Bits and pieces wisdom

A little of everything… or “my week in pics – and quotes”  :)

For the Shoeper Shoe

I felt good in this outfit: Etro shirt, Karen Millen top, Burberry skirt, Cristofoli belt

Source here

Source here

For the Shoeper

Shoeper Shoe Challenge by shoeperwoman!  Boots: Anne shoes

Still Shoeper

Still for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge. I wore all these flats in November. I just couldn’t document it. So I took a picture of them only. I like them!

Who would have thought I would buy flats one day?

Two years ago who would have thought I would buy flats one day? I bought these in South America. Flats’ detail: Datelli, Santa Lolla and Territorio do Sapato


Makeup time :)

Source here

Source here

Source here

I was eager to try Rimmel Scandaleyes pen. Source here

Rimmel Scandal eyes

Here the result of the Rimmel pen. I did love it! I recommend it. So precise! Earrings: bought in Slovenia


Nexos” shirt  :) I mixed an Asos shirt (black floral) with the bottom of a Next one. Fuchsia top: DKNY

Peace of glass

Peace of glass pendant with pearls by Julie Reen, designed by myself

Source here

Source here

As I normally don’t write large texts here, every detail is below the pics :)

Thank you so much for your sweet smiles and comments!

With all my heart!

Hope you all have a fantastic week full of lovely smiles!


46 thoughts on “Bits and pieces wisdom

  1. What a lovely outfit, the colours are really nice. The Rimmel pen is really effective-it really suits your eyes. I am terrible at applying liquid eye liner, so I wish I could do it like you do!!
    The quotes are lively, especially the smile one! I hope you are well. X

  2. This is definitely one of my favorite posts of yours! Wow! It had everything in it. You, your outfit, and lovely smile, your make up and amazing quotes.
    Well, I have to say that I loved your boots and your skirt in the first photo. And the way you wore the outfit, with the belt.
    Your smile is of course sooo pretty, and makes me want to smile even when I’m not feeling very good. And your make up is fantastic! I’m planning to buy one of those eyeliner pens, because they can draw thin lines, and I’m not very good when it comes to drawing lines with the eyeliner. Thanks for recommending it.
    Fantastic job my dear friend! Keep going with these amazing posts!
    Ah and not to forget, the flats are also really beautiful and they look sooo comfortable. I’m sure you’re enjoying them a lot. Well done with your challenge! :)
    Filakia polla!

  3. You look absolutely stunning Denise, what products do you use on your skin, its always glowing. Love how the liner looks as well, I wish I could apply it that well. The quotes are truly timeless and true. You are so kind to visit, hope your week in going wonderfully.

  4. hey, Denise! long time no see. you have some gorgeous jewellery pieces in your collection :) well and you and your shoes, hehe. I know about your “relationship” with shoes but yet you still manage to amaze me with new and new pairs. seems like you already have thousands of pairs 😉
    by the way, those photos of you are so bright and happy and I like the makeup too. I myself am not good at all with eye liners 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. Hi Denise, friends never need to apologize for anything, please remember that, I love hearing from you, sorry for delayed response. Your comment today meant a lot to me…Thank you dear. You have the most thoughtful and kind thoughtful nature and you exude this just in the words you leave on my blog. Please please have faith and belief in how brilliant you really are and I promise that light will shine through to everyone else around you. *Hugs*

  6. Liebe Denise, Du hast so viele schöne Schuhe, ich bin begeistert! Auch die Stiefel sind wunderbar.

    Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut, und Du fühlst Dich immer noch wohl. Ich kann den Weisheiten, die Du heute postest nur zustimmen, ein Lächeln kann wirklich alles verändern und ich lächle, so oft es geht. Nur manchmal macht es gar keinen Sinn, dann schaue ich sehr streng 😉

    Danke für Deinen lieben und langen Kommentar, ich habe mich sehr gefreut, Du bist immer so lieb und nett und ich mag Dich total gerne <3

    Alles Liebe von Rena aus Bayern in Deutschland

  7. hello, dear :) I just wanted to tell you that I hope you’re doing A LOT better and the people who caused you pain and sadness will get what they deserve. because how can someone be blamed for such horrible things only because of the fact she loves to travel??? that’s insane! let me know how it goes, I mean the letter and what was/will be their answer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, Denise, and I hope your days are filled with happy moments :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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