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What can someone do on a rainy day? Dark and rainy :) Watch a movie or… visit an art gallery. I chose the latter :) What do you do on a rainy day?

A rainy day and my hair goes... boom! Frizzy!

A rainy day and my hair goes… boom! Frizzy!

I saw a nice art exhibition and although I am keen of classic art, the modern pieces were really interesting to me. I am still wearing pink for the whole month, with a pink/black/white jacket, pink-white headband and nude shoes.

I am off this week, but I will read the always sweet comments – I love them! But there’s no Thursday post this week :) I’l miss reading the lovely blogger friends’ posts! Though it’s just a week, still it’s a 2,000 km trip. I pack luggage in advance, but I’ve been so busy that I still have to pack now :( I apologize for not visiting blogs lately – soon all will be fine and I’ll catch up! Looking forward to doing it!

Now, outfit of the day :)

Jeans and top, Asos

Jeans and top, Asos

Jacket, Innocence London

Jacket, Innocence London

Bag, Mango

Bag, Mango

Shoes, Dorothy Perkins

Shoes, Dorothy Perkins

A rose! I love roses, so I wanted a picture!

A rose! I love roses, so I wanted a picture! Colorful pearl necklace – don’t remember where from!

Abraham Palatnit exhibition

Abraham Palatnik exhibition – the left piece moves, really interesting! The right one is an intricate wood picture!

Hope everybody has a great week with smiles! THANK YOU so much for the sweet comments!

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78 thoughts on “Art Gallery

  1. Hi Denise, that’s a very difficult to choose but I prefer watch a good movie because if I go to see an art exhibition I will go out of home and I hate go out of home when it is raining. I like very much to see an art exhibition but only when wheather is good. Don’t worry with your absence this week, we undestand why. Stay well and I hope you have a nice week and a good travel. See you later.

  2. Oh I’m so envious of all your travels Denise. Have a wonderful time! I knew you were going to say you’d rather visit art gallery than watch a movie on a rainy day. I’m obviously getting to know you well! My hair gets the frizzes too in damp weather. The slightest bit of water in the air and it goes ‘boom’. So, at this time of year, I’m usually to be found wearing a hat or having my hair tied back. Hugs and kisses and speak again when you’re back from your week-long travels! Loving those shoes, BTW! Tx

  3. Ciao cara Denise!
    Che bella idea visitare una galleria d’arte quando piove! E che carina che sei con quel look, sei molto dolce e chic! Mi piacciono tantissimo la giacca e le scarpe ! :)
    Purtroppo qui a Roma Musei e Gallerie sono presi d’assalto dai turisti soprattutto quando piove, quindi è il momento perggiore per visitarli…
    Io di solito approfitto delle giornate di pioggia per leggere, andare al cinema o se proprio non ho niente da fare sistemo la mia stanza o il mio armadio (e di solito un solo giorno non basta)!^^
    Ti auguro buon viaggio, cara Denise, divertiti e scatta tante belle foto! 😀

  4. you made a good choice! …and you looked very stylish! love those shoes….and I must have said this before but you have a winning smile.

    On this rainy day, I finished one sf novel, washed my hair , did some paper work and sent some job applications.

  5. hey, you! I’m sorry I’ve been so absent again! but the good news is I’m totally working on the wedding posts! I’ve been writing the drafts for days now! 😀 and I think there will be at least two posts if not three. anyway, enough about that, let’s talk about your post instead. how exciting that you get to travel again! I hope you’re going to enjoy it despite the fact it’s somehow tiring. take pictures if you can!
    when it comes to rainy days I usually try to clean the house then, or cook or watch the tv or just drive somewhere and do some shopping maybe or eat outside. but a couple of weeks ago we did visit a pretty interesting museum about one Latvian town’s history. I will write about it in my blog one day then you’ll see :) oh and Denise, you look lovely. I feel you when it comes to the hair though. mine is growing right now and I’m already looking forward to December because I will visit my hairdresser then and I want to cut it off again! short hair is SO good! 😀 by the way, I love it how you have combined the jacket, shoes and necklace, great matching colours! and enjoy the rest of your week! I hope my new post is up when you get back from your trip.

