Amazing looks

I am always looking for edgy and delicate clothes, at the same time, with beautiful fabrics like chiffon or velvet, for example,  and somehow I got to know StyleWe, designers at fingertips! Well, now I want to show some amazing pieces that I selected. We may have enough dresses, – do we, really? -, but we always want something more special for something really special :) The selection is the right choice for me now, with also very reasonable prices. I just couldn’t believe, the green coat is gorgeous, in my opinion, with the boho look I so adore! I’ve selected some dresses that can be worn on a special occasion, like being a wedding guest, or Christmas, or a drink after work. I am obsessed with these items, in particular the green coat below, as I mentioned, and the vintage blue lace dress. Why not give it a try?! Let’s see some of the shop’s beautiful clothes!

Coat Multicolor High Temperature Setting Long Sleeve Coat

The shop also has online chat, so you can ask any question and get an answer fast. In short, there are so many events when you can wear the shop’s gorgeous dresses, and other amazing pieces. I am truly impressed! I would love to wear the dress below shown!

Vintage dress

Elenyun Vintage Polyester embroidered A-line, short sleeve Midi dress

The shop is offering free shipping on orders above $60. They have Fast Sales, too. Designers clothes at very fair prices, and amazing styles like rompers, jumpsuits, dresses, coats, overalls, all you can imagine!


Veinfuns white 3/4 sleeve two piece midi dress

Multiflora Casual Crew Neck H-line Cotton Short Sleeve Mini Dress

Multiflora Casual Crew Neck H-line Cotton Short Sleeve Mini Dress

And here one of my favorite dresses, feminine, delicate, floral and with butterflies!

Multiflora A-line Polyester Casual Sleeveless Midi Dress

Multiflora A-line Polyester Casual Sleeveless Midi Dress

I hope you liked the shop and the selection!

I wish a beautiful weekend with many smiles!

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