogging rituals or routine, part of the previous week post. I try to write a few lines, since many people prefer photos – it’s totally OK with me, really! So I divided the topic :) Blogging takes time; it can be a healing process, fun, a window to amazing blogger-friends’ interaction!

Monday to Wednesday afternoons, Thurs-Friday mornings (some Saturdays too) I read posts through Bloglovin and subscritptions. Some bloggers don’t use that, so I have a self-made chart in alphabetical order :) Please don’t think “she commented ‘there’ and not yet to me”; it’s not a matter of preference, just organization that works for me. I post on Mondays and motivational words on Fridays, 9th week :) Some bloggers post 3-5 times a week (I admire that!); as we’re all busy, I normally can’t read each post, but I always visit blogs at least once a week – that’s how it works for me; the rest of the week I go to Music College and run other errands, on weekends I travel.

How does it work for you? How is your blogging ritual or routine?


OPI and Dior nail polishes, for a fun design!

OPI and Dior nail polishes, for a fun design!

A two-tone nail design

A two-tone nail design and a bit tiring week – under eye circles!

A mosaic car

Wonderful mosaic art work!

Wonderful mosaic art work!

Rituals: normally I don't wear tight dress, but this one was comfortable and later I hid it under a jacket, typical me!

Rituals: normally I don’t wear tight dresses, but this one was comfy and later I hid it with a jacket, typical me!

I have Blogging Rituals for pictures. Always simple poses. I never publish such a pose, that I only do for myself, to be fun. But this time I thought "why not changing a bit"?

My Blogging Rituals for poses: always simple. I never show such a pose, I only do for private use, for fun. But I thought “why not changing routine a bit”? Dress with sweet bell sleeves

Here with my favorite denim jacket

Here with my favorite denim jacket

Metallic heels, the photo doesn't do justice! Schuh

Metallic heels, the photo doesn’t do justice! Schuh

I love this necklace!

I love this necklace!

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

Life quote

Wishing you a great week with many smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

Hope to see you on Friday, with Friday Feelings! 

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70 thoughts on “Blogging Rituals

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, dear Laura Jane! I forgot to mention that, will correct it, thanks for reminding me of it. I use 3 “methods”, in fact. In the post I mentioned that I receive posts through Bloglovin, but not all the blogs I visit or the ones that visit me use Bloglovin. So some I subscribe to receive the posts in my mail, but again, not all use this service. So for some I have a self-made chart in alphabetical order, to visit them! :) Thank you again for the nice comment, hope you have a nice day!

  1. I NEED a blogging ritual else I’d crumble into a messy heap on the floor. Juggling the blog, the house, kids (and my gym training, of course ;)) is a challenge – oh dear, that doesn’t sound like such a bad life, does it? I’m not moaning – I know I’m very lucky. Blogging is an outlet for me, away from everything I do at home. It’s a way to keep up my writing skills, a way to reach out to others (like yourself), a way to extend my knowledge. It’s fun, though sometimes it’s stressful. It’s takes a lot of time to put a good post together, the research needed, photography, laying everything out. Then there’s the social bit, to spread the word and to chat to others. We’re our own little publishing houses! I used to post 3 times a week, but I’ve recently cut that back to more like twice. Three times was too much; I’d rather spend more time on a few posts than rush out daily ones. It’s down to individual choice. BTW, I’m loving your posing, particularly the one of you with your arm draped over your head… very… sexxxy Denise. Big hugs and kisses, Txxx

    • Dear Tracey, thank you so much for your always super sweet comments! It’s so true, you said it really well – blogging requires time, interacting too, but it’s nice! Writing, photographing, editing, plus kids, working, house, definitely not easy. I forgot to say that I also deal with other things, will correct it now, so thanks for that! But I think you’re so right, you lead a busy life and to have 2 posts instead of 3 sounds good, so you can devote yourself to other important things. As usual, I do learn a lot from you! And thanks for the compliment! I normally have different and funny poses for myself, never put them here, but that pose showed the style of the dresd :) and why not changing sometimes :) Thank you again for your lovely words, hope you have a very nice week! Xxxxx

    • Dear Pam, thank you so much for your comment and for reminding me of something! It’s the 3rd correction I have to do :) I do read blogs everyday, but not on Sundays – I forgot to say that on Thursday and Friday I read less blogs than from Mondays to Wednesdays, because of College and other stuff :) Thank you again for that and I hope you have a very nice week!

