Art, Antiques and Fun

Art, Antiques and Fun – what I am discovering in Montevideo!

Many nice coffee shops, as well!

Many nice coffee shops, as well!

Antique shops are amazing in Montevideo! Last week I talked about art and literature here; if antiques are also art (for me, yes), they are so well cared and shown here. The bookshops are great (I’ll show Puro Verso another time – it’s incredible!) and antique shops are fabulous! I want to buy some, but I’ve just read an article that made me think… not the same thing, but it’s better to check laws first :) In England, the number of antiques and art fairs is expanding and I love that, and often go to antique shops like Bewdley Antiques and the Old Mill Antiques Centre in Bridgnorth (both many times mentioned on the blog). Do you like antiques and antique shops?


Very casual to walk and discover things – last week I said that women here prefer being comfortable, but it can be beautiful, too. I’m showing 2 outfits, in fact, to walk in a comfy way – tunics and jeans, changing bags and scarves. I just want to blend, so I’m much more low key here :)

One of the Antique Shops I visited

One of the Antique Shops I visited. Bag, Longchamp. Tunic, my design and a pair of Italian boots bought in Rome – I love them!


Tunic with vest, bag Kenneth Cole

Tunic with vest, bag Kenneth Cole

One of the many bookshops I have been visiting!

One of the many bookshops I have been visiting! So safe – look at my bag on the left corner, open on the counter!


In the bag there are books too, and another bag for more :)

In the bag there are books too, and another bag for more :) This is the Tristan Narvaja fair

Italian quality that proves the best to walk :)

Italian quality that proves to be the best to walk :)

I love old cars :)

I love old cars :)

Art on walls

Art on walls

Amazing architecture!

Amazing architecture!

Super sweet house!

Super sweet house!

But also tall buildings :)

But also tall buildings :)

Finishing Touch and Mood of the Week

I think I read this amazing quote at lovely Ivonne's blog! It is so right!

I think I read this amazing quote at lovely Ivonne’s blog! It is so right!

Wishing a lovely week with many smilesThank you so much for your sweet comments!

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48 thoughts on “Art, Antiques and Fun

  1. Antique shops are fascinating, the smell of old wood is beautiful. But I very rarely buy cos I have nowhere to show beautiful things in my house which is tiny. I do prefer car boot sales though and rummaging through other people’s junk – they’re great for finding old sheet music – there’s ALWAYS room for more sheet music lol
    That book store looks fabulous and I love your tunic – they’re hard to buy here at this time of the year.
    Have a great week and keep enjoying Montivideo Denise. We’re bracing ourselves for a hurricane here in Ireland today – it’ll be worst on the west coast – the furthest East that a hurricane has ever come according to the Met Office.

  2. Liebe Denise, Montevideo ist offenbar wirklich eine wunderbare Stadt! Die Antiquitäten-Läden dort sind ja unglaublich und auch die Buchläden ein wahrer Traum! Du bist perfekt angezogen für Deine Unternehmungen, dass Du die Stiefel so magst, die Du in Italien gekauft hast, glaube ich sofort und ich verstehe es total. Ich gehe ehrlich gesagt nur selten in Antiquitäten-Läden, aber vielleicht auch deswegen weil diese bei uns nicht so beeindruckend sind :) Ich wünsche Dir noch eine tolle Woche! Liebe Grüße!

  3. Querida Denise
    Estou surpresa com a beleza das suas imagens,Confesso que quando fui a Montevideo nao vi coisas tao lindas, preciso voltar lá de novo.
    Quando voltar quero seguir todas essas suas dicas que são maravilhosas.
    Beijo grande e uma ótima quarta – feira.

  4. So jelly you are having such an adventure! Yes shopping for antiques is fun and you can get some deals. Loved your photos of shopping trip.I found second hand stores in Paris not of antiques but for designer clothes and home goods. There is this one block that had 3 stores for women, one for men, one for teens, one for children and one for the home. Amazing finds. I got a Zadig and Voltaire coat for $129.

    I took my French niece and nephew there and they LOVED it was a hit. Their mom had taken us to the flea market where they sell all fakes, hahaha the kids don’t go for fakes. I won day!

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  5. Your comment on my last post was spot on hun, I have really adapted or should I say trying to adapt but it really made me think… and our quote WOW its so true… I love seeing your adventure posts, when are you visitinng SA, Cape Town ? xx

    • Dear Jasna, I am so glad that I could be of “a little help of a virtual friend”… because I have gone through that road and my blog friends also helped me, you did, you know. And so, what are we on earth, what are we doing, if we don’t try to pass good feelings… I really try and I am glad I could do something. Count on me, Jasna, as I always tell you, no empty words. I reeeeally plan to visit SA, such an amazing country! And now, look, as I am in Uruguay, we are apart just from a stream of the Atlantic! :) Maybe soon, I hope! Thank you so much for your sweet comment – it made my day, I hope you are fine, as much as you can, and that you have a nice weekend!

  6. I have always loved going to antique stores, Denise! My parents have antiques and I think it just makes me happy perusing these type of stores. The fair there seems like it would be fun. It’s always a pleasure to see your adventure posts! Wishing you a lovely rest of the week. <3 /Madison

  7. Qu)ante belle scoperte stai facendo a Montevideo, cara Denise!
    Sono proprio contenta per te, vuol dire che ti stai divertendo ed apprezzi il posto! :)
    Anche io amo gli oggetti ed i negozi d’antiquariato (quello vero, intendo, che arriva al massino fino ai primi anni del 1900), soprattutto per l’arredamento.
    Qui in Italia ce ne sono molti di questi negozi, ed anche quando sono stata in Francia che in Inghilterra ho trovato diversi negozi davvero carini (a Londra mia mamma ha comprato un servizio da the in argento bellissimo in uno di quei negozi), però ho notato che ogni Paese ha un’antiquariato diverso, e sarei curiosa di vedere anche quello di Montevideo! :)
    Sempre carinissima tu Denise, anche in versione casual hai sempre un look unico e con quella certa vibrazione bohemienne, che ti contraddistingue! :)
    Buon week end, baci!

    • That’s very nice, dear Kezzie, I bet your table is lovely! Actually I love antiques, but I didn’t have to buy the ones I have – some rings and brooches yes, but glasses, cups, vases and so on I inherited from my family. I love arriving home and seeing them! Thank you for your lovely comment, hope you have a nice day! Xxx

  8. Oh wow what a beautiful way to spend some time! While I’m not an antiques person (two toddlers mean I try find things that are as unbreakable and fragile as possible, haha!) it does look like a lovely thing to do on holiday :)

    I like your printed tunics too, so nice with your denim jacket, lovely relaxed style :)

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend! We have the sun back again after a pretty rainy week which is nice! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

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