Beauty Tag

Beauty Tag – I seldom write about it, but alas, “New Year, New Me” :)

The way I parted the hair is different :)

Zigzag hair part :)

So, let’s start :) Together with Look of the day – a DIY T-shirt and skirt :) The T-shirt was basic and white. The skirt used to be a dress. The new designs were my ideas, but my seamstress made everything possible :) Feel free to answer the Tag! :) I love knowing more about blogger friends!

Beauty Tag

1. What’s your skin type? Sensitive, to the point that I cannot bear sun – it hurts my skin even for 2 seconds, no joke. Some dry patches. Dry lips, always needing balms :)
2. What’s your favorite cream? I don’t wear creams everyday. But when I do, I am not faithful to one only. I shift between Moisture Surge from Clinique and others. And I don’t wear night creams.
3. Do you scrub your face? Not so much, maybe once every 3 months. Scrubbing is not recommended for my skin.
4. Do you carry makeup in your bag? Seldom. I normally carry a lip balm or a lip gloss. More than that, very seldom.

Earrings from Brussels

Earrings from Brussels

When you forget you have some earrings... and buy nearly the same again :) Anthropolie earrings, never worn, from London; on the right, bought in Brussels

When you forget you have some earrings… and buy the same style again :) Anthropologie earrings, never worn, got in London; on the right, bought in Brussels

5. Do you wear a cream for the eye area? Not at all. 3 times a month, if that much.
6. Do you have acne? No and thankfully never had.
7. Which is your favorite foundation? Touche Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent.
8. And favorite concealer? Also Touche Éclat, by YSL.
9. Do you wear falsies? No. I thankfully have fairly long lashes. So I don’t wear falsies.
10. Favorite mascara? A cheap one, Manhattan, not sold everywhere :( and also Hypnôse Drama by Lancôme. Now I liked the YSL one. I only wear mascaras once or twice a week.

DIY Moment

DIY T-shirt! It was a white basic one, I had it dyed and added the collar and a pocket

DIY T-shirt! It was a white basic one, I had it dyed and added the collar and a pocket

DIY bow top

Recycled T-shirt

DIY skirt, made from a dress!

DIY skirt, made from a dress, with my favorite jacket at the moment, from Penneys

It was this way :) One shoulder dress, Wallis

It was this way :) One shoulder dress, Wallis. The volant part was added to the hem

The result :)

The result :)

Capodarte shoes

Capodarte shoes

11. Do you wear an eye primer? Yes, 4 times a month. Too Faced.
12. And a facial primer? No. Purely because I forget to :) Maybe once a month then :)
13. Which is your favorite lipstick? Any by Chanel. I’m not a brand snob, but Chanel doesn’t peel my lips. Cause even Dior does :(
14. If you could save just one beauty product, which would it be? Ah… I want 2! Concealer or a BB cream – any would do – AND a lip balm. If I had to reeeally choose one, then a concealer.
15. Do you go out without wearing makeup? No. Sometimes just the concealer and gloss, sometimes I add an eye pencil. Normally I wear these 3 products, in a very natural look, but anyway, I don’t go out without makeup.

Although I have high end products (some here), my favorite ones are: the concealer and foundation I mentioned, but I prefer to wear a Dior BB cream; The mascaras I mentioned, Rimmel or YSL eye pencil, Too Faced eye primer, Chanel lipsticks. I seldom wear blush. I love highlighters and facial sprays! I like Cetaphil to wash my face, but anything would do. Serums and eye shadows, I try “this and that”, not attached to any brand. I like to be as practical as possible.

So that was a bit more about me :) What are your favorite products?

Lovely stairs!

Lovely stairs!

Nice door!

Nice door!

Golden nail polish, in a basic way to change a bit and Claire's ring

Golden nail polish, in a basic way to change a bit and Claire’s ring. The white scar on my left wrist is the memory of being hit by a car some years ago

Finishing Touch

Changing Life

Wishing you a great week with many smiles! Thanks for the lovely comments!