  2. Sei organizzatissima, cara Denise!
    Io di solito preparo e pubblico i post la mattina e rispondo ai commenti il pomeriggio tra una colsa e l’altra, ma non è una vera e propria routine e cambia a seconda di quello che devo fare durante la giornata. ^^
    Nel week end di solito non pubblico nè leggo i post i post altrui dato che di solito non ho proprio tempo, e comunque preferisco prendere un pò di pausa in modo che il blog non diventi un peso.
    Comunque tu sei bellissima con quell’abito, ti dona davvero tantissimo sia come forma che come stampa! 😀

  3. I used to blig five days change it to three due to my hectic schedule at work for now this work and thoose available days for colllaboration post. It is hard work but I do enjoy getting the best information thatcwill be helpful. You look stunning I wish I could do fashion.

  4. I try to post after every two weeks but as you know sometimes… actually often only one post per month appears. choosing the photos, writing the posts, editing them – it all takes time and I can’t do it when I’m tired so after my workdays it’s just not possible. my workdays are 8,5 hours long. so the weekends are left – those are often filled with cleaning the house and doing stuff in our garden, also road tripping and sometimes visiting our families. that’s also why I can’t read every post in my Bloglovin’ feed but I do my best to keep up because I really like blogging and my blogger friends :)
    anyway, you look great in that dress! you should definitely wear more dresses like that! and once again the heels are awesome too. it’s definitely one of your best outfits. oh and the mosaic park looks really cool as well! definitely worth visiting and photographing.
    take care and enjoy the rest of your week, dear Denise!

  5. you look so sensational in that dress….really stunning! I’m a big fan of printed maxi dresses and that one is fantastic. Such a perfect outfit! Feminine but also fun.

    I think having blogging rituals helps, I try to set aside time for blogging early in the morning and late in the evening….but it depends on the day….I sometimes use gfc to visit blogs and only seldom do I use blogging. Sometimes I just type the url because I usually know the addresses of blogs I have been following for a while.

  6. Hello my sweet Denise :) I really like the topic of your post – you’re right that in blogging some rituals or habits are really important, because good organization is really useful, especially in the area, which takes a lot of time. Personally I don’t use a lot of Bloglovin’ when it comes to visiting other blogs and I publish 3 posts per week, but I’m thinking to publish twice a week instead 3, because since I’ve started my “first serious work”, I don’t have as much time for blogging as I had when I was studying. What about your outfit, I adore your shoes, they’re terrific, personally I would also wear them, because they’ve versatile, chic, feminine and timeless. :) Have a lovely evening, my dear friend :)

  7. Yo creo que a este punto también tengo algunos rituales 😉 Antes era un poco desorganizada pero eso cambió cuando compré un blogger planner y con eso cambié muchos hábitos y hasta pérdidas de tiempo! jaja.
    Debo decir que me encanta ese vestido! Tiene una onda de los 70s, bohemia pero muy chic, definitivamente lo amé, al igual que la manicaura de hoy! Y el auto de mosaico es una belleza, me dejó sin palabras, realmente hermoso.

