Art language

Art language – art speaks! In different ways to different people, with different experiences. Do you like modern art or stick to “traditional styles?

Museum of Modern Art Ibere Camargo

Museum of Modern Art Ibere Camargo – minimalist, incredible architecture

I like both styles, but tend to more traditional art. I love museums! Some countries in South America display more contemporary art – it’s the “new world:) On the list of the more visited art museums in the world, many are in the Americas – Louvre is # 1, British Museum # 2, but # 3 is the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. I’m shocked that Centro Cultural BB in Rio de Janeiro (21) is more visited than the London National Portrait Gallery (22), Moscow Kremlin (28), Van Gogh Museum (35), Tate Britain (38) and even the fantastic Acropolis Museum (57), for ex. I feel glad that I visited many of the museums on the list and may go to that one in Rio de Janeiro, soon.

My outfit for lunch – later I visited Ibere Camargo (1914-1924) Museum. Paintings that make us reflect!

Black dress, . Belt, Asos. Pouch, . Cardi, Moschino

Dress, Hearts and Roses. Belt, Asos. Pouch, Alekagifts. Cardi, Moschino

Rings and bracelets. Nails Inc. nail polish

Rings and bracelets – my design. Nails Inc. nail polish

Harlot shoes. Brooch, I made it myself

Harlot shoes. Brooch, I made it myself

The similarity with Van Gogh's colors is not a coincidence - when young, artists try to study the masters

The similarity with Van Gogh’s colors isn’t a coincidence – young artists study the masters

To walk there, I changed the shoes!

To the visit I changed shoes, belt, bag and jacket! The dress was worn here

It's by the river (Guaiba). I was accompanied by a psychoanalyst friend,  thus a really deep art reflection

It’s by the Guaiba river. I went with a psychoanalyst friend, thus a really deep art reflection visit!

For you, a week full of sweet smilesThank you for your always lovely comments!

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160 thoughts on “Art language

    • Hi, dear Jenny! Thank you for your always lovely comment! I agree with you – I do prefer more traditional art, but modern or the so-called contemporary is OK, too! Hope you have a very beautiful week! XXX

    • Thank you, Lenya! I have just read your post and I hope you are fine now! I loved your comment “I love art, period” – it’s so true! Art is art, period! I love it too! Hope you have a nice week! Kisses!

  1. Like you, I’m fond of both modern and traditional art. It depends what mood I’m in at the time. I love visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris. It’s great for kids too as they usually have an interactive bit to entertain them. I’ve visited the Pompidou more times than I have visited the National Portrait Gallery, which really isn’t far from where I live. That probably sounds very bad! You look so pretty in the pics Denise. I want that cardigan – I might have known it would have come from a designer brand like Moschino!

    • Hi, dear Tracey! This is such a lovely comment, thank you, you are always so sweet!No, it’s not bad to have visit the Centre Pompidou more times than the National Portrait Gallery! It’s like when we “click” at a certain place, and feel at home and so good there! I have this feeling with some museums, as well :) Thank you for the compliments, that cardigan is so simple, but I must say, the quality seems to be nice, so I try to wear it more than once :) Hope you have a very nice week and again, thank you for your sweet comment and insights – I love them!

    • thank you so much, dear Jackie! I am sure you will visit some museums, they are so nice to show us the evolution of humans! Thank you so much for the compliment, you are always so sweet!

    • Thank you, dear Jessica! I think I have already told you, a compliment from you is sooo wow for me, cause you are always so elegant! Yes, I think I am a bit predictable and prefer traditional art, but modern is cool too, sometimes. Like you said, some pictures don’t speak to me, but some do. Well, there’s space for all, I guess! Hope you have a very beautiful week! XXX

  2. i feel the same way about art :) I appreciate different styles but tend to go for the more traditional ones. It must be so lovely to travel the world and see so much diverse art work <3

    • Thank you so much, dear Angel, for always leaving me so sweet comments! I am glad to know I am not the only one who likes “all”, but prefer more traditional styles! At first I felt I was too predictable :) But now I see I am not the only one who loves traditional paintings! Hope you have a great week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Dania! That place was mesmerizing, no doubt! I was very impressed by the architecture and the size of the museum! The paintings were also very impressive and food for thought! Hope you have a beautiful week, too! Kisses!

