Beauty Sleep Benefits

The relation between sleeping and beauty has always been spread and studied… what are actually the Beauty Sleep Benefits? “Only” 8 hours are recommended!

My first blue nail polish! Nails Inc.

My first blue nail polish! Nails Inc. Bluebell

8 hour-sleep

First 3 hours – we produce the most human growth hormone to repair skin and hair. Middle 2 hours produce melatonin, a skin-protecting antioxidant. Last 3 hours: muscles relax, for skin deep recovering. Lack of (quality) sleep can lead to dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, increased by stress hormones due to poor sleep. Sleeping well fosters better learning/memory and less weight gain.

But be careful! More than 8 hours sleeping can increase strokes’ risk! Warwick University says that sleeping too long is potentially worse than too little sleep. Anyway, chronic sleep deprivation leads to work injuries, poor alertness and performance, stressful relationships, moodiness, etc!

I used to like lots of sleep, but now… will think of the study. And will show the weekly outfit now!

Anna Sui top - a designer I love! Monsoon black top. Asos jeans. Vest, my design

Anna Sui top – a designer I love! Monsoon black top. Asos jeans. Vest, my design

Bijoux Heart ring.

Bijoux Heart ring via Net-a-Porter

Bijoux Heart crystal ring

Marina Marinof bag. Purple drop ring from the Tower of London. Some old bracelets

Prince of Wales Three Feather Brooch

Prince of Wales Three Feather-Brooch  bought  in a Cardiff jewelry shop

Patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes by Lepic Paris


Hope you have a week with smilesThank you for your always kind comments!

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142 thoughts on “Beauty Sleep Benefits

    • Hi, dear Jenny! It’s true, when we don’t sleep well, things start to “happen”: headache like you said, I sometimes have migraines, or moodiness (depends on how sleep deprived I am, which happens very seldom :) I liked that blue color, indeed! Normally I only wore “traditional” colors till last year, and it seems this year I am more experimenta; :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment, my dear friend and a happy week for you! Kisses!

  1. I barely get 6 hours sleep a night. Terrible! I know it’s not enough and my skin knows it too. When I was ill over Christmas I slept 48hrs in one go. When I finally awoke my skin looked amazing. No lines, perfectly even toned, plumped – totally rejuvenated! Getting more sleep is a massive priority for me and one that I think I’ll be battling for many years to come, sadly

    • Oh, dear Tracey, I didn’t know about it! I think it’s so important to sleep well, though many people say that 6 or even 4 hours are enough for them – for me, from 8 to 10, though now I will try to stick to the 8 hours, since I read the research. Moodiness, headache, nausea – things that can happen with sleep deprivation… and I do feel it when I can’t sleep. I have anemia since I am a child, so I really need more sleep :) I really really hope you can sleep more hours, because it’s nice, important and you saw the benefits for your skin! Hope you have a nice week!

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica! I like quirky things, I guess you know that by now :) And finally I got to know someone like me!!! :) Cause I feel the same – 8 hours are never enough to me! I am constantly sleepy :) But according to the research… we need “just” 8 hours… I think I’d rather stayed in ignorance, not knowing it! XXX

    • Dear Jackie, how sweet you are, thank you! I feel flattered! I hope you can sleep well every night! I, for example, must have a sleeping disorder :) No joke! Wherever I am and it doesn’t mind if there’s noise around me, I can sleep. It’s due to anemia, i fact :) But it does help skin, for sure. I don’t photoshop pictures, so I need to sleep well :) Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Thank you for the compliment, dear Simera! I am sorry to hear that you have insomnia issues… not good at all :( Hope you solve it, sincerely! Me, on the contrary, have problems staying awaken. Not a joke! I visited my brother once and suddenly had to ask him if I could tale a nap. Couldn’t keep my eyes open! But I try my best not to sleep during the day, so that I sleep 8 hours at night! Hope you have a nice week!

