Autobiographical memory

Autobiographical memory is known as Hyperthymesia. Do you know someone who remembers nearly everything? Are you like that?

Yves Saint Laurent eye shadows and Dior lipstick

Yves Saint Laurent eye shadows and Dior lipstick

Hyperthymesia means having an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. Hyperthymesiacs remember an abnormally number of their daily life experiences in perfect detail, without hesitation, but it’s different from having an exceptional memoryOne of my brothers has an excellent memory (outstanding), but he’s not a hyperthymesiac.

Time for Makeup and OOTD…

YSL eye shadows, Dior lipstick and the nice earring from Brussels

YSL eye shadows, Dior lipstick and the nice earring from Brussels

YSL eye shadows, Dior lipstick, Caudalie Vinosource, Alien perfume and Essie mail polish

YSL eye shadows, Dior lipstick, Caudalie Vinosource serum, Alien perfume and Essie glitter nail polish


This tunic with stars is so comfy! Tunic, Cutie. Jeans and bag, Asos

This tunic with stars is so comfy! Tunic, Cutie. Jeans and bag, Asos – the other side is fuchsia

Louloux shoes - a bit crazy, but sooo comfortable! Topshop socks

Louloux shoes – a bit crazy, but sooo comfortable! Topshop socks

Essie glitter nail polish and this nice Indian necklace, with Topshop golden ring and garnet ring from Prague

Essie glitter nail polish and this nice Indian necklace, with Topshop golden ring and garnet ring from Prague

Schönstatt chapel that I found, so sweet inside, too!

Schönstatt chapel that I “found”, so sweet inside, too!

Thank you so much for always being so kind! Wishing a week full of smiles!

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63 thoughts on “Autobiographical memory

  1. You look marvelous Denise. I love your earrings and your super cute starry tunic. I was like your brother. I had a pretty amazing autobiographical memory. Sadly not anymore. I have deciced one day to become a left-handed person. My mom has forced to write with my right hand. My memory has suffered but I’m happier now 😀 Wish you a wonderful Monda sweetheart!


  2. Good post! The Indian necklace is stunning, and I also really like your shoes Denise. My memory has always been quite good, but not at a level of Hyperthymesia — now I realise perhaps that why in most of my jobs I’ve had, they all relied on memory for a large amount of what I did. Now I must try to keep it up as I get older, lol.
    Autumn Wants

  3. Oh Gosh.. .that must be ME! :))
    I can’t hardly remember dates and name of people, but details… I remember in full details conversations from years ago and can pull details from all sorts of things.

    Fabulous outfit and photos!

  4. Hi Denise:

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I have heard of Hyperthymesia before and I must admit that I have a very good memory! For instance, I remember things from my early childhood (as young as 1 years old!). People find that strange but I do remember certain people, strangers really, who I have met. Anyhow, this is very interesting and I’m kind of glad you have mentioned it. :) Your posts are always so insightful!
    But not let’s talk fashion: LOVE LOVE your accessories and more importantly your smile! Those shoes are pretty amazing too!
    You are beautiful, inside and out, meine Huebsche!
    Sending you much love & I hope your Monday is as marvelous like you!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. You look fantastic! I love your shoes and bag :) They are real eye-catchers – love it! Hyperthymesia sounds very familiar to me, somehow I always remember little details that everyone else has forgotten xo

  6. Oh man, I wish I were like that! It would make my life so much easier. But I’d also probably remember the details of embarrassing moments horrifyingly clearly, so maybe that’s not a great thing haha!

  7. Your YSL eyeshadow palette looks divine ! Such pretty shadow colors.

    I’m definitely not a huge memory gal. My husband has a good memory and a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder (my diagnosis .. lol). If he can’t find a sock from the wash .. he’ll obsess over where it is and OMG, I tell him it’ll turn up, but he’ll still go on a search for it. Oye vey.


  8. My memory is a mixed bag. In some ways its very, very sharp – especially when it comes to childhood memories, but I often have brain fog from some of my conditions and meds, which can make my short term memory less than stellar. Over all though I think my memory is fairly decent and am so grateful for that fact.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Liebe Denise, wow, diese Menschen müssen wirklich ein außergewöhnliches Erinnerungsvermögen haben! Ich kann mich an viel erinnern, auch aus der Kindheit, aber bei weitem nicht an alles, von dem her gehöre ich sicher nicht zu diesen Menschen. Dass Dein Bruder so ein gutes Gedächtnis hat, klingt für mich sehr klug, aber das wundert mich nicht, denn ich denke, das liegt bei Euch in der Familie <3 Die Kapelle ist sehr süß und Du siehst wunderbar aus. Das glaube ich sofort, dass die Tunika bequem ist und ich finde auch Deine Schuhe echt genial. Noch eine wunderschöne Woche für Dich! Alles Liebe von Rena

  10. Oh my god! Those shoes again! I always love your special picks! You look fabulous! I really wanna thank you for all your gorgeous comments on my blog. I really appreciate them!! And losing weight sounds great! You’re such an amazing girl with a beautiful face. Go and grab your target! Let’s follow via Facebook and Instagram (if we don’t do this already lol).