    • Thank you, dear Mary, such a lovely comment! We do agree about art, I like both kinds, but prefer the traditional paintings! Thanks for the compliment, I do like the dress, was crazy about it when I saw it online!Hope you are having a nice start of the week!

  3. Anche io amo molto l’arte, Denise, soprattutto quella antica (ma penso sia normale visto che vivo a Roma ^^)!
    La prossima settimana andrò a Londrà per 2 settimane e penso che visterò tutti i musei ed i parchi che ci sono! 😀
    Il tuo look è perfetto per una visita al museo, elegante e molto femminile, quell’abito è delizioso e ti sta alla perfezione! Sei carinissima e tanto dolce!

    • Grazie tante, carina S! Roma e meravigliosa, anche Londra! Si, tutti i musei, sara fantastico, una bella passegiata! Tante cose belle per vedere! Questo abito ho visto in un onlineshop ed e molto confortevole! Mi piacerebbe comprare altri di questa marca! Baci ed ancora una volta grazie per i complimenti e commenti! Sei super carina, mi piacerebbe conoscerti un giorno!

  4. I really admire the architecture of that white building. I enjoyed visiting Centre Pompadou in Paris and Jean Tinguelly in Basel but equally I adore the National Portrait gallery AND the Tate etc so I’m undecided whether I prefer traditional art or contemporary. What I DO love is your beautiful outfit, both versions are just charming-so flattering, feminine and dainty. X x

    • Thank you so much, dear Kezzie! I knew you would like that dress, I think it would be nice for you – I bought it from London (I was in Dublin) :) I love art om general, but I tend more to traditional styles, though I love the Tate and I have modern art at home, too. So I can understand why you feel undecided – I had the same feeling :) O hope you have a great week! XXX

    • Ooohh, sempre super carina, Maggie, come mi piace saper le tue storie! Che tu ama l’arte – posso imaginare, sempre sei tanto elegante e questo ed anche arte! Prima, non voleva indossare il tulle, ma dopo, tutte indossano adesso, dunque, perche no :) Tante grazie per le sempre dolce parole e che bello “conoscerti”! Baci!

    • Muchas gracias, querida Elisabeth! En verdad, es un vestido, pero como lo uso asi, con chaqueta, se parece a una falda! Pero como falda me gustaria tambien! Espero que tengas una semana maravillosa! XXX

  5. Wow you have been to plenty of museums, I’m impressed!
    I have been to the British Museum and I loved it. You should visit the Dali Museum in Spain, near Barcelona. It’s amazing! I’m in love with your skirt, I have been looking for one like this! <3

    Kisses from Hungary xo
    Csenge | Csenge’s Point

    • Hello, dear Csenge! I love museums, this is true and I am eager to visit the Dali one, for sure! I have seen a documentary about it and was so crazy to go there! Thank you so much for the kind comment and compliment – actually it’s a dress, but I would love it as a skirt, too! Kisses!

    • Grazie, carina Paola! E vero, e un po retro, mi piace molte cose retro (anche per la casa, machina, :) E l’arte mi piace molto, che buono saper che tu ama l’arte! Ti auguro una bella settimana con molte cose belle! :) Baci!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment and welcome! I like black and white outfits with some other color! Again, thank you so much for the lovely words and compliment! And I wish a great week!

  6. I’m a big fan of expressionism, but the Ibere Camargo Museum looks great! I think it also depends on my mood which kind of art I like.. You look lovely by the way! Your jacket and dress are a great combination :) Enjoy your evening xo

    • Thank you very much, dear Anouk! I like dresses or skirts with a denim jacket :) Actually I could wear anything with denim jackets! You are right, it depends very much on the mood, so that we like this or that chain of art. Believe it or not, at the moment I am again in love with Van Gogh. I watched again one of the documentaries about him and fell in love again with his paintings! Hope you are having a very nice week, so far!