    • Hello! Thank you for your always nice comments! It was new to me, too. I’d rather prefer continuing in ignorance :) cause I love sleeping :) But yes, the research says it is risky sleeping more than 8 hours. So… let’s follow medical recommendation!

    • Hi, dear Min, thank you for your comment! Blogs are great, I am so convinced of that! Because I now could relate to many people – at first, people made fun of me, because I can sleep for 10 hours and in any place, with or without noise, I can! And now I see that you can do it as well, the 10 hour-sleep! I feel like that everyday :) But now the research says we need 8 “only”… so I will try my best to stick to that! I am glad you relaxed over the weekend! Mine was a bit sleep-deprived (I traveled), and I couldn’t wait to hit my bed again!

  2. No sabía que dormir más de 8 horas podía ser malo! Aunque estoy lejos de dormir eso, la mayor parte del tiempo puedo dormir unas 6 horas nada más y siempre siento que debería acostarme más temprano, pero no puedo!
    Como siempre, muy lindas tus fotos! Tus uñas lucen hermosas en ese azul!

    • Gracias, querida Ale, me siento tan feliz cuando escribes, siempre con tan lindas palabras! Fue la primera vez que use ese azul, y la segunda un esmalte azul, de cualquier manera. Antes de ese anio usaba solo unas pocas veces algun rojo y muchas veces rosa claro o mismo sin color. Ahora estoy mas “mujercita” :) Bueno, que lastima, espero que logres dormir mas, unas 8 horas… yo, al contrari, estoy siempre dormida (me hace falta proteina, asi que me sentia muy cansada, antes de empezar a caminar para lograr tener mas energia). Pero dicen eses medicos que 8 horas son suficientes… asi que hare solo eso :) Besitos y que tengas una linda semana, querida amiga – que duermas mas temprano!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment, dear Pink Haired Princess! I normally tend to sleep more than 8 hours a day, too, but now I am so concerned about the research! I love rings :) Or everything that has glitter :) Thank you for the compliment – sleeping is good, and what you see is who I am :) – I don’t photoshop pics, I don’t even know how to use it :) Hope you have a nice week and again, I feel so flattered by your comment!

    • Hello, thank you so very much for the lovely comment! I do sleep around 8 hours a day, sometimes more :) I didn’t know either that sleeping too much could be that bad! Well, I will try to stick to the “normal” 8 hours! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Ciao, carina Paola, mille grazie per i complimenti, sei super dolce! Mi piace outfits colorati :) La mia Pasqua ha stato benissima, spero di essere la stessa cosa la tua! Baci e una bellissima settimana per te!

  3. That sounds really interesting, Denise, I had no idea about it. Luckily, I don’t like to sleep too long (8hours or so is enough for me), but from time to time (especially at the weekends) I feel that I could sleep even more. What’s more, I really like your outfit and makeup, you look so beautiful on those photos :) Hope you had great Easter, dear :)

    • Hi, dear Ivonne, thank you for always being so sweet towards me! My makeup never changes very much :) I use bareMinerals powder (no foundation anymore) and Too Faced highlighter for a “tanned glow” :) Brown eye pencil, lipstick and some gloss, sometimes. I don’t use blush anymore :) I actually needed more than 8 hours of sleep :), but after I’ve read the research I am now afraid to exaggerate :) My Easter was nice and I hope yours was too! Hope you have a very nice week now!

  4. Interesting facts about the sleep study. I had no idea how having to much sleep could be bad for you! Although I am terrible and rarely get enough sleep! Yikes! Your top is beautiful and I really like the vest (awesome that is it your design!). I just adore those cute shoes too!


    • Hi, dear Rebecca, thank you so much for the lovely comment! Actually I thought a bit before writing “my design”, because honestly, it’s just cut here, there and ready is the vest :) I usually draw some things for myself, I like it :) I am also amazed by the research and that sleeping more than 8 hours is bad… I can sleep for 10, I guess! Now will pay attention to that :) I hope you can sleep 8 hours too!