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77 thoughts on “Beauty Tag

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment and the compliment! When I use an eye cream, really, the way I do – twice a month :) it’s Redermic Eyes by La Roche-Posay. I maybe should use it more, because I notice it really makes the area moisturized and firm at the same time. Imagine if someone wears it regularly! But I still believe in the power of sleeping well (and I do… a lot!) and drinking a good amount of water, plus being careful with the sun! Thank you again for the nice comment, I hope you have a very nice week!

  1. Hi Denise!
    Love your outfit, and love that it is all DIY! You have talent! love that shirt! even the skirt is so pretty.
    I loved reading the beauty tag, learned something new about you, didn’t know your skin is so sensitive!
    I don’t use any cremes or anything either, I don’t even wash my face with acne wash anymore, my face cleared up as I got into my 20s, but i still get the occasional acne. but i think it might also have to do with my diet and health routine!
    hope you have a wonderful week dear Denise!
    xo Andrea

  2. wow you really have a very sensitive skin, Denise. It must be difficult to find perfect products or perfect places to live , if your skin can’t tolerate the sun. It was very interesting to read about your beauty routine. Now, about your outfit: this skirt came out amazing, looks super cute on you and I like the details on your T-shirt. You always have amazing DIYs. Wish you a lovely week ahead, dear Denise.
    Nina’s Style Blog

  3. Hi Denise, happy new year to you. I love this post, I should really try and write one myself, even although I rarely wear makeup these days. I wish that wasn’t the way, but…! That’s two really great ideas changing the t-shirt and the dress into a skirt. You look lovely as always x

    • Thank you for the nice comment, dear Shireen! Well, I won’t be a hypocrite and say that my skin is not beautiful – but I feel a bit strange to pay myself compliments. It is beautiful and everybody says that, but that is because I know how to “handle” it – no sun, no oil, no this and that, I love exfoliating, but seldom do it, and etc etc. Knowing my own skin made it possible to keep it beautiful. One thing, for ex., I love peanuts. But if I eat them a lot (who can eat just 2 peanuts?), the next moment my skin will pay for it. So it’s not only about sun or beauty products, but some food as well :( But better that than to have a terrible disease :) Thank you again, dear Shireen, I hope you have a very nice week!

  4. I love the ending quote, it is so true, but often hard to take the first step. I am so glad you know more about your beauty regimen. I used to scrub with a washcloth, but do not anymore. I do use some Skincueticals creams and oils, they work well for me.
    and yes, for photo shoots I have my hair stylist put on false eye lashes! I love them!
    I do love your skirt, a great idea and good seamstress!
    happy week!
    xx, Elle

  5. Your seamstress did an amazing job! Love the outfit! And this was such a fun post to read! I didn’t realize your skin was so sensitive. It always looks so lovely. :) And I don’t ever carry makeup (other than lip gloss) with me either. I like Cetaphil too as a face wash. When I was on some very strong acne medication I was using it, and it really didn’t irritate my skin.


    • Dear Lindsey, thank you so much for the lovely comment! Yes, I have very sensitive skin, and thank you for the compliment – and I won’t be modest, although it’s a bit difficult for me to “praise” myself, I recognize that my skin is good, always was, and always had compliments, but that is because I know what to use on it and mainly what not and even what to eat! Basically I recommend, for sensitive skins, to avoid oily food, drink a good amount of water, sleep well and, for me, avoid sun like a vampire. That’s why my skin keeps nice :) I didn’t know you had acne, I have a friend that has it, and she insists on removing her makeup with olive oil instead of a proper cleanser; you did it well using Cetaphil! Thank you again for your lovely comment, hope you have a nice day!

  6. Love what your seamstress made of it. And I loved to read all about your beauty tag. Those where the days when I couldn’t be bothered to use eye cream on a daily base, lol, now I need it twice a day, morning and night. My skin is getting drier and drier, feeling like an alligator, hahaha. You look so beautiful, Denise. Love that lipstick shade. Well thse earrings, lol, been there done that. Never mind, it just shows our good taste, eh 😉 Happy new week, girl.
    New update: Swan Lake

    • Hi, dear Melissa! Thank you for your lovely comment! Actually, it’s really bad… I wear sunscreen number 100 (really) and am always “covered” – even in the summer, I wear a shrug, a denim jacket, long sleeves… an umbrella, like in the 19th century, is also welcome :) But then I started shifting between two continents, as I said in one of my posts – when it’s summer in one, I go to where it is winter :) That helps a lot! Again, many thanks for the nice comment, hope you are having a very nice day!