  7. Lovely post, dear Denise :) I find museums very interesing, like visiting them, seeing all these amazing things they contain. Recently I visited the new museum of the Acropolis and honestly it was the most amazing place I’ve ever visited! You should go see it by urself when you come to Greece :)
    As for your outfit, your style is very unique, as I have already mentioned plenty of times. Your dress is to die for, so one of a kind :)

    xo xo

    • Hi, dear Olympia! Thank you so much for your nice comment and suggestion! I hate to give answers like mine now, cause it sounds arrogant – but I swear it’s not! I hate when someone says something sweet and the answer is: I have it, I have done it, I saw all, I bought it 3 years ago, I am taller, etc. you got the meaning by the examples :) But I have to share with you that I went to the Acropolis Museum and I was sooooo amazed! I love Greece and Greek philosophers, Greek maths, Greek wisdom, Greek art! That was one of my biggest dreams, so I just arrived, relaxed a little and the next morning I went to the Acropolis and the museum – just for the record, I am not a morning person, I hate going out in the morning, so see how much I wanted to go there! And you are so right, I loved it, I was so mesmerized! Nevertheless, I would love to go back there – and you said it’s new! Thank you so very much for your sweet suggestion! You know a museum I would love to visit? The Archaeology Museum in Thessaloniki (I think this is the name). I went to the Byzantine Museum and the White Tower one, but missed the other :( One day! XXX

    • Nossa, querida Lilly, me sinto super honrada com seus comentarios e este entao, realmente, muito lisonjeada! So uso o que me faz sentir confortavel :) Muito obrigada pelo seu comentario, que eh sempre tao doce! Um beijao e uma linda semana!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment, dear Simera! I do like outfits to be playful-fun, and comfortable :) That one was that :) I like more traditional art as well! But some modern pieces are great, too, sometimes! Hope you are having a very nice evening!

    • Hello, dear Anouk, so good that you were in all these great museums! Well, when you are in Rio again you can go, for sure, and it’s a nice “excuse” to go back to Rio and other places around! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope you have a nice week!

  8. lovely outfit Denise! You look fabulous! I like looking at art too, i dont have a favorite type, but i like looking at several different kinds and appreciating it! I went to the getty villa museum recently, and the getty museum as well, both museums have different kinds of art, both beautiful!
    love your shoes and the brooch you made!
    have a great rest of your week! xo

    • Thank you so much, dear Andrea, for the lovely comment! I know what you mean, I think – different kinds of arts speak to different moods – so I agree with you, the traditional styles are nice and modern ones too, like Banksy. I would looove to go to both museums, the Getty one and the Getty Villa! But it will take some time :) In the meantime, I am very happy that you went and like them! Hope you too have a great week! XXX

  9. You look so beautiful! This dress is gorgeous and the combination with pink bag is just perfect!
    I adore traditional styles and modern art also (especially street art), my favorite styles in architecture are ancient, gothic and baroque but I like also good modern buildings.
    Have a wonderful day!:)

    • That’s such a sweet comment, thank you! I liked the pink contrast with the dress, thank you for the compliment! It’s the same with me, I love gothic style, baroque too, classical styles in fact! Modern building, well, some, but I prefer older ones! Hope you are having a very nice day and week! XXX

    • Hi, dear Paola! I guess I know that pink is your favorite color and it suits you so much, you are so feminine! I, like you, also prefer more traditional art, but I can do with modern as well! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I hope you have a great week! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Elle! That is great to know, I had no idea! I hope you write about it, I would love to know about this Museum Week! Thank you so much for your nice comment! (And that you shared the info with me!)

  10. If I had to do it all over again, I would have a degree in art history. It’s one of my favorite subjects that I barely had to study for in college. I’ve also visited the Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (had to see Vermeer!). My preference is also the classics, modern art is quite lost to me.

