Always believe!

Don’t ever let people tell you that you aren’t good enough. 

Because you are! Always believe!
Lavender field

Don’t ever forget to respect people,
Because this is the way you will get respect, too.
Friday Feelings
Don’t ever give up your dreams

Because you need them.

Don’t ever compromise your morals
Because they make you who you are.

Don’t ever hide your feelings
Because someone’s willing to hear them.

Don’t ever think you’ve got it all figured out
Because the next moment you won’t.

Pink Rose
Don’t ever live in the past,

Because then you’ll miss out on the now.

Don’t ever let people bring you down
Because they don’t deserve your sadness.

Don’t ever be someone you aren’t
Because then you’ll never know you who really are.

Don’t ever let someone tell you how to feel
Because it’s not their right to.

Don’t ever give up something that feels right
Because it probably is.

Don’t ever worry about petty things
Because they just don’t matter.

Don’t ever run away from your problems,

Because they always find you.

Don’t ever be afraid to take risks
Because they make life worth living.

Don’t ever let someone take away your happiness,
Because it was never theirs to take.
A new road is in front of you full of good things! Take it!

A new road is in front of you full of good things! Take it!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend with smiles! Thanks for the nice comments!

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43 thoughts on “Always believe!

  1. Liebe Denise, der Post passt perfekt zu meiner Woche! Danke und vor allem nochmal 1000 Dank, dass Du mir geschrieben hast. Damit hast Du mir einen enormen Gefallen dann, denn was Du geschrieben hast, hat mir den endgültigen Impuls gegeben, Du weißt, was ich meine :) Ich bin sehr sehr froh, dass ich Dich zumindest virtuell kenne und würde mich so freuen, wenn wir uns tatsächlich auch einmal in der Realität treffen. In der Zwischenzeit tröste ich mich mit Deinen schönen und motivierenden Worten, wie auch hier – ja, wir sollen immer an uns glauben! Danke!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  2. do you know that I have never used a BB cream? I think I tried one in a tester and it was good but I forgot the brand and never got around to testing it. Anyhow, your new posts are lovely! Have a great day…and enjoy your travelling:).

    • Dear Ivana, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Well, it took me a while to use a BB cream, but now I like it! A very good one, really good, is by Dior or Maybelline! Nivea is also good! I am not a brand snob, so I use Dior or Nivea with the same pleasure! For example, Avon lipsticks are better for my lips than Dior! Thank you again, dear Ivana, hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Sabe Denise , é repousante ler um texto tão poético quanto este nos momentos atuais, ando meio cansada de tanta coisa deprimente.
    Você como sempre aparece com palavras tão doces e reconfortantes.
    Beijos minha linda, sucesso sempre em sua linda jornada

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