Good Food Guide

Good Food Guide – at least for me :) Would you ride 80 km – 50 miles to go to a specific restaurant?

The next Fun Friday will be on May 5th and Monday posts will re-start on May 8th – I’m taking some days off :) In the meantime, Happy Easter!!!

Tassel earrings, Amaro

Tassel earrings, Amaro

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Fun Friday #10

Fun Friday #10 – I am enjoying sharing some finds, so much! Hope you find something nice among these finds, now!


Fun Friday

At the bottom, the video is so cool an funny, I hope I can say “as usual” :)

Picasso soap – it’s too nice to use it!

Ice cream bowls made of sugar – so delicious! And beautiful!

Amazing kitchen gadgets that are practical and fun!

Friday Finds

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How to Find Life Answers

How to Find Life Answers sounded a bit arrogant to me – but I’ve read some questions that can give ourselves some answers… or, at least, I hope so :)

Lemon earring - just one :) by Manoa. Silver bracelet, don't remember :)

Lemon earring – just one :) by Manoa. Silver bracelet, don’t remember :)

This is the 54th hairstyle (more here) :) Ponytail with a braid around it :) Retro series I Dream of Jeanie style :)

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