  8. Hello lovely, wow you have a great ritual, I am seriously need to work on it. I have been a little absent from the blogging world.
    Just taking some “me” time and trying to get better at organizing!!!
    I really admired how you are organized! Keep it up.
    Have a lovely week,

  9. I try to post 3-4 times a week and most of the time I try to write some of those posts in advance because that helps me stay organized but sometimes life gets in a way and I mess it all up :) I try to read blogs on a daily basis or at least every two days, whenever I have some free time and pretty much every blogger I follow is on Bloglovin (I’m following you too right now :D) so that makes everything a lot easier! Btw thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment, that means a lot! And I love you manicure, it’s so flawless! Have a great week! xx

  10. I must say that everything you’ve written is just so accurate. We all have some struggles when it comes to keeping in touch with everyone as much as possible. But at least, we’re doing our best to reach out to everyone as much as we could. Anyhow, I also adore your photos with lots of colorful stuff. :) Also, please check out my latest travel post: Tokyo Disneyland experience + a few tips. Hope to hear from you soon! ♥

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  11. Hi dear Denise

    Oh, wie schön. Ein toller Beitrag von dir.
    Ich glaube, nicht jeder Blogger muss die gleichen Rituale haben. Du bloggst Montags und Freitags? Das ist schon Recht gut!!

    Vielen Dank für deinen letzten Kommentar. Ich bevorzuge auf jeden Fall Deutsch. Aber schreibe bitte auf englisch, so kann ich etwas lernen. 😉 Google Translater hilft mit :-)

    Liebe Grüsse ♥ Nissi
    Instagram // Bloglovin

  12. That’s so impressive that yo have a chart! I have a chart of the kinds of posts I want to make, but as for reading other peoples blogs I try to just catch up when I can. Today and tomorrow I have some free time and am planning to do a lot of catching up on blogs! xx

  13. the dress looks great on you :) I normally don;t have a schedule since I only get to blog on my free time when i’m not too tired from work (which I usually am since work has been so hectic lately) I just blog when I can and when I have good content to post <3 thanks for taking time to visit mine

  14. Oh, I love mosaics! It’s one of the greatest contributions of artists .. especially in old world churches.

    Those shoes are fabulous, but you wear the most amazing shoes anyway :-) I love the low decorated heel <3

    No blogging ritual here .. I usually post when I'm inspired or have something to share. I try to stick with a Mon/Thur post schedule, but it doesn't always work.


  15. I love your nails, Denise. Wow, what a gorgeous mani. I often wondered how the heck do they manage to blog 5 times a-week? It still amaze me, tho. Do I have a routine? Well I try but no not really, I do it whenever there is time, the only routine is, that I try to comment early in the morning before I head out for work, tho. But other than that, no routine at all. Beautiful photos, btw! Hope your week will be a bliss, my dear friend.

  16. You have a chart? That’s so impressive! I actually just wrote a blog post about the importance of using Bloglovin’….it makes it so much easier for everyone! Like you, I try to stick to a schedule when it comes to blogging and social media…it just makes everything so much easier! Although sometimes I end up reading blogs for way longer than I originally planned on! :)

  17. I just really love blogging and it seems I don’t need any routine right now. I am trying to read other blogs almost every day and to post at least once a week since it’s very hard to post more often. I am taking photos and even writting a lot. Not just writting about my fashion pieces I also try to write some literature texts on my native language (it’s my passion) and it needs inspiration.
    But when my college starts next week, what to do then?
    I really need to organize things until then, just need to.
    By the way, thank you for this amazing post.

  18. I work in publishing and graphics so I am use to discipline and routine and how to stay organized and on track. But it still is not easy. Work 45 hours a week, spending another 20 hours a week commuting and maintaining a blog full time whew it is alot. I post 3 days a week and do all my posts Friday after work and Saturday.