  6. Hi Denise! I moved to Taiwan and the move has been good but tough so sorry I haven’t been active but I’m back now and am excited to catch up! 😉
    I am still getting used to my new sub tropical environment … where it rains constantly ! so I love to stay inside cozy and watch a classic movie (so suit for rainy days! 😉 but I agree, visiting a gallery and just wander around is an excellent plan and will keep that in mind! 😉 btw, Love that you are wearing pink for cancer awareness this month! I am trying as well in small details 😉
    Ps: I understand the frizzy hair situation 😉

    x Josune, Your Beauty Script ❤

  7. Liebe Denise, an einem regnerischen Tag lese ich sehr gerne – aber das mache ich an anderen Tagen auch :) Außerdem gehen mein Mann und ich bei jedem Wetter lange spazieren, also auch bei Regen. Eine Kunstgallerie zu besuchen ist aber auch eine sehr gute Idee und ich bin wieder bezaubert davon, wie wunderhübsch Du aussiehst! Die Jacke ist toll, genauso wie die Tasche und die Schuhe – und Du sowieso. Und Du gehst ja auf eine lange Reise, ich wünsche Dir, dass alles gut läuft und vor allem eine gesunde Heimkehr.
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  8. You remind me, dear Denise about art galleries, I don’t even remember when I saw some exhibition last time, I should change that (but on the other hand-I still don’t have much spare time to do realise all the things such like that!). Btw, have a great time on your trip, I’m very curious about the location of your trip, because 2.000km sounds like quite long distance 😉 You know that I totally support your “pink month” action and I really like your beautiful outfit, my dear friend and what’s more, I love your jacket, it has some Chanel’s style vibe, it’s very classy :) Hope you’re having wonderful evening right now! :)

  9. I also like classic art .. mostly because it was so difficult to be an artist .. Artists had to mix their own paint or fresco. Plus their painting told stories of war and biblical themes .. modern art is pretty to look at, but it doesn’t have that creative struggle that classic artists had to endure (in my opinion).

    That said .. you look lovely as usual. Your shoes are fabulous! They look like the most comfortable heels ever.


  10. Denise, thank you so much for your inspiring and supportive comments always. They are the ones I most often look forward to receiving :) I’m glad you are still wearing pink. Because of you I have been wearing my pink ribbon all month. I’m glad you went to an art gallery, that’s the perfect thing for a rainy day. I recently just went to the MoMa here was captivated by it. Have you been? YOU MUST GO!


  11. It’s good that you were able to visit even on a rainy day and what a great outfit Denise. I love that jacket! I do try to actually go to a few museum exhibitions when I’m travelling for business, plus it fills in the time if it is a gloomy day. Take your time, see you whenever you are back. It takes me literally a week sometimes to catch up on blogs, lol. I hope your mid-week has gone well so far. xx/Madison
    International Foodie Files

  12. Yes the weather is really changing now, it’s getting grey and wet. I like to just snuggle up by the fire with the television and my laptop until it’s time to go to bed! I’ve never thought to visit an art gallery really but it will be on my things to do list. I hope you have a lovely trip away and you are going somewhere that you can wear that lovely jacket because it is gorgeous. I haven’t forgotten about your questions, I just need 5 minutes to sit down and answer them. Catch up soon Denise

  13. Em dia chuvosos eu adoro ficar aconchegada embaixo de um cobertor, comendo uma pipoquinha e assistindo um bom filme :) Mais uma vez o seu look está muito lindo amiga! E esse sapato é realmente um encanto, eu adorei esses contornos preto nele!!
    Beijos e uma linda tarde pra você

    • Hi, dear Lauren Blair, thank you so much for the lovely comment! So nice that you are visiting museums! Actually I haven’t shown these shoes before, but as some of the styles I have are kind of similar, then I imagine you saw a similar pair! I like Mary Janes! Hope you have a nice weekend! XXX

  14. Hola Denise bonita!
    Tanto tiempo! Ya sabes como es la vida. Pero aqui me hago de un tiempo especial para visitarte. Es siempre un gusto y honor leer tus publicaciones. Que lindo que te guste el arte y al escoger la opcion de ir a la galleria es perfecto 😀 ! En donde trabajo tuvimos una exhibicion del arte de los que trabajamos alli, tengo fotos pero por falta de tiempo no hice el post. Te avisare cuando lo suba asi ves mas piezas de arte, hechas por mis compañeros de trabajo :)
    A mi tambien me encantan las rosas!
    Tu look es bien lindo y te ves divina. Me encanta esas chaquetas. Tienen un toque Chanel <3 . Me hace recordar que tengo una en rosado (la usaba antes pero ahora que subi un poco de peso no me cierra en frente jajaja). Tu sonrisa nos hace feliz a todos Denise, eres linda por dentro y por fuera! Compartire tu post en mi facebook 😉
    Te deseo que tengas un lindo Jueves, Viernes y fin de semana. Que tengas un muy buen viaje, te extrañaremos. Diviertete, cuidate, y besitos!!!
    pd: Te escribi un monton jejeje

  15. You know what? I visited the Vatican Museum in Rome in November! Will tell you all the details in my email, but to put it briefly: it was overwhelming! I am so in love with Rome! Finally I made it to Italy (still have goosebumbs when I think about the trip!) it was so amazing. I will write you soon!

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