Amazing shoes

I guess 98% of women love shoes, and I am no exception! I like many kinds of – romantic ones, colorful, platform style, ankle strap, quirky shoes. I love shoes made out of fabric and also with embroidery. So what for a genuine good surprise when I found Dylanqueen, a store that has so many styles that meet my taste! This is a webshop that sells many things, not only shoes, but also wedding dresses, dresses for social occasions, for prom and evening, and also, accessories such as headpieces and veils, handbags (worth to take a look!), watches, shawls, jackets, gloves, petticoats and more! It’s such a complete shop, really good! Let’s take a look at, in my opinion, the amazing shoes I selected, shoes that people who know me by now, know that I would totally wear, immediately! And the prices? Really good!
Aren’t these shoes above simply amazing? They are very comfortable, for sure, with the low heels and feel so romantic! I would totally wear them to complement a wedding gown, when the bride wants to wear beautiful shoes and be comfortable at the same time, or, in my case, I would wear them with another kind of outfit – romantic pastel colors! I won’t lie, I’d love to wear those shoes!

Dylan Queen High Heels Pumps

The shoes above are fantastic! The color is amazing, bold green and the cutout-details, too! Another pair I would love to have!
Dylan Queen

Patent Leather Pearls Round Toe High Heels

The above pair is so sweet, with pearls, stones and a comfortable style with high heels, but not exaggeratedly high and with round toe – also a great pair of shoes! I know, I am repeating myself, but I loved all of them and would wear them right now!
Dylan Queen pointy toe high heels, with embellished buckle

Dylan Queen pointy toe high heels, with embellished buckle

And another style with pearls and a buckle on the front, really beautiful!
The shop is very good because it is easy to navigate on it. It offers translation in many languages right on the upper part of it, fast delivery all over the world and if you sign up, you get a discount of $5! They have a measure chart (showing many countries’ sizes) for you to get the right size, but in case something goes wrong,  you can get refund for defective, damaged or mis-shipped Items, size deviation and color mismatch problems. They really want the customer to be satisfied! They also offer live chat, in case you have any question. I hope you liked the shop, I certainly did!
Hope you all have a great week, with many smiles! Thank you for your kind comments!

* I was selected for this opportunity by Dylanqueen, but the post shows my 100% honest opinions. I really loved the shoes!

36 thoughts on “Amazing shoes

    • I loved your comment, thank you so much for that! Guess what, we agreed :) Cause I also want all the shoes I posted here :) Hahaha, really loved your words and please tell me if you got any of them :) I hope so! Wishing you a great week!

    • Hi, dear Imogen! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I agree with you, the last pair is gorgeous, and I would love to have any of the shoes I selected here! Hope you have a great week!

  1. I love (!!!) shoes massively, too, but have somewhat hard to fit feet (in no small part due to unusually high arches) and so I often have to try on a hundred or even two hundred pairs to find one that even slightly works for me (as you can imagine, this essentially rules out buying shoes online; I’ve tried many times and it always ends in heartache – or at least being out a lot of money!). Oh well, that just makes me appreciate and treasure the pairs that I do have all the more.

    Big hugs & many thanks for your great comment on my potato salad recipe post this weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

    • My pleasure, dear Jessica, “talk about someone who loves potato salad from childhood” – Me :) No joke and guess what I ate yesterday? Yes, potato salad!!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and yes, you must love the pairs you have – and if I ever see a pair that I think can fit the arches, I will write to you! I, on the contrary, have flat feet :) So you see, we always have some things to think of and discover the best thing for us :) Hope you have a very nice week! Hugs and kisses!

  2. Lately I’ve started wearing more comfortable shoes and less high heels, due to the fact that I live in the city and I’m always on the move. However, for special occasions, I still wear heels. The shoes on that website are beautiful, I even found some flats. Thanks for the hint and stopping by my blog!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

    • Thank you so much, dear E! I agree with you, in a city it’s very difficult to stick to heels, since walking is needed and we need to be comfortable! That site is really amazing, I am so charmed by it and want some of their shoes so much! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Ivonne, for such a sweet comment! I have the same idea, the first pair is so amazing, kind of elegant-chic and I bet they are very comfortable shoes! I am so eager to wear them, I love glitter and sparkling things! Hope you have a very nice week, thank you for your wishes, you are always so sweet!

    • Hi, dear Kezzie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I know that the shoes I posted are kind of high (one specific pair) and the pearl-embellished ones are OK with me, the heels are wearable (for me, I mean :) But you are soooo right, I loved loved loved the first pair, I really would love to wear that! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

    • Hi, dear Tina! I loved pair number 1, but the green-turquoise was also a fave for me! I am really thinking of getting it, cause the style is a bit different and I love shoes like that! Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, such a sweet comment! Hahaha, yes, we are together with the 98% of the women who adore shoes :) I like quirky ones, although I have some “normal” pairs! :) Hope you have a great evening and rest of the week!

  3. You know I don’t like shoes in the traditional girl sense, i.e. high heels and strappy shoes, but I do really love brogues and novelty shoes (like my bunny ones). so I guess you’re right all women do like shoes! Haha xx

    • Hahaha, I loved your comment, dear Laila! Actually I love brogues, too and quirky shoes, in fact! But I like straps, heels, loads of things – shoes, a passion :) It is a bit “superficial”, but I can’t help! Thank you so much for the nice comment!

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