    And the Louvre is the only museum that overwhelmed me .. sooo much to see! When the spouse and I travel, we try to fit in at least one museum visit where ever we are :-)


    PS: love those CUTE shoes!!

    • Thank you so much, dear Monica, for your always nice comments and knowing a bit more of yourself! It’s nice to know that you would study art history! And that you and your spouse always see at least one museum when you are abroad! I love museums! And art, for sure! Vermeer was a genius, like many of course, and I normally don’t like to suggest things, but I will now: have you watched this great documentary? – if not, it’s veeery interesting, I loved it! Kisses!

  11. I really like both styles too, Denise :) And I’m so happy that you visited so many amazing art museums from this list and I hope that you’ll take a lot of photos when you’ll be in Rio de Janeiro 😉 Personally I visited Louvre and few other few year ago and I was impressed by this art museum, it was so big and impressive! Moreover, you look so pretty in this outfit and you did great brooch, dear! What’s more, I love your bag, it has such a great bright color :) Have a great evening, dear Denise!

    • Thank you so much for you sweet comment, dear Ivonne! I liked that small pouch, it carried what I normally need – lip balm, mirror, keys, ID and money :) Nothing else needed! So for Easter lunch I wore high heels and to walk at the museum, I had to change all but the dress :) That dress is so comfortable! The Louvre is really impressive! I paint sometimes, and when I see traditional art I realize that although people say that I paint well, I am really nothing compared to the great geniuses of fine arts! I thank you so much again, for always being so sweet and supportive and fingers crossed for you tomorrow! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Marija! I like art very much, and it’s so nice to know that you are a painter! I would love to see some of your art works! Hope you are having a nice week, so far!

    • Hello dear June! Yes, I have watched so many movies, some classics, like KKKG, Veer Zara, Devdas, Salam Namaste, Woh Lamhe (there’s a post about it) and I have many lehengas, jumkas, saris and so many other things from India in my wardrobe and house. I can even speak some words, not a full conversation, but “bolo”, tum soriti?”, pyar, and many other sentences – I learned from a great friend of mine from Mumbai and the movies, and music (I love tablas)! I also love samosas, onion bajee and so on :) So when you write about Pune and the restaurant reviews, that is for me as if I were there, a country I dream of knowing since I was 13 years old! One ay, I am patient, one day I will go :) In the meantime I have Comedy with Kapil, Coffee with Karan and so on :) Thank you so very much for the lovely comment, I really love your country! XXX

  12. I cannot really pick a favorite between the two styles because they have it own favors that I can’t resist:). Art is in my blood and running through my children even after me:). My oldest boy is applying to the university of art soon. I love your beauty of all on your outfit. The dress is super lovely on you and I love how you always adds the brights on your beautiful looks! Thank you for your kind words on mine:). I’m doing fine but the busy of moving to another state is the big challenge for now. I wish you a lovely week so far:).


    • Hello, dear Tanya, thank you so much,, for always leaving so sweet comments, I love them! I know you love art, I remember your son’s works – and I remember I was mesmerized and I told you that – I am so glad that he will go to art university, for sure! That dress, well, I bought online (like most of my shopping, I find it so practical) and I was crazy about it! It proved to be very comfortable! I now want another dress from that shop. I know it must be a very big challenge to change states, and the trip crossing the country, but I find it so amazing – I love adventures, would love to do that, too! I think that all of you, especially the kids, will remember this moment with smiles! Hope you are having a nice week and soon, wishing you a nice weekend!

    • I am so glad that you liked the dress, thank you, dear Tina! It was love at first sight for me, I really wanted it when I saw it online! I could bet you loved both styles of art, because you are very artistic! Hope you are having a great week, so far! XXX

  13. Hi my lovely Denise, you look adorable as always. I’m in love with the cute dress and both shoes! It’s a great idea to carry a pair of flats in the bag and then change. I couldn’t last a whole day in heels. Next time I’ll do that too. I also love to go to the museum but I really prefer the traditional art. As much as I would love to be into modern art I’m not. I hope one day I can visit the Louvre in Paris. Still haven’t been there. I bet you have already visited it, right? Wish you a wonderful Tuesday pretty!


