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I’m terribly sorry, but I was about to leave South America and got very busy organizing things in order to come back to the UK. That’s why the hiatus on the blog!

So now news will be a bit “old” – from September and early October – but it’s more to keep a diary for myself. Bear with me, please, with old reports :)

Sept 29th on the beach – Bracelets and earrings by Tina Silva


Below there’s a shoe save for the Shoeper Shoe Challenge by shoeperwoman.

This sofa was very clever, all made of bricks!

Shoes Kurt Geigr

Shoes Kurt Geiger, waistcoat/vest my design, black T-shirt and Indian skirt (I love the skirt! Can’t remember where I bought them.)

Source here

At least to my soul! Source here

One more shoe save: black ballerinas, also can't remember where I bought them

One more shoe save: black ballerinas, also can’t remember where I bought them

Source here

Source here

Bracelets and necklace gifted by dear my friend M

Necklace gifted by dear my friend M, from the great doyouspeakgossip. We met in London a year ago. I love this necklace!

I think I look a bit shy below… I’m more into quotes or pictures where I’m on the beach or with flowers and monuments. But since I joined the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, I have to document the saves and publish them here.

Shoes Marni

Shoes Marni, top Diane von Furstenberg, bag gifted, head band Donna Ly, belt and embroidered jeans from an online shop in Germany (can’t remember which)

The 5 months I spent in South America taught me many things. I hope I remember every lesson and that I use them in my life. I want to go back there. Next year the (football/soccer) World Cup will be on there!

I didn’t forget any of the great blogs and people I got to admire on the blogosphere, and I apologize being busy and uninspired to write here and leave comments. I’ll do so from today on (yay!!!!), now that I’m back to the UK since last week (and was very jet lagged!)

Hope you are all having a great time! And that you always receive many smiles!


37 thoughts on “Beach Wisdom

  1. Qué bueno que volviste!! Se te echaba de menos. De nuevo lejos, pero te ves contenta y estás muy linda!!
    Qué bonito pensamiento el de la playa. Muy cierto!
    Ojalá todo en tu vida vaya caminando muy bien.
    Un abrazo!

  2. My dear Denise,

    you’re SO beautiful in the pics above! I loved the ones with the flowers, and the beach. You’re such a beautiful and sweet person inside and out. I’m so blessed to have met you through our blogs. It was my pleasure meeting you in London last year, I wish we could do this again. Thank you so much for mentioning me. I’m so glad I got your taste right, and that you liked my presents. :)
    I was waiting for this post, but as it didn’t appear on Bloglovin’, I HAD TO get here to see if you posted anything yet. And you had! I’m so happy to see your face again! I think you look stunning in all of them, and especially the 1st one! :)
    Kisses! :*

  3. Hi dear, I’m so glad your back and happy to hear that you are doing great. I love the pictures you posted, I love the outfits and that beautiful skirt you are wearing too.I love the quote about the imprints in the sand, so true. I miss you :) I always visited your blog for any updates.

  4. hey, you! well of course I remember you, don’t you even worry about that! by the way, the craziest thing happened. I checked your blog because I had just thought you hadn’t written for such a long time. and then I got your comment and saw that post. all at the same time. crazy right? 😀 anyway, you look truly happy and happy people are always pretty :) and yes, the first photo is stunning like someone already said. oh and how cool is that sofa! brilliant indeed!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. denise, you look sublime & divine! stellar photos of you. it’s good to see you. i hope you share more pics of your south american adventures. you were missed. that couch out of bricks is a brilliant idea. :)

  6. Hey, nice to see you back :) ! Yup, it’s great to live in a different culture for a while, you learn to appreciate the good points in both your home country plus the other one… Plus gain confidence. I used to live in Japan and it changed my views a lot, for better.
    Many cute pics of you 😀
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Liebe Denise, das sieht so aus und klingt so, als wenn es Dir gut geht! Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, als ich Deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog gelesen habe, denn ich habe oft an Dich gedacht. Du hast offenbar Deine Zeit in Südafrika für Dich genutzt und ich finde der Spruch passt sehr gut dazu.

    Danke für die schönen Bilder, ich mag Dich und Deine Ausstrahlung so gerne <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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