    Allie of

    • Dear Lauren Blair, thank you so much for your comment and for showing me that the post can be misunderstood! I tell you, now I think I misunderstood the words and because I try to write just a paragraph or 2, not more than 10 lines altogether, I shrink the text to the max, and so many things can be misunderstood – I could write more, but I know that many people don’t read, so I shrink the text. Like you, I am also afraid of being misunderstood. This time I don’t know if people got the “system” in the right way: what I tried to say is that I always read and comment on every post I follow on Bloglovin and that I am subscribed. But the problem is that some blogs don’t use bloglovin or subscriptions, so I have a blog chart in alphabetical order to read and comment on Tuesday and Wednesday. So half of the blogs, say, with names from letter A to L (for example), I will read and comment on Tuesday, and from M to Z on Wednesday. It happens that people read and comment the same blogs, sometimes, and then if the blog starts with letter P, on Tuesday goes to a mutual blogger friend and sees my comment there and thinks “oh, she didn’t leave me a comment, but here yes”. It’s just because of the alphabetical order, one day later I will comment on the letter P blog name :) Oooof, now it’s a comment longer than my blog texts, but I just wanted to clarify that I always read and comment every blog that I use to read for a long time :) Thank you so much again, I really liked your comment, it’s the 4th correction that blogger friends point out to me on this post, because of the size of the text – it really could be and was misunderstood, but it was solely my fault! Hope you have a nice day! XXX

  19. Liebe Denise, das körperbetonte Kleid steht Dir so toll und ich mag auch Deine Schuhe so sehr! Du bist wirklich wunderschön <3 Deine Blog-Routine macht für mich absolut Sinn, bei mir ist es ähnlich. Ich blogge alle 3 Tage und entsprechend bereite ich meine Blog-Posts vor und beantworte Kommentare :) Du hast so recht, Bloggen gibt einem wirklich unermesslich viel. Zum Beispiel auch, dass ich Dich zumindest virtuell kennengelernt habe, was mich sehr glücklich macht.
    Alles Liebe für Dich von Rena

  20. I think everyone has a routine – mine is to write posts during the week, take all my photographs on Sunday’s, and reply to comments every evening. It’s a bit scattered, but it seems to work!

  21. Incredible outfit, sweet Denise. This flowy, boho dress is dazzling on you!

    I definitely blog on a schedule, too – primarily as far as the actual act of creating and writing blog posts is involved. It’s instrumental to me in the successful running of my blog. I tend to read/comment on other peoples’ sites more whenever I have the available time. I know firsthand the time, hard work and dedication that goes into blogging and really like to let others know how much I appreciate their blogging efforts by leaving positive comments for them.

    You excel on doing the same, dear Denise, and I can’t thank you enough for all of the fantastic, caring, insightful comments you’ve bestowed on my blog.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  22. I can’t say I have a routine as such as since I blog full time for my career, I have to do it everyday, just depends what is most important on that day. I think when I’m busy I only get around to reading peoples blogs once a week, but I do try to aim for twice if I can, but it’s very difficult sometimes when life gets in the way, that’s for sure!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  23. I don’t have such tight ritual, but every Monday and Tuesday I try to post a blog. Sometimes I do on Saturdays also. But Monday to Saturday afternoon, I try to read other blogs and also leave a comment. And I do my researches too on those days for my blog posts. But on Saturday evening and Sunday, I do nothing around blogs😀😊. Then the fun and fun only with family and friends. Thanks for the post. You’re so looking so sweet in your pictures. 💕💞 .. please give a look here 👇👇👇👇👇

  24. Dear Denise, it seems that you have a very disciplined timed schedule when it comes to blogging. I don’t have a chart, but I do use scheduling programmes and apps to help. I used to stick to a regular schedule before I switched into a new department for work, but lately my schedule has been quite rigorous. Actually, the past few years I’ve been blogging late at night, and I usually comment in the wee hours of the morning, since I am up at 5 am typically. Have a great rest of the week. x/Madison

  25. Wow! I can’t say that I’m *that* organized when it comes to keeping track of the blogs I follow and leaving comments. If I were, I’d probably be a better blogger. Haha. I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and sidetracked. So. Yeah. Something to constantly work on, I guess. Hehe. Oh, those shoes are amazing, by the way! 😀

    – Anna

  26. Sis I love it when you write sweet comments on my blog posts, it means a lot to me and always makes my day! ☺ I always try to publish at least 3 posts every week, but it’s not possible all the time. I read many people’s blogs on daily basis, inlcuding yours, but I usually forget to share my comments on them. Maybe I should also create a schedule for everything, it’d be much easier for me to handle everything. Hope you’re having a great day! :)

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