    • Grazie, carina Maggie, tu sempre tanto carina per me! Solo dorme 4 ore, nooooon, bisogna di piu! Ed importante! Io, invece, posso dormire 10 ore e bisogno sempre piu )firse perche non mangio carne e proteina ed importante), ma adesso con questa ricerca vedo che e meglio dormire “solo” 8 ore :) Un bacione ed una bellissima settimana per te, con sole ed amicizia!

  5. Ach, liebe Denise, kann es sein, dass Du jeden Tag noch schöner wirst? Du siehst wunderbar aus, mit Deinem Outfit und die Zusammenstellung ist Dir perfekt geglückt. Außerdem strahlst Du wieder so sehr, dass es eine wahre Freude ist, Dich auf den Fotos anzusehen <3 Ja, mit dem Schlaf habe ich mich auch schon sehr beschäftigt … vor allem weil ich dazu neige, zu wenig zu schlafen, vor allem unter der Woche. Deswegen habe ich mir vor einigen Monaten vorgenommen, mich wenigstens in dieser Hinsicht zu verbessern und ich bin wenigstens einigermaßen zufrieden mit mir, denn ich schlafe tatsächlich mehr als früher. Allerdings bringe ich es fertig, am Wochenende auch mal 10 – 12 Stunden zu schlafen, ich habe dann das Gefühl, ich muss den kompletten unter der Woche versäumten Schlaf aufholen … aber im Schnitt müsste ich auf nicht mehr 8 Stunden Schlaf je Tag kommen, dann passt das hoffentlich :) Liebe Denise, hoffentlich hattest Du wundervolle Ostern und Du hast eine glückliche Woche for Dir!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

    International Giveaway: Zatchels Bag as Thank-You for the Supporter of my Hobby

    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Und frohe Oster zweiten Tag! Du bist immer so lieb zu mir, ich danke dir! Weiss ich nicht ob ich das verdiene, aber akzeptiere ich sehr gern! Mein oster war suess :) mit Schokolade und du weisst, ich lieve Musee und Kunst, Gechichte… und habe eine Musee besucht! Und auch zu viel gegessen :) Ich hoffe, das dein Oster gestern gut war und heute auch! Ich war total begeistert mit dem Recherche… zu viel schlafen ist schlimm als zu wenig… und ich schlafe viel, normalerweise! Ich habe Blutarmut seit ich ein Kind war, so bin ich oft muede :) Im Moment nicht so, weil ich bewege mich mehr. Aber ich denke, dass du machst perfekt – nicht so viel Schlafen waehrend der Woche, dazu 10-12 Stude am Wochenende! Ich bewundere dich, immer, wir “balanciert” du bist, das ist super! (Ist das das Wort? Debke ich!) Danke noch einmal fuer die Komplimente und viele liebe Gruesse!

  6. I also love sleep, but I have realized that sleeping more than 8 hours makes me more tired. So I try to sleep 8 hours a day or at least 6. Didn’t know it could increase strokes’ risk. :/
    Love your nail polish here. I have a similar color and it’s so pretty. It makes a nice contrast with your outfit! :) Kisses!

    • Hi, dear M.! Thank you for your comment! I was mesmerized by the research, I can sleep a lot and when not, I get “sad”, dizzy :) But now I will try to sleep “only” 8 hours! Kisses!

    • Oi, Lilly! Obrigada pelo comentario! Ah… que pena, Lilly, mas as vezes a pessoa ja esta acostumada ate… eu tenho anemia desde que parei de comer carne, isto eh, quando crianca. Mas meus medicos disseram que meu organismo ja se acostumou! Entao quem sabe com vc tambem acontece isso, com o problema do sono… espero que vc consiga dormir mais! Obrigada pelos elogios e um beijo, e uma otima semana!

  7. I rarely get 8hours which I think accounts for my general feeling of exhaustion the whole time!!! My husband can sleep for too long though.

