All rice – I couldn’t avoid the pun, alright :) Some years ago I didn’t like rice – I’m a fussy eater, unfortunately. Then I changed – everybody changes throughout life :) Have you changed?

Savoury little cakes with the bake machine

Savory little pies with risotto

An “old rule” stated that people changed till 30; now it’s proven that we change till 60 and over, on the “Big Five” personality traits: Conscientiousness (increased more by 20s); Agreeableness (most increases by 30s); Neuroticism (declined with age for women); Openness (declined a bit with age for both genders) and Extraversion (sic; declined for women, but didn’t change for men).

I present one of my changes –  I started eating rice a few years ago :) And my love for tomatoes :)

Moroccan style rice

Moroccan style rice with aubergine

Rice balls

Rice balls with carrots’nests


Bibimbap, signature Korean dish

Last week craving: Rice with leeks, spinach and raisins

Last week craving: Creamy rice with leeks, spinach and raisins

Last week I read Kezzie’s blog (she is amaaazing) and discovered one more rice dish!

My take on Nasi campur from Indonesia

My take on Nasi campur from Indonesia

Exception of my discovered “rice taste” – I aaalways loved milk rice pudding!

Milk Rice pudding with strawberry jam and caramelized slices of apple

Milk Rice pudding with strawberry jam and caramelized slices of apple

Recipes on Vegetabible :) What about you? Did you change much? And… do you like rice? :) I also love Pilau rice and other rice recipes, as well!

Hope you all have a weekend full of smiles! THANK YOU so much for the lovely comments!

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72 thoughts on “All…rice

  1. I do eat rice and quite enjoy it, but nothing beats a good pasta dish for me.
    And yes, I think I have changed a lot since my 30ies. Changes in my career, in my personal life and becoming a mom will most likely change everyone and they for sure did change me.
    If for the worse or the better is for other people to judge…

  2. I’m starting to feel very hungry – thanks Denise! :). Certainly our tastes buds do change as we age, though I’ve always loved rice. I much prefer it to pasta and it’s arguably my favourite of all carbs and the one I eat the most. I’ve never been a fussy eater (though I am careful about what I eat and try to avoid greasy fatty foods – chocolate and ice cream are my achilles’ heel!). Coffee comes to mind when I think of food and drink that I’ve had a change of heart over. I hated coffee growing up. That changed in my 20s and now I drink far too much of it – BTW, I left my 20s behind some time ago, lol! Kisses. Tx

  3. I literally change all the time, I go through phases with certain foods too. I haven’t eaten rice in months since my body started to reject it a lot, even though I loved it. It’s definitely crazy how much we change as people. We are always evolving and developing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. I love rice in both sweet and salty dishes…or should I say in dishes and desserts? A few time I invented my own rice deserts, but I forgot to write the recipe down. I often prepare an ordinary rissotto with vegetables and tomatto sauce. That always works for me!

    Thank you for sharing all of these dishes. I must try that rice pudding!

  5. I think that we all are changing, all of the times and mostly it’s caused by the different moments in our lives, with which we have to deal with. Personally, I know that now, when I’m 24 I’m not the same person as I was when I was a teenager. What about rice, I love it (especially wild rice), because it’s very versatile, what’s more I’m huge fan of sushi, and let’s be honest, sushi without rice isn’t sushi at all 😉 Btw, your dishes look so delicious, Denise :) Take care, dear friend!

  6. All these dishes look so delicious, Denise. I love rice, btw. I think we all change throughout our life, no matter what age. It’s normal, it’s what life is all about, so to say. Being always the same old me would be kinda weird if there would be no progress at all. But there might be one or two things that would never change, I don’t suppose I will ever like sweets or cakes or such things and I don’t think I will ever learn to cook, lol. But who knows, never say never…….hahaha.
    hugs honey

  7. Olá querida Denise

    É verdade, ao longo da vida nós mudamos em alguns aspectos, e nessas mudanças também estão o gosto por algumas comidas que antes não nos agradavam. Eu particularmente gosto de arroz e ultimamente tenho comido mais o arroz integral, que dizem ser melhor para a saúde.
    Beijos e uma linda tarde pra você! <3

  8. I was a fussy eater too, and I had terrible habits, I ate lots of dairy and pasta. Then I went to live in Paris when I was 21. I realized that not having proper meals could cause me sicknesses and that would be expensive. So little by little I started reading and changing my habits. Such an interesting post!!


