And there I go again… for some wisdom

True I feel bored/restless when “stuck” in a place for what I consider “too long”.

A month or 2 is time enough for me to feel this way :)

I loved this! But as I don't like alcohol... I travel. Or read. Or shop. Or all the 3 things.

I loved this! But as I don’t like alcohol… I travel. Or read. Or shop. Or all the 3 things. Source here

So, going to Paris for some wisdom. I’m not wise  – but I can try to be a bit :)

No internet for the time I’m there. My “detox” policy :)

December 31st, 2012

Dec 31st, 2012. Plastic  bag: dinner- sandwich :) Love junk food! Blurry pic, but I love this effect!

I’ll be back to posting and reading the great blogs I read in a week – usual Monday post!

Janauray 2nd, 2013 - Ankle boots, Fly London; Scarf, Dolce & Gabbana

January 2nd, 2013 – Boots, Fly London; Scarf, Dolce & Gabbana, Bag LYDC, coat and jeans Asos

Source here

Source here

Yes, I'm definitly thirsty to see all I can! Source here

Yes, definitely always thirsty to see  all I can! Source here

Thank you for your always lovely comments! I love all of them!

Till there, I hope you are all having a great week with many smiles!


18 thoughts on “And there I go again… for some wisdom

  1. Great inspiration to begin the week with Denise…curiosity can be a really good thing, it allows us to challenge ourselves and think of ideas that are out of the box and that push convention. Paris looks so beautiful! I hope to be able to visit someday.

  2. These quotes just made my day, it made me laugh, always love a humorous quote brightens up a dull winter night. Thanks for sharing and big thanks for the lovely comment :) Have a terrific day Denise :)

  3. Aww so my question is answered. You’re leaving this week! Have a great time!
    You looked so cute in both photos! How nice to celebrate the new Year in a city like Paris! Must have been amazing.
    I get easily bored of many things. I try to do something else in between to fight my boredom, and it usually works!

  4. Oh i enjoy your post and the pictures. I wish to see more of you. And Paris, how we enjoyed our last visit there. I appreciate your sweet thoughts and visit in my blog. I think I am lucky that my husband is willing to do it although at times he rolls his eyes, lol but do it anyway. And if he’s not around my 8 year old takes great photos too. Have you tried the remote control camera? have a great day.

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