Black Words of Wisdom

Some years ago I only wore black clothes for months, from head to toe. People started calling me “CROW:) Now I wear vibrant colors. But from time to time I need to go back to my black clothes.

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Source here

Not exactly a dress, but still wearing black :)

With a touch of my favorite colot - red, the bag. July 7th, 2013

With a touch of my favorite color – red, the bag. July 7th, 2013

And, in my opinion, my amazing Lepic Paris shoes!

And my nice Lepic Paris shoes!

Detail. I love them. Bought in 2008 and wore them for the second time.

Detail. I love them. Bought in 2008 and wore them for the second time.

And what about them?

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Charlize Theron, among others – source here

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Emma Watson, among others – source here

Funny is that my places MUST be colorful. That’s the way I like living.

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Source here

A local fashion magazine from June 2013

I love that ring!

I love that ring!

Showing I was “in” before it! The trench coat! (See? Another color then!)

Bewdley, May 2013

Bewdley, May 18th 2013

Clothes tell a lot about people and eras. But …:

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Source here

OK, beauty and grooming help… but character is more important, I think.

 Hope you all have a great week! May it be full of smiles!


47 thoughts on “Black Words of Wisdom

  1. Yeah u r right. Therefore I don’t care if someone talk about me but this time it makes me really bad. I didn’t know that people can be that much jealous and telling some stories about me which are not completely true. I don’t like gossips I don’t gossip and when my some friends do I just listen by don’t say it to others. For me it’s disgusting but some people are easy with it. Listen and go tell it others. At the end I can’t meet new Polish people because all of them got bad opinion about me because of gossips. So I keep in touch with foreigners. My Asian friends for sure don’t make gossips or care of them. If they like me it’s ok. ^^ You give me really nice quote thank you !

    I also liked black clothes once now i prefer girly light/pastel colours or beige. ^^

    Take care. :)

  2. GUILTY! You flick through my outfit posts on my blog and the majority of the time I am dressed in black; habit I guess. Even some of my accessories are black although I have bought some coloured/neon bags and belts to brighten my up a bit. I don’t know what it is about black, I just feel more comfortable in it, but I am going to experiment more. I love your trench coat by the way and as usual love the quotes!

    Have a great week hun
    Let me know if you’d like to connect on Facebook

  3. I love black clothing best of all – it’s so classic and perfectly elegant, you can never go wrong. In fashion I think it’s all about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and happy, not about what anyone else might think :)

  4. you know, I used to be a black “addict” too when I was younger (a teenager with a very “deep” style, haha). but right now I have a plan to combine classic black and white ensembles next. will see how it actually goes. anyway, of course I remember your trench since it’s such a pretty one. and I love burgundy a lot! would love to own a piece like that in my wardrobe 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Dearest, you look great in black and in colourful clothes. But I know what you mean sometimes it´s necessary to wear black clothes – es ist manchmal beruhigend!

    Und jeder Spruch, den Du hier schreibst ist so wahr – und der Charakter ist auch für mich das Wichtigste!

    Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du bist glücklich <3 Ich habe heute frei genommen, da wir derzeit traumhafte Sommertage in Bayern haben und ich genieße meinen Tag :)

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. I think you look great in black but so do you in other colors too. Black is a really elegant color. You can never go wrong with it.
    Also, that trench coat with the leather sleeves is amazing!!!
    I missed talking to you! I had a terrible day, I’m sick too! I’ll tell you about it on an email soon.
    Filakia polla!

  7. denise you’re right about character. i like the quote about the song they hear. i’ve never heard it phrased that way before. it appeals to me. you were on trend before it was trendy in the magazine. i notice stuff like that too. i am a fan of color as well, but sometimes all black definitely fits my mood.

  8. Character is definitely more important and thank you for the gentle reminder of that fact! I really love that first image you found with the black dress quote as well :) sweet xxx

  9. Haha, that´s so cool that you have a coat similar to that in a fashion magazine 😉 Also have your ever thought about posting larger pics? One can hardly see the details of your outfits :/

  10. Hey Denise, thank you SO SO much for your lovely comment and coming back to check my dead blog once every week. I can’t tell you how touch I am when I read your comment, you are so kind and so nice. You are inspiring and motivational nonetheless and your words moves people, and that is what is so great about you.

    I totally understand how you feel when you mention about being called ‘The Crow” lol, they call me the charcoal >.> much less celebrated name T_T because I fancy black clothes so much but I am surrounded by colourful things in life, like my table, vases and everything else hahaha. However, I do try to get much more colourful clothes nowadays and I think I am getting there, though by colourful I mean one full suit of one colour lol, I think I like plain clothing in an entire colour =P

    I will be posting more often and thank you so much for staying with me till now!


  11. Were you depressed or did you just love to dress in black? Just curious. I’ve really realized that my clothes reflect my state of mind and mood. When I’m not happy, I’m usually in my pjamas or wearing black haha. And I love those shoes, how can they be from 2008? You know how to invest, they are so unique!


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