    Those shoes are really sweet. The covered buttons remind me of fairy toadstools!!! I definitely like blue nails, you have such nice nails, mine are a mess!!!! X

    • Dear Kezzie, so sweet your comment, thank you! By the way, one of my next Monday posts will be for you :) Just wait :) Thank you so much for the compliments! I do like to have my nails in order, but sometimes they are not, and then it’s not the end of the world :) In some weeks I will have them short, because I need to carry heavy boxes and they would break anyway :) It’s good that CBC can sleep, but you should sleep more during the week, then… I am terrible, I think I can sleep for 14 hours… anemic, you know, leads to that (no meat…), but after the research I will try to sleep “only” 8 hours a night! Hope you have a very nice week!

        • Hahaha, don’t look for it, dear Kezzie, because you know: when we go to a GP, they will find something :) Even when we don’t have anything! I am joking, of course, GPs are good. Hahaha, again :) It’s a very simple thing for next Monday – and I even guess you already know about the research! Hope you have a nice evening, and thank you for the comment!

  8. Qué difícil es a veces poder dormir 8 horas completas porque hay días que la rutina te exige mucho y tendemos a acortar horas de sueño :( Pero siempre que puedo, trato de hacerlo.
    Me encanta tu outfit y tu color de esmalte! Amo las manicuras en tonos pastel. El brazalete es bello, también! :)

    • Gracias por tus dulces palabras, querida Deborah! Si, a veces es dificil dormir por 8 horas! A mi me gusta hasta mas horas :) pero ahora, despues de saber que es peligroso a la salud, voy a intentar dormir “solo” 8 horas :) Besitos!

  9. I try to get to bed by 10 pm and up by 6:30 am .. a little over 8 hrs, but apparently – I need it .. lol.

    I am in love with your lovely blue nails .. what IS that color ?? And those adorable shoes!!


    • Hi, dear Monica, thank you for your sweet comment! The nails, my first time with blue (dark blue I wore once, but not that one!) I got it last year, around April and only wore it now! It’s Nails Inc. Bluebell :) Good to know that you sleep around 8 hours! I need so many hours of sleep, kind of 10! But after that research I will try to sleep “just” 8 :) Hope you have a nice week, dear Monica!

  10. Oh my goodness after reads your post. I am crying out for the last 3 hours because I only got 4-5 hours daily sleep:(. I know is bad but what can I do when I’m a busy mommy. I’ll do my best to take care my skin as I aware of not enough sleep for my own beauty :). You look naturally beautiful as always. I always telling you I love your shoes and bag as often:)

    Wish you a lovely week ahead:).

    • Hi, dear Tanya! Nooo, please don’t feel bad because of the research! Mothers are a special category, it’s impossible to sleep for 8 hours in a row, or at any point of the day to have a nap! But soon the babies will grow and I hope you can sleep well! Thank you so much for the compliments! Naturally beautiful, I wish :) No, that is the highlighter I use, by Too Faced. It gives me kind of a “tanned” look, with some glow :) I am not using foundation anymore, so I rely on that highlighter on my cheeks! Hope you have a very beautiful week, Tanya!

    • Hi, dear Anouk, thanks for the comment! For me it is always a lot of sleep, but since I read the research I am trying to stick to 8 hours :) I hope you do the same, it seems it’s good for everything! But sometimes we can sleep more or depending on the occasion (a trip, a party) sleeping less as well :)

    • Hi, dear Elle, I can imagine you are not getting enough sleep… and this is something that will happen again within time… you will see! I really hope that you can slee well soon! Thank you for your always nice comments, I think of you and send good vibes, really!

  11. I seriously want to see your shoe closet. I’ve coveted every one I’ve seen you wear.

    I have Fibromyalgia because I don’t get enough deep sleep. It’s annoying and probably aging me faster.


    • Dear Suzanne, thank you so much for your sweet compliment! I am like you, I guess (and loads of people :) we love shoes! One day I will show the closets :) I am so sorry to know that you have fibromyalgia… a friend of mine has it, and she described me how it feels… though no one can know, just the one who has it… I hope you can sleep a bit more from time to time and about aging, don’t worry about that, you always look so fabulous! Kisses!