    • Hello, my dear friend! I am always so glad when I read your comments, cause I think you are very sweet and I would love if one day we could meet – you could hear my accent in German :) So many thanks for your lovely comment! I was very crazy about that dress when I saw it, and it proved to be very comfortable, so I am eager to buy another from that store! The flats, well, I learnt from a friend. We went out, I was in very high heels, as she was too. After some hours (also dancing), I was like nearly “fainting”, so much pain I felt. She, on the contrary, simply got a pair of flexible flats from the bag and just changed. Now, I don’t care or mind who will look at me, or whether I will look ugly – painless feet are much better and we can go on smiling! The Louvre – I did go there sometimes, true, but you are close to that – I am sure you will go soon! Maybe we could even meet there one day :) Why not? Everything in life is possible! Hope you have a very nice weekend, and I hope your father is fine! XXXX

  14. well, art is definitely not my strong side. or actually my knowledge in art is very very minimal. I haven’t visited any fancy museums (only the one in Tallinn, Estonia, called KUMU). I guess it’s just not my cup of tea and I’m not interested in it. I prefer nature and foreign streets and buildings when I travel. you know, just walking and discovering those tiny side streets and hidden corners. but that white building looks really really cool! white buildings remind me of Crete and that’s always a good thing :) and your outfit with that girly dress is very pretty. both variants. those bright pink accessories spice things up and therefore this look with the Moschino cardi is my bigger favourite 😉 and I’m glad you enjoyed that museum and could do it with someone who also appreciates art! enjoy the rest of your week, Denise!

    • Dear Maiken, don’t underestimate yourself! I am sure you know a lot about art, because architecture is a big way of art! So you see, that’s your niche! And also, nature itself is the best art canvas we can see. As well as life – to live is quite an art :) I also like to do like you, walking and discovering the lovely buildings… I am sure we would have a great time together looking at special old buildings! I saw some on your blog and loved them, remember? Thank you so very much for your always lovely comments! I really love reading them and I hope that you are enjoying a great week (I planted two basil plants and they are growing!)

  15. Liebe Denise, ich mag Kunst sehr, auch wenn ich davon überzeugt bin, Du verstehst viel mehr von Kunst als ich :) Unser Haus hängt voller Bilder – und zwar haben wir Bilder im traditionellen als auch modernen Stil. Satt sehen kann ich mich an keinem von diesen Bildern, denn ich entdecke immer wieder neue Details. Ein Haus ohne Bilder ist für mich kein vollständiges aus! Außerdem liebe ich Musseen, so wie Du, und wenn sich irgendwie die Möglichkeit ergibt, dann gehe ich in jedes Museeum, sofern es nur geht. Besonders interessiert mich in diesem Zusammenhang, wie Menschen früher gelebt haben und ich verliere beim Anschauen jegliches Gefühl für Zeit so spannend finde ich das. Wunderschön finde ich heute Deine Outfits und zwar jede der Varianten, die Du gestylt hast. Du siehst wieder bildhübsch und so strahlend aus, dass es eine wahre Freude ist. Hoffentlich geht es Dir gut und Du hast Deine Woche bisher genossen <3
    Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Liebe Rena, es ist immer so gut zu wissen, was du denkst ueber Kunst und andere Themen! Es ist sehr schoen zu wissen, dass du viele Bilder hast und ich habe die gleiche Meinung: ein Haus ohne Bilder, nicht fuer mich! Ich denke auch, wie haben die Mensche in einigen Weisen gelebt order sogar erlebt… einmal war ich in einem Musee in Hannover und ein Maedchen (in Gieps) war so realistisch, ich war sogar etwas aengstlich! Danke, liebe Rena, noch einam, fuer deine suesse Woerte! Es ist eien Freude, die zu lesen, ohne Witz! Liebe Gruesse!

