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Wednesday – so many thanks to  Chasingpiratesx (check her blog out, please – she’s so cute and sweet!) for the honor of giving a blog award to me! I do feel very honored, really – I started this blog two months ago – tomorrow :) – looking for a fresh restart: my previous blog was 7 years old – though not active for most of the time, so I wanted to start a “dot com” site :)

I didn’t expect this award now, so I’m genuinely happy for that!


The rules for accepting the award are:

1) Thank the person who nominated you and 2) include the blog’s link on your blog, plus 3) tell the person who nominated you  7 things about  yourself – I did!
4) Nominate 15 blogs that you regularly follow and 5) comment on their latest post to tell them they have been nominated.

So, now I’ll nominate 15 blogs to pass the award, in alphabetical order; please, check them out, they’re really great, in my opinion:

*Collectedbykatja *Dailyfashiondream *Doyouspeakgossip *Fancylauren *Fashionedbylove *Frillsandthrills *Honeybeelane *Hopethinkknow *Kezzie *Kissandmakeup *Mishberries *Schluss *Tinfoilstiaras *Underlockandkey *The-fashion-milkshake

I hope you all have a great day with many sweet smiles!


19 thoughts on “Blog award

    • Uh, no, Kezzie… :) the other blog, the one I wrote before, that one was 7 years old :( then I got the stalker… argh… this one is only 2 months old :) But that was such a nice response, made me feel so honoured! Yes, I noticed yours is the same as the other one! There was no way I wouldn’t include you now – so I nominated you :) Hope you liked it!

    • Thank you! Well, the other blog was not so active, till 2010… then it got more consistent entries for 2 years… but all in all, I started it in 2005 out of curiosity, not posting much, as I said… So, officially it was 7 years old, but without much devotion :) and then I left it last December to start this one!

    • Thanks for your visit! Well, as I said… not blogging very actively for 7 years – I first started something out of curiosity, and without consistent activity. Abandoned it for many years and restarted to talk about shoes, so the other is a shoe-blog only :) Now I’m writing more about the other things I like too!

  1. Congrats for your award and thank you so much for nominating me. 7 years is a long time. You were one of the first to blog! :) And I think you’ve made a great start with your new one! And I couldn’t be happier for being a part of its creation.
    Kisses my dear friend!

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