    • Mille grazie, carina S! Che dolce parole per me, tu sei simpaticissima! Anche io, dormo piu di 8 ore :) Posso dormire per 10, e mi piace tanto! Ma allora, le dottore dicono que “solo” 8 ore sarebbe bene per la salute… bisogno di pensare (oppure di dormire solo le 8 ore :) Questo top e colorati, dunque, mi piace molto :) Grazie di nuovo, carina S, ed una bella settimana! Baci!

    • Hola, querida Elisabeth! Muchas gracias por tus dulces palabras! A mi tambien me encanta muchiiiisimo dormir! Pero yo podria dormir unas 10 horas, y con ese estudio, que dice que “solo” 8 son importantes, intentare dormir solamente las 8 horas! :)

    • Hello, dear Tina, thank you for you lovely comment! Guess what, I didn’t know about the stroke risk either, from too much sleep! (I didn’t even know there was such a thing, “too much sleep” :) For me it was marvellous to sleep long!) Now I am afraid :) and now I am sleeping 7 hours a night and with two naps a day :) I really need too sleep quite a “lot”. cause I am anemic and feel sleepy along the day :) Hope you have a very nice Wednesday!

  12. Hi Denise, you look marvelous as always! Love your cute heels and the brooch. I miss Cardiff. They have the cutest little shop and the nicest people. I have bought some jewellery in Cardiff too btw. Oh Denise I never had a problem with sleep until now. I have to drive my dad to the bathroom in his wheelchair a few times every night. That sucks but he can’t do it on his own right now. Wish you a happy hump day sweetheart. I can still comment but I can’t spend hours on one blog anymore 😀


    • Hi, dear Mira! Thank you for the sweet comment and compliments! I agree with you, there are amazing people, landscapes and shops in Wales, thus Cardiff. That is on of my favorite countries in the world, I am glad you like it! I am so sorry that you have to wake up many times a night, but it is lovely that you are such a great daughter! As a lady once told me, this is rewarding, seeing your father well cared, because you do it! I hope he is fine soon and that then you can sleep again! I hope you have a ice Wednesday and as I said before, if you need someone to talk (I know you have friends and family, but anyway), please count on me! XXXXX

      • Hi my dear Denise, thank you for your kind response. I wish I had seen more of Wales but I’m sure the whole land is amazing. I would love to spend more time there and travel around. I still have to wake up at nights but it’s already much better. He’s my dad and I like to take care of him. His doc told me that I should get some help but as long as I can do it. I will. You know I love talking to you and I’m really amazed that my blogger friends are so supportive. I wish you a wonderful weekend sweetheart! Can’t wait to see you new post 😀


        • Hello, sweetie – I really think you are one of the sweetest girls I have “known”! I think you are an extremely great heart, cause many people I knew put their parents in care homes – really. And who am I to judge them, but I asked them at the time if they didn’t think that together in the family (and the houses were big) the parents wouldn’t feel better and more comforted, thus leading to a happier life. They said “meine Mutter ist sehr zufrieden da”. And as I said, who am I to judge and I am sure every case is different. So I think that you are doing absolutely right, it’s good both to you and your dad – we have life and are able to see all we did and will do in terms of art, world, learning because we have life from our parents! I am so grateful to that. I am sure you will see Wales more and it’s really worth it. A land with simple pleasures, that after all, is what is real, not thousands of clothes (in my opinion). I have learned to see it during the last years. You will love Wales, I really do! I see you as a friend with a deep soul and I wish you and your dad a very nice weekend, as as usual, no empty words, whenever you need to talk, count on me! XXXXX

    • Hello! Thank you so very much for your nice comment! Well, I love naps as well :) I think they really are great for alertness and performance at work! Well done! I take a good nap everyday :) I am anemic and I tend to feel tired during the day :) Hope you are having a beautiful week, too!