  16. Your outfit is gorgeous and the perfect look to wear at a museum! I liked how you changed up your accessories to make the outfit a little different! Art is definitely a very personal thing and I do like both modern and traditional. I loved to read about your facts about the most visited museums, that is really interesting!


    • Thank you so much, dear Rebecca, for your lovely comment and insights! I could bet you loved art,, cause you are always the perfect example of well matching colors! I love the way you dress, and it’s artistic! I hope you are having a nice week, so far!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Actually, I prefer the second way, that makes me feel more comfortable :) I used to wear only high heels up to 2 years ago, and now I am a big flats’ lover! Hope you have a very nice day!

  17. First of all I love this lunch outfit on you Denise. It’s so pretty and feminine and I’ve never worn anything like this which makes it more appealing. Do you know I haven’t visited a museum in ages and I must say I don’t have a preference for art but I guess I’d be more swayed towards contemporary art. I’d love to include some of those museums on my bucket list so you are lucky to have visited so many. The Rio one sounds like it would be a great one to visit!

    • Hello, dear Colleen, thank you so much for the sweet comment! I am a bit quirky, so people tell me :) I confess I am eager to visit that museum in Rio, I went there before, but didn’t visit it, so dumb :) Anyway, I want to visit the one you did, the Cadbury one. So close to “my” town and never went, dumb again :) But it’s top on my list now! I have one to suggest, if you like history, not only art. The back-to-back houses on Hurst and Inge Streets – just in case you haven’t gone, maybe you did. I liked the Black Country Museum and the Iron Bridge ones, but that one in Birmingham was so utterly interesting because one can really feel how people lived there… impressive! Hope you are having a very nice week, so far!

  18. You are very lucky to have visited so many of those museums. They open our minds. Modern or traditional, contemporary or ancient, they all have something to offer that I can enjoy.

    Love the outfit and the bit of petticoat peaking out.


    • Thank you so much, dear Suzanne, for the lovely words! You are so right – every piece of art teaches us something and I agree with you, museums open our minds! I have so any on my list, to visit, but this is good, because it’s also a form of ikigai – :) Hope you have a very nice weekend, and again, thanks for the comment – I always learn from you! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Agnes, thank you so much for the kind words! I feel like you: although I like modern art, I can’t help but admiring the classic paintings so very much! I like to add ribbons to my outfits :) It is fun :) Thank you again for your nice comment and I hope you are having a nice day!

    • Hello, dear Coco! You are really very sweet, thank you! I was going to your blog now that Bloglovin delivered the updates! Such a coincidence of thoughts! Hope you are fine and having a nice day and soon, weekend! XXX

  19. You look great! I love the shoes-and-bag combo.

    I love all kinds of arts, particularly African and Native American. Of course, I also enjoy arts by the great masters, such as Van Gogh and Monet (what can I say? I’m pretty predictable. Lol).

    However, I do have a corny side to my personality, where I just looove the Pre-Raphaelite art movement (but let’s keep that between us, lol).

    • I loved your comment, so good humored! I love good humor, believe me, so thanks for such a nice comment! Yes, the native american art is great, as well as African, for sure, and no, you are not predictable, because I had to ask at Louvre “where are the impressionists?” and they told me “at Musee D’Orsay” :) So I walked till there and wherever I go, I want to see the impressionists! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and thank you again for your lovely comment!

