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Are you a bag-lover or a shoe-lover? Or both? I guess, after all, that women love shoes AND bags, and I am no exception! Actually I used to love shoes a lot, and still do, but within time I am also very much in love with bags, lately! I like many kinds of – romantic ones with bows, colorful, quirky boho bags and more. So what for a beautiful surprise when I found Zafula store that has so many styles that meet my taste! This is a webshop that sells many things, not only bags, but also dresses, swimwear, accessories such as rings, hats, scarves and bracelets (jewellery is one of my “passions”) and as I said before, fantastic handbags (worth taking a look!) and more! It’s such a complete shop, really good! Let’s take a look at, in my opinion, the fabulous bags that I selected now, bags that people who know me by now, know that I would really love to wear, right now! And the prices? Really great!

Yello bag

Candy Color Bowknot tote bag and Candy Color buckles rivet tote bag

Above, you can see my latest passion. In the past I didn’t really like yellow, but four years ago it changed (I told that to many bloggers this month!) and now I simply loooove yellow! These bags are super sweet, in my opinion!

Pendant Crocodile Print Tote Bag and Color Block Checked Metallic Wallet

Pendant Crocodile Print Tote Bag and Color Block Checked Metallic Wallet

Now, the pink or at least, pinkish ones. I love crocodile print and quilted wallets, they are so feminine and Chanel-esque :) And I can prove it, take a look at my pink pouch below!

Rings and bracelets. Nails Inc. nail polish

Pink pouch

Lace Solid Color Chain Crossbody Bag and Metallic Stone Print Suede Tote Bag

Lace Solid Color Chain Crossbody Bag and Metallic Stone Print Suede Tote Bag

What about the above shown bags? I loved the one on the right, but oh my word, that lace one, in pale blue is sooo much “me”! I love lace!

The shop is very good because it is easy to browse it and I was totally happy with the lovely items I saw. It offers delivery all over the world and in case something goes wrong, you can return the items within 7 days of your order’s original shipment date. They accept payments through paypal, all major cards and even Western Union. They really want the customer to be happy! I hope you liked the shop, I really did!

Hope you have a week with kind smilesThank you for your always nice comments!

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71 thoughts on “Beautiful bags

    • Hello, Pia, thank you very much for the lovely words! I agree with you, summer is a bit tricky, so wearing colorful bags spice up the outfits! The lace cross body blue bag – I am drooling! Hope you have a very sweet weekend!

    • Hi, dear Nina! Thank you so much for your always beautiful comments! It’s definitely worth checking, the goods are so nice and prices too! I loved the pink pink pouch, too! Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend! XXX

  1. Both definitely!!! Though being very allergic to the metal nickel, I usually have to try to find styles of both with as little metal as possible on them, in case it contains the old pest, nickel.

    Thank you very much for all of your fabulous blog comments this week, dear Denise. Have a beautiful first weekend of summer!

    ♥ Jessica

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, for your kind words! I know some people are allergic to nickel, but there are some styles here that I believe are nickel-free, like the quilted wallet! I hope you are enjoying a nice Saturday and that you have a nice day tomorrow!

  2. I really like your selection and I totally agree with you that the bag in pale blue color with lace on it is so so beautiful, I adore everything with lace too :) Moroever it reminds me Chanel’s bag a little (chanel’s boy model, to be more precise) and it’s great, because Chanel’s bags are very classy and timeless :) Have a great day, Denise :)

    • Hi, dear Ivonne, thank you so much for always leaving me sooo sweet comments! So we have that in common too, I love lace – shoes, bags, dresses, all! That pale blue one, you are rightm it reminds of the Chanel Boy style! So sweet, I really want that bag! Hope you have a very nice week, dear, waiting for the Weekly Inspirations!

    • Thank you so much, dear Rosdays! It’s indeed one of my favorite ones, the yellow one with the bow! I am thinking of really buying it! Thank you so much for the compliment! I hope you have a very nice week!

  3. Omg:). Yaay I am happy to read about bag and shoe kind of post. I definitely gone nuts of both and I got teased a lot about how much I shops for shoes and bags. Your bags selections here are super cute. My favorite ones is the yellow set:). I def will checking out their site, it sounds great to me because I haven’t shopped with them before. Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely dropped over :). Wishing you a lovely day and ahead of upcoming week:). Ps, the one on you is very cute too:). Love your nails polish shades.