  11. I’m sure my memory is getting worse, there are things I can’t remember recently and that’s quite worrying. I’d love to have this type of memory. There’s a programme I watch called Suits who has this autobiographical memory and it’s fascinating to watch. Gorgeous jewellery Denise and your shoes are very pretty, you always have such cute and quirky shoes.

  12. I haven’t had idea about this memory, dear, and if I think about this deeper, I think that I don’t like to have such a memory and remeber almost everything, I rather to focus on the most important thing – let’s be honest – I’m talking about the best ones, and what about the worst days – they’re great lessons for the future to avoid the same mistakes. What’s more, I love your outfit, Denise, this dress looks so good on you and it has adorable print :) In addition, when it comes to your comment on my blog about – let’s call it – your ex- toxic friend I think it’s weird that she wasn’t happy when someone reach his goal, in my opinion being supportive is very important thing in every human relationship! Anyway, I hope you’re having great week, dear friend :)

  13. I have a great memory but not that! Ahrgh, those shoes are so sweet! I have a feeling you will like the ones I bought at Irregular Choice last week, when I finally come to share them!
    Hope you are well.x

  14. I can’t remember everything I seem to remember most things from childhood! It is crazy isn’t it remembering things from when you were a kid? Ah to be a kid again haha.
    Beautiful outfit I love the long shirt also your hair is so pretty! (and of course you as well x)


  15. Autobiographical memory – well, I’ve learnt something new, again from your blogs Denise! My daughter has an exceptional memory, though I wouldn’t describe it as Hyperthymesia. Whatever, she is lucky. I just wish I had those skills!! Gorgeous makeup. I particularly like the YSL palette. Oh, and how gorgeous is that chapel?! I’ve never seen anything like that before. It reminds of a princess’s castle. Not sure why, as there are no turrets, lol! Perhaps it’s the grand wooden door! Kisses Denise. Tx

  16. Gorgeous outfit, Denise! The tunic is so lovely as are the shoes! Beautiful jewelry too. I love the gold and the rubies. Interesting topic about memory. I’ve thought a lot about this and the concept of photographic memories fascinates me. Also the way some people see clear images in their minds like watching life movies. And how some people dream in black and white while others dream in color. Love these topics. Have a fun week!

    xo, Bry

  17. I *wish* I had a better memory. My husband has a great memory for dates and facts. Probably why he was good at being a lawyer.

    Me, I’m more likely to remember where I bought a certain dress. {sad but true!} That doesn’t really serve me too well in real life! LOL

    BTW…the kimono from my post was one I altered on my own. I sewed on the fringe and pompoms.

    Those shoes are wild! I can see why you were drawn to them.


  18. Muy interesante, Denise! Se podría decir que tengo una buena memoria pero no al nivel de una memoria autobiográfica, aunque me encantaría llegar a eso! Tu outfit y maquillaje para este post es excelente, como siempre! Los accesorios dorados me llamaron mucho la atención, se ven realmente hermosos.
    Que tengas un lindo día!!

  19. My memory is pretty good, but it is not exceptional. I can remember most of events in my life, but not in great detail. I remember some in great detail, but not all…no, not all. It seems like an interesting ability to have…autobiographic memory…and I can see how it can be different from photographic memory (which supposedly can be quite unpleasent as people with such memory remember things that are irrelevant and cause them headaches).

    Anyhow, memory is an interesting topic. I remember how I read in Pamuk’s novel that every artist paints from memory, because one can’t watch at something and paint it simultaneously.

    I really like your shoes…they’re so much fun…and that tunics is wonderful. Your outfit is very stylish and your make up is absolutely flawless. Thanks for sharing the brands you used, I’m always interested in that.

    You look very pretty and chic! This is such a lovely outfit you have put together.
    Have a lovely day!

  20. I am so glad I don’t have this kind of memory! I wouldn’t be able to get out of the psychiatrist office, lol. Not that my life has been traumatic or something, but being able to let go of the things that hurt is a blessing. And if there is a moment we want to treasure in our memories, there are journals, photos and even blogs to help us look back. You look beautiful as always with that pretty smile of yours and that lovely necklace!

  21. Hello Denise, I didn’t know anybody that was hyperthymesiac but I have a cousin that he had an excelent memory too. He could tell us about a movie all details, all dialogs, since the begining until the end of the movie. I hope you have an excellent weekend.

  22. Denise! How are you?? Sorry I have been so out of touch lately, it has been a crazy few weeks! I love reading your lovely sweet comments on my blog, you are so sweet!! thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate your kind words and feel so lucky to have *met* you on here! I can’t say it enough! hehe!
    well anyway, I love your outfit here, you look so pretty! I LOVE that indian necklace and the rings/accessories! I always love statement necklaces, and that one is just gorgeous! goes well with the outfit! and your makeup is so pretty, I really want to try a Dior Lipstick sometime, maybe next time I go to sephora!
    That thing about the memory – I can’t remember certain things but once someone reminds me of it I can remember – my boyfriend is really good at that, he can recall what we did on a certain day a year ago and I was like, how do you remember that?! I remember after he told me what we did but I wouldn’t be able to recall the things on my own! how funny!
    have an amazing weekend sweet Denise! xo

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