  20. Visitar museos es todo un placer, me encantaría conocer los grandes museos de Europa, es un sueño! Si bien yo soy del “nuevo mundo” 😉 personalmente prefiero el arte tradicional, supongo que es por lo mismo que en otro post te comentaba que me gustaban más las rosas porque son clásicas, al parecer tengo un gusto por lo clásico y “old school”!
    Te ves hermosa en ese outfit, los toques de color rosas vienen perfecto para la alegría de la primavera! 😉

    • Gracias, querida Deborah! Que dulces palabras, siempre tan dulce! Si, supongo ue nosotras somos mas clasicas :) Pues a mi tambien me encanta mas la arte dicha tradicional, pero a veces hay cosas de la arte moderna que me encanta tambien, hasta tengo alguna cosa asi en mi casa, pero no tanto! Y las rosas son tambien clasicas y bonitas! Sabes que antes de escribir el post acerca de las flores, yo pense “que aburrida soy, pues la gente me dice ‘me gusta eso y aquello’ y con las sencillas rosas”, pero entonces me has dicho tu – son clasicas! y todo cambio para mi :) Espero que tengas un estupendo fin de semana, querida Deborah! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Anna! At first I thought of removing the tulle, cause I never wore it before… but later I liked it so much that I am even buying tulle skirts to wear underneath other items! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Hello, dear Ivonne! Yes, it’s a holiday in many places, because of Labour Day! I am so glad that you went well, normally when we say “I think I went well” the intuition is right! I hope so! And I hope you have a very nice long weekend, with good weather! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

    • Thank you so much, dear! It’s a dress, in fact, but as I wore it with the cardi first, and then the denim jacket, it looks like a skirt! Hope you have a very nice weekend!

    • Hello, dear! I also liked the yellow ribbon version better, because it is more comfortable and I love comfortable outfits, with a bit of retro and feminine vibe. That building is really impressive, big and so spacious, I was impressed! Thank you so much for your lovely words and I also wish a nice May Day to you! And weekend!

    • Hello, dear Tanya! Thank you so much for your always sweet words and compliments! It’s an old brooch, but I like making flowers from time to time, from ribbons :) I would love to see your DIY items, honestly! I am looking forward to it, when you have time! Hope you are having a very nice and also relaxing weekend, dear Tanya!

  21. Hello, Denise. I like the both styles too. Why shoked you that museum in Rio de Janeiro is more visited than London National Portrait Gallery , Moscow Kremlin and the others museums mentioned for you. And you forget to tell us that Van Gogh Museum , Tate Modern Britain and the fantastic Acropolis Museum are beaten than Centro Cultural BB in Brasília too. It isn’t only in Rio de Janeiro that museums are more visited than great museums of the world. And I tell you more one thing: In Recife, there are one museum wonderfull but it isn’t in that list. It is the Brennand Museum, which is the largest collection of knives in the world.

    • Hi, thank you so much for the nice comment! I was shocked because London has way more tourists than Rio and the museums there are nearly all for free, showing paintings from great masters, from medieval times and so on – so I could only guess that the tourists in London are not so interested in free entrance museums with so much history, as the visitors in Rio are :) I know the Brennand Museum, Recife is really great! I was in your beautiful city twice! And am eager to go again one day! Hope you have a very nice week!

    • Hello, dear Elisabeth, thank you so much for the sweet comments! And compliments! I really liked the Salmiak studio bag, and the Recycling Factory – I just wish I could be there and take part in all! I hope you have a very nice week and I am looking forward to reading more on your blog this week! XXX

  22. I told you how much I loved this outfit of yours. Especially with the pink accessories. You look gorgeous!
    I haven’t visited many museums in my life, I must confess. I don’t really like visiting them. I guess I’m still a kid at heart. haha

    • Thank you so much, dear M, for this compliment and kind comment! I must confess that I was crazy about that dress when I saw it and it proved to be comfortable and nice! I want to buy more of the same style on the shop – and it’s cheap, no joke!

  23. It’s an interesting one – I think I prefer contemporary styles and what is being produced right now. But, it’s important to appreciate traditional art (and I do) and to understand the history of art and what has come before. x

    • Thank you, dear Laila! I couldn’t agree more with you! I love traditional art, but contemporary is also great and knowing history of art is really important to me! I loved your words, thank you for them! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment, dear Pink Haired Princess! In fact, I normally change the whole thing, but as I was on a hurry, I just changed accessories and walked in a comfortable way at the museum :) Hope you have a very nice weekend!

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