    • Oh, that;s so sweet, dear Tanya, thank you so much, you are so sweet! Mira said on one of her posts that you are the sweetest girl, and she only said the truth! (And Mira is very sweet, too!) I agree with you, although I loved all the bags here, that yellow one is really impressive, I would love to get it! Hahaha, don’t worry – Keep Calm ad Carry on Buying Shoes and Bags, because we only live once! People will always complain, it’s always that way :) Hope you too have a very nice start of the week, with sun and smiles!

  4. Oh Denise, I go through phases. At the moment I’m a bag girl, but this time last year I was a shoe girl. The current bag obsession is rather bad news for my wallet, as the bags I like (ahem, like Mulberry) tend to be quite (very!) expensive! Shoes, on the otherhand (at least the high fashion ones that I buy) tend to be much cheaper to pick up. Still, I’m loving bags right now and change them around every few days. I’m currently taking out and about a sporty, satin fabric DKNY shoulder bag. I love it, though it’s not all that practical and I tend to loose my keys at the bottom somewhere! Rummaging around for them for 10 minutes at my front door is not the most productive way to be spending your time, granted! I love that faux crocodile print tote bag you have picked out here. I don’t have a pink bag, but now I’ve seen this one… haha! Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey! I love to know about you, I love your stories! Well, I was and can still say that I am a faithful shoe-lover, but this year my love for bags had grown :) I say that because I have a certain amount of shoes and half the amount of bags. So it makes me a shoe-girl, I think :) Well, anyway, I would love to see that DKNY one you mentioned, I bet it’s lovely! I know about the 10 min key search, hahaha! No, not good at all, but it happens! I bet you have been to Bicester? Then some bags are good priced there, I mean, you know, better prices. I once found a Prada one there for 114 pounds and didn’t buy it, oooh, I am so stupid! But another day then! Maybe we could even go there once to meet and shop :) I am a fast buyer, so I won’t be a burden (I hope). The oink bag looks so sweet, and in fact I could have any of them… so much I really loved them! Hope you have a very nice week, dear Tracey! Thank you for the lovely comment!

    • Obrigada! Voce eh que eh sempre gentil comigo! Mas raramente escrevo em portugues, desta maneira, agradeco o seu elogio – sempre me perguntam de onde sou, eh uma mistura de familiares nasidos em alguns paises na geracao passada :) Adorei as bolsas tambem! Quero te seguir no bloglovin! Um beijo!

    • Hello, dear Vishakha! It seems that the one in pale blue and lace is one of the favorite bags in the post, and I agree with you – it’s really lovely and I would love to get it! Hope you have a very nice week and thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    • Tante grazie, carina Maggie! 4 anni fa, che sono inamorata di giallo, non so perche, forse perche e la colore favorita del mio babbo! Quest borse giallo,wow, voglio una! Baci, dolce Maggie!

    • Hello, dear Christy! Some years ago yellow and orange were my least favorite colors, then 4 years ago it changed and now I loooove yellow, so much that the first bags I posted here were these yellow ones! You are so right, yellow is refreshing! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! XXX

  5. Sí que son hermosas, Denise! Me encantan las bolsas (o carteras como decimos en Argentina, jaja), en especial si tienen esos bellísimos colores vivos y alegres. La rosa que has elegido es simplemente hermosa, una gran elección! Me gustó muchísimo también la de color celeste con encaje, muy romántica y femenina.
    Que tengas un hermoso comienzo de semana!

    • Gracias, querida Deborah! Tambien yo digo cartera a veces, jajaja! Bueno, y para bolsAs digo mas como em Mexico, no se porque, como bolsOs :) creo que es por las novelas de Televisa, jajaja! Bueno, que bueno que a ti te gusto esa azul celeste – fue una que me gusto muchisimo, tambien! Pero las amarillas, wow, no se porque, creo que es porque es un color alegre! Espero que tu tengas tambien una linda semana!

    • Thank you so much, dear Tina! It’s nice to know about you! Up to now, you know I always tell you that I love your bags! The pink one with the croc print is indeed soooo lovely! In fact, if the shop sent me any bag I would be very glad! Hope you too have a very beautiful start of the week! Hugs and kisses too!

  6. The pink bag is incredible, love the colour. I love bags and shoes! I go through phases – at the moment I’m more interested in bags but I’ve definitely gone had times in my life where I became obsessed with shoes. xx

    • Hi, dear Laila! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and sharing your “phases”. I liked to know about them! I never had that before, I was faithful to shoes, but now I am changing – well, changing is always good, I suppose! Now I am in love with bags! I hope you have a great week! XXX

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