  13. What a beautiful smile you have! Such a great post Denise! Thanks so much for sharing! I try to get 8 hrs of sleep a night, if I am lucky, but I get probably around 6-7 hours on average! nice to know that I shouldnt feel guilty about getting more hours of sleep! haha!
    i love your outfit, those shoes are super cute, and the rest of your pieces, jewelry, bag, nails – perfect! you look so happy and fabulous! 😀
    have a great rest of your week! xoxo

    • Dear Andrea, thank you for the sweet comment and compliments! I think you are doing it right, with the 6-7 hours of sleep every night! In fact, after I read the research I was so afraid of a stroke :) (because I love to sleep for 9-10 hours!) that now I am sleeping for 8 hours a night and getting a nap later! I hope you are fine and I am looking forward to knowing about your research! Enjoy the week and sleep well :) XXX

  14. Thanks for the great introduction about sleep Denise – I love all that science stuff and it’s so true the benefits of sleep. I do try to aim for 8 hours but unfortunately I do not get that much on working days but I do at the weekends which is nice and I really do notice a difference with my skin. Your hair is gorgeous and I really do love those quirky shoes. Have a great week.

    • Hi, Colleen, thank you very much for the comment and compliments! I do love quirky shoes! It’s good to know that you sleep well on the weekend! It’s true, skin looks better when we sleep well, no doubt! I am a bit amazed by the fact that sleeping more than 8 hours can be harmful! Now I am sticking to that number! Hope you have a nice evening!

    • Hi, dear Maria! Haha, loved your comment, as usual! True, you should tell her and everybody that we really need to sleep for 8 hours! It is good for many things, skin included and a desired effect! Kisses!

  15. I often sleep too short. I noticed that when I sleep about 8 hours my skin looks better so I have to go to bed earlier. As always you look chic and lovely! Anna Sui top is beautiful and your nails are perfect!
    Have a nice day:)

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, I guess sleeping is really the best thing for skin and I like to sleep – but lately I am sleeping for 7 hours and compensating with naps :) It was the first time I wore that nail polish color and I liked it! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Thank you so much, dear Lizzy! I have a schedule for posts and comments and I was (am!) going to your blog today, but you were faster than me and left this sweet comment here :) That is very sweet, really and I thank you for the compliment! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

  16. I always ‘try’ to sleep around 8 hours but sometimes longer, ’cause my bed is way too comfy :p I love the last picture of you! You have a beautiful smile :) Enjoy your evening xo

    • Thank you so much for the compliment, dear Anouk! I know what you mean :0 When the bedroom and bed is comfy, it’s even more difficult to leave it! :) I hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • You are really so sweet, dear Ivonne! You know about makeup, it’s when you know how to do a certain makeup, then that’s it the whole time :) Well, I tried to change colors of eyeshadows, but when I see the pictures, I think I always look the same :) But it’s fine and I thank you so much for your so sweet words to me! You are really an angel and I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!

    • Ciao, dolce Paola! Oh, che peccato! Bisogna di dormire meglio e piu! Forse in vacanza? Grazie per le dolce parole, sempre cosi amabile! Scarpe sono sempre benvenutti :) mi piace molto, come a tutti noi, sono sicura! Spero per te un fine settimana con sole! Baci!

    • Hi, Rowena, welcome to the blog! By the way, I like your name! Well, before the research I thought that 10 hours were better :) Now I see we should sleep “only” 8 hours :) I am trying to do so :) cause I really love sleeping, but I try not to exaggerate! Well done for the 8 hours! Thank you for you nice comment and compliment! I hope you have a very nice weekend!

  17. I knew that sleep was important but not that it was THAT important.
    Gosh too much isn’t not good and too little isn’t either? Kinda crazy.
    But thank you for enlightening me! And I adore your style, it’s really cute. Especially love that top!