  7. Liebe Denise, das wundert mich nicht, dass Du keine Probleme hast mit Deiner Haut – außer der Sonnenempfindlichkeit. Deine Haut ist einfach wunderbar, Du bist wahrhaft eine “gute Haut”, wie wir hier in Bayern sagen, was bedeutet, dass jemand ein sehr guter Mensch ist <3
    Und Du siehst wieder wunderschön aus, das Kleid ist als Rock viel besser und ich mag Deine Ideen immer sehr. Auch die Schuhe sind ein Traum! Hoffentlich hattest Du bisher eine glückliche Woche <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Hello! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Actually, I asked for a shop that dyes clothes, to do it for me :) I am not that talented, I just draw my ideas and count on nice shops to make them possible :) Thank you again for the nice comment, hope you have a nice day!

  8. Hi Denise! It was really great to get to know your beauty habits, I have had no idea that your skin is so sensitive that you have to stay away from sunbathing (which personally I really like when I have opportunity for this kind of “activity” :)). But on the other hand, it is said that sun isn’t really healthy for the skin, so maybe it’s better for you and worse for me ;P What’s more, I recognize the brand about you spoke with – i.e. Manthatan – and honestly, I have never tried mascaras from this brand yet, nice to know that they’re cheap and good. Last, but not the least – I love your DIY project, you gave that shirt second life, Denise :)

    Have a lovely evening dear friend,

  9. Wow :) sei stata davvero brava con quel DIY! Io invece utilizzo sempre creme per il viso e scrub :) da brava beauty blogger prendo sempre cura della mia pelle. E anche nella mia borsa non può mancare un balsamo per le labbra! xx

  10. I love that DIY shirt!! and your skirt is adorable I can’t believe it used to be a dress. I need a seamstress. It’s hard to find clothes for me because I am so voluptuous, big butt small waist, it’s pretty common but hard to dress and shop for.

  11. Ciao dolcissima Denise! You should protect your sensitive skin wearing face cream every single day and night! If you need some advice don’t hesitate to ask. On the other hand, your skin is so naturally beautiful and glowing! But you must take care of it to preserve its beauty! Don’t want to sound bossy love, hope you don’t mind! Your look of the day is very fresh yet incredibly chic! Thank you for your sweet comments my dear! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

  12. Hellooo Denise. I Hope all is well? Fab to see you writing about your beauty regime! You know, you’ll be so thankful when you’re older for not exposing your face to the sun. Your skin will age beautifully, not prematurely. It really is a blessing in disguise that your skin can’t bear it. Sun avoidance is the best anti-ageing skin advice ever :). I don’t use physical face scrubs either. Well, I have done and on very rare occasions I might if my skin is peeling but I’ll only use an extremely gentle one. I much prefer chemical exfoliators such as glycolc acid peels etc. On the fashion front I totally adore that ring. I love big chunky statement jewelry. Big hugs and kisses darling. Tx

  13. Well this is an intersting read Denise! I think even if we don’t over certain posts regularly it’s nice to branch out and have some varying content every once in a while. I espcially enjoy reading things tht show a new side to the author! xx

  14. You are gorgeous babe, I dont wear make up when I am stuck with crazy deadlines holed up in my office other than that I have to be dolled up most days lol, Hope you have good friday and weekend hun xxx

  15. Hiya Denise,
    I just adore the beautiful print on your (dress) skirt revamp. I also love Clinique’s Moisture Surge and sometimes use that in rotation with others. I use a beauty sponge that very gentle on my sensitive skin. I hope that you have a great weekend. Everything has started back to normal so it is of course busy times ahead. <3 /Madison

  16. hi dear! I suspected that your skin might be sensitive to sun, because it is so fair, but I didn’t know that you had very sensitive skin in general. In my family most of us have that olive Mediterranean complexion, only my brother has very fair skin- but both of his kids have it despite the fact that my sister-in-law also has olive skin like the rest of us. Anyway, it is good to hear that you’re taking a good care of your skin. Your skin always look so beautiful and radiant!

