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Friday again – I know many people love Fridays!

Around a month ago, when I restarted blogging (I missed it!), I wrote about blurred pictures – magazines showing them on purpose – they look so artistic, in my opinion (in the magazines’ views too!) I love blurred pics, I confess. I have some cameras – some good, some not. Some would often take blurred pics. Last year I got a better one, that normally produces good images. But when I take one that’s blurred, I love it. I don’t know why! And I never photoshop my pics, so what you see is the pure reality – whether it’s good or not!

All written to justify one more blurred photo, that I don’t intend to fix!

Saundersfoot, Wales, March 20th, 2013

Saundersfoot, Wales, March 20th, 2013 – Headband Fendi, Top Next and bracelet on the left, plus necklace: my design (made by Julie Reen). Bracelets on the right: Pandora, Nomination Jewellery and Dior. Remember that belt, maybe?

I wore it as a headband at Milan cathedral, Jan 11th, 2013. I love headbands!

I wore it as a headband at Milan cathedral, Jan 11th, 2013. I love headbands!

So, blurred is definitely in… I now found two other blurred ads:

Vanessa Bruno Boutique ad, March 2013

Vanessa Bruno Boutique ad, March 2013

No less than Valentino... March 2013

No less than Valentino… March 2013

So, after such a hectic weekend, I still had some energy to go to Wales on Tuesday. I went to Saundersfoot this time – it’s next to my beloved Tenby. It was also amazing, I totally recommend it. I also saw Amroth, Pendine and Monmouth – the Welsh coast is a dream, believe me. I’m really so eager to go back there soon!

And that’s the way I am, always going from place to place! That’s one of the things that “feeds” me!

I hope you all have a beautiful day with many great smiles!


4 thoughts on “Artistic Wales

  1. Hi dear, you would never need blurring or photoshop because you are so photogenic, I do like the hazy blurred effect in pictures sometimes, they add an ambience. You look so pretty in these. Wales sounds quite lovely, hope you have some pictures to share. Thanks for your wonderful thoughtful words, I learn so much from you and what I admire most is your constant positivity!

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