    Kisses from Hungary xo

    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • Hello, Csenge, and welcome! I am delighted to see that your address is from the beautiful Hungary! I have amazing memories from there and just yesterday I watched a movie that showed Budapest and love it again! Oh yes, I was amazed by the research, cause before I thought that sleeping long was good, and now I see it is not! I am trying to stick to 8 hours “only”, though I love sleeping! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I wish you a great weekend! Kisses!

    • Hi, Anna-Alina! I didn’t know about that either, that sleeping too much was bad… I am trying to sleep “just” 8 hours a night now :) Cause I could sleep more, but if it’s not good… Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hope you weekend is great!

  18. another interesting study! thanks for sharing. I have noticed that when I sleep for too long the day is pretty much ruined and I’m rather tired, not the opposite. but when I sleep 7-8 hours I’m the most productive. so I definitely believe that study.
    anyway, now a few words about your outfit. you have such beautiful jewellery (especially those earrings and the bracelet) and once again an amazing pair of shoes. oh and a self-made vest, good job, Denise! those posts with info about a study and your outfit are probably my favourites from you. in addition to your travel posts of course! I hope your weekend has been great so far!

    • Dear Maiken, how sweet to receive your comments, you know that! Thanks for your always kind words! I am eager to go to Estonia! Maybe next year? Let’s cross fingers! Well, I am like you – I must say, before, that I love sleeping, but it’s true that when I sleep too long, or like I did some time ago – sleep, wakeup for a while, sleep again, and so the day was so confusing and I felt very tired. But 4 hours leave me that way too, and very sad – no joke, I feel sad, kind of melancholic if I sleep for just 4 hours :) But I guess 8 hours are enough! You know we love accessories, so I love yours and it’s like we identify with each other’s accessories! I also hope that you have a brilliant weekend, and I am looking forward to a new post on your blog, mmm? :)

  19. I know I already comment on this of your post but I haven’t said about how beautiful the color of your nails polish is. I love the color is so sparingly:). Thank you so much for your always kind word on mine:). They’d make my day:).

    I wish you a lovely Sunday and ahead of the upcoming week:).


    • Hi, dear Tanya! You are really very sweet, thank you so much for the kind words! It was the first time I tried that blue, cause I normally wore light colors or sporadically red, but this year I am more experimental :) I am glad that I found your blog, so it’s my pleasure to comment and I really like it! I hope you have a lovely Sunday and also a beautiful week – and how time flies! Middle Aoril! XXX

    • Thank you so much, Francesca! I really love different shoes, but well, everybody does, so I am just normal :) Or so I wish :) Hope you have a very beautiful Sunday! Looking forward to your posts!

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth! Thank you for your nice comment, and I think you must be right: routines are more important about sleeping habits… I sleep more than 8 hours a day… but after I read the research I was worried and tried to sleep “only” 8 hours :) Hope you have a very nice week ahead and I am looking forward to further travel posts! XXX

    • Hello, dear Marija! Thanks for your comment, cause I feel better about myself now! I am like you, I love sleeping a lot! But now I am a bit afraid because of the research! Well, I tried to stick to 8 hours last week, but on the weekend and even today, all gone – I slept much more than that! Hope you have a great week! XXX

  20. Firstly thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog.
    You look you very fresh and nice. Beautiful bracelet. I also love to sleep, if you have time always sleep in the afternoon after lunch.

    • Hi, dear Mary! I thank you, too, for the sweet comments! Yes, sometimes I do have time in the afternoon… I am the “greatest” sleeper I know… not that I am proud of it, but I am permanent sleepy :) I have anemia, so it makes people that way! Guess what – this morning I had internet problems and what have I done? Slept again! I have to be tougher, though, cause the research says that we should’t sleep so much! Hope you have a very nice week, dear Mary! XXX

    • Hi, Kashaya! Thank you for your nice comment! Oh yes… sleeping is so important… I hope you get more sleep soon, cause experts say it’s important for all – work, learning and skin – and we all want to relax! Hope you have a nice weekend and that you can sleep a bit more!

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