    • Thank you for your lovely comment, dear Natalia! If only it had helped me – I lived there too, but it only got worse for me, with all the great sweets and the only good food habit I got was to eat leeks, other than that… nothing! I am hopeless, unfortunately!

  9. I definitely think I have changed a lot over the years! Some things stay the same, like I still love the same things like books and music, but my personality and taste in food and clothes for example, that is always evolving. It’s an interesting concept, I didn’t know it was so different for men and women, though! I LOVE rice my favourite is basmati, but I love pilau and all the other types, too :) what an interesting post, Denise, thank you for sharing! I hope you have a really lovely weekend :)

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  10. Yum, yum, and yum again!!! Rice is one of my favourite foods ever. I’ve never had a variety, from red to brown, white to wild that I didn’t enjoy and am very thankfully that it’s a food I can still safety eat, especially the white varieties.

    Isn’t rice pudding the best? I’m surprised it doesn’t get more mainstream love in the culinary world. Perhaps its day in the sun will come yet. I love it so much, I even have a Pinterest board devoted just to rice pudding recipes. :)

    Tons of hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Denise, thank you firstly for your inspiring comments on my blog. I can see you know just what it feels like to move somewhere new and experience all these new things.. It is definitely an adjustment and yes the strength.. That’s what they call keep telling me! As for you and your changes! I completely agree, I love rice and tomatoes (I think I always have), however I have grown to not like white wine (what?) and mushrooms. Those are probably the only things on the menu that I will not go near. We will see what else will change with age..


  12. Hi dear Denise, I wasn’t a fan of rice either but I’m gluten-intolerant (maybe suffer from celic disease) and have no other choice but to eat it :) Everything looks very delicious and I was always a fan of milk rice too. Esp. with chocolate 😀 Have you tried chocolate milk rice. Yummy. Yes I think that I have changed a lot. Would be awful if everyone stayed the same 😀 It’s true it getting dark quite early in Winter. I don’t like that 😀 Happy Saturday sweetheart!


    • Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! My grandmother (and consequently, my mother :) are from a Spanish family and she always prepared arroz con leche, and for me, much better than the one I prepare – but unfortunately my granny passed away, so I keep the memory :) So nice to know more about you! I wish a very very nice weekend (and now that you mentioned, I truly miss that sweet!)

  13. Liebe Denise, Reis mag ich meistens sehr gerne, interessanterweise aber nicht immer. Es gibt Zeiten, da koche ich in der Woche zweimal Reis und dann wieder wochenlang nicht. Aufgefallen ist mir nur, dass es bei uns im Winter öfter Reis gibt als im Sommer :) Aber die Gerichte, die Du hier zeigst, würde ich auf jeden Fall alle Essen, so enorm gut sehen sie aus! Ob ich mich verändert habe? Ehrlich gesagt, bin ich mir nicht sicher. In mancher Beziehung hoffe ich das natürlich, aber ich habe in Bezug auf Essen früher z. B. schon Fleisch nicht gerne gegessen, und mag es immer noch nicht. Auch ansonsten haben sich meine Vorlieben nicht sehr geändert. Ich mag immer noch gerne meine Ruhe haben, beispielsweise. Danke für Deine Anregung, ich werde auf jeden Fall noch über Deine Frage nachdenken, liebe Denise! Ein wunderbares Wochenende für Dich!
    Alles Liebe von Rena

  14. Mmm, qué rico!!! Yo AMO el arroz en todas sus variantes! Siendo vegetariana, mi alimentación se basa bastante en granos, cereales y legumbres -claro que también me doy mis gustos con papas fritas, pastas o pizza 😉 Voy a tener en cuenta algunas de las idas que sugieres en este post!! En este momento no logro recordar algún cambio específico en mis gustos, pero estoy segura que algo cambié!!

  15. Hi Denise! I’ve missed you. How are you? I hope all is well. I love your post because I like rice. I grew up thinking that a meal wouldn’t be complete without a rice. It has been our cultural tradition that I am slowly getting rid of. I’m a fussy eater, too. Haha! Cheers to that. But when I turned 19 I became more health conscious. I decided to eat organic food – avoiding everything that isn’t organic, vegan, and gluten-free. I became a big fan of Superfood like quinoa, chia, flax seeds, etc. I want to solely become a vegan but it’s so hard to let go of bacon, though I’m still trying my best to avoid it.

    I love everything that you cooked. They all look so delicious. I wanna try the Bibimbap and the creamy rice with Spinach (my favorite green). You should also try Champorado and Chicken Arozz Caldo.

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