    It is important to know our skin’s type. My skin is a mix of dry and oil, I miss those days when it was only oily:). I also tend to avoid the sun because my skin doesn’t handles it well anymore, despite the fact that I tan easily. I think it might have something to do with medication I take for Chron, I should avoid the sun because of it. For a while, I missed my ‘dark and tanned’ skin but now I’m used to slightly paler version of myself- but I think most people still wouldn’t say I’m pale:).

    I don’t use much make up these days. I work from home so I don’t really have to put it on for work and my husband says he prefers when I don’t wear any. I do like wearing lipsticks though, that only takes a sec and makes a lot of difference. Often I put on an essence lip pencil and lipstick.

    I love that diy tshirt…such a great idea to dye it black and add those details….and the skirt is absolutely marvellous. You look very feminine and pretty.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! But unfortunately I am not that talented – I can sew a little bit, but just small things, and to remodel the dress and T-shirt I needed a seamstress :) I should write “do-it-yourself remodelling request”, since the ideas are mine, then I take to the seamstress and she does all. I’d love to say it was my work, but no, I just drew the idea :) Again, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I hope you enjoy a lovely weekend!

  17. I have sensitive skin too and have had such a bad time with it recently so I am currently looking at the types products I’m using. I think I need to go down the same route as you and use less on my skin to help keep it in a better condition. I am also going to check out the Chanel lipsticks too as my lips get so dry and sore but it sounds like the Chanel ones would be OK to use :) x

    • Hello, thank you for the lovely comment! Sensitive skins around the world, unite! :) Yay! I mean, jokes apart, you are right – I didn’t realize that using less things on my skin keeps it good, I purely do this because I am lazy – maybe not that lazy, but it comes from being anaemic :) I never had problems with my skin, thankfully, it’s good, I like it and people always compliment it, BUT it’s because I don’t take sun and when I use a cream it’s because I trust the brand. I think that we get to know ourselves within time, of course, and we know what works for us. I really, really recommend Chanel lipsticks – there are a few, very few brands that I can put on my lips – I won’t recommend Dior, for ex. – and Chanel is on the top of my list. I think you will like them! Hope you have a very nice weekend! X

    • Thank you so much for your super sweet comment and compliments! Especially about my skin, thank you! I must say, and this by no means bragging, that it is pretty much flawless, thankfully! BUT having said that, it is because I know that it is sensitive and knowing that is the deal – then I know how what I can use on it or not. If I go to the sun, it’s not good, just that; other than that I wear brands that I trust. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I recommend revamping some pieces, it’s nice to the planet and it gives our beloved items, that we don’t want to donate, or not yet, a new life! Hope you have a very nice weekend! XXX

  18. Hi Denise!

    You are so lucky to be blessed with such nice skin! I had acne in high school and still suffer the occasional breakouts.. I use a lot of products in comparison to you. Maybe that’s the secret. Anyway great post as always!


  19. I tried answering these questions and I am certainly not a beauty guru lol. I also have a pretty sensitive skin, my face mostly and the rest of my body is fine.
    I have a lip balm in everyone of my bags 😛 but don’t really carry make up since I wear so little make up anyway.
    I like how you always add you touch to all your clothing items and personalize them. I love the DIY shirt, simple but so pretty. You look really nice Denise.
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I wish you a very lovely week ahead dear friend :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡

  20. I like your DIY t-shirt very much! I would wear one like that- so nice!!! It looks super pretty with the adapted skirt too!
    I also wear Touche Eclat (when I actually wear makeup!) it is definitely the best one, plus eye liner! Otherwise, not very much ever!!!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Well, I won’t generalise about Europe… I lived in some European countries where women didn’t wear makeup even to go to weddings, and they used to “criticize” me for wearing it! :) Again, thank you very much for the nice comment! Hope you have a very nice day!

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