Ageless style

Ageless style is about what someone likes! Not about “age appropriate” items – we can’t please everybody! Do we need a “fashion patrol” dictating rules? What do you think?

I love this new Chanel eye shadow and Chanel lip gloss!

I am in love with this new Chanel eye shadow and Chanel gloss!

Sometimes I think “no overall for me anymore” or even “at 65, no mini skirt” and immediately I think “We should wear what makes us happy“. There’s an interview (here) asking “5 must-have items in any wardrobe?” I said “I’d say whatever pleases us” and I truly believe so. So wear what you like, at any age. Really awful is no compassion, seeing hunger and sorrow and still only thinking of clothes.

Look at this amazing lady I’ve just “discovered”!


Dorrie Jacobson ageless style Senior Style Bible

Dorrie Jacobson is an 80 year-old blogger – on her blog she shows her outfits, beauty secrets and genuinely means to inspire women to live their ageless style. I loved knowing about her!

Now, as usual, some parts of my week :)

Lovely Kezzie featured me on her sweet blog :) Thank you so much! She’s so kind!

I now write weekly on Beauty and the Mist blog (below). Great opportunity, thank you!

I now post here on a weekly basis! Such a nice opportunity!

I now post here on a weekly basis! Such a nice opportunity!

Chanel Blush Horizon – Soft Glow Blush review here

I also post here weekly! This is my latest review: Chanel Blush Horizon – Soft Glow Blush

I wanted to try this orange nail polish - Colorama. Ring, NeoGlory from Birmingham

I wanted to try this orange nail polish – Colorama. Ring, NeoGlory from Birmingham

I love that star purple ring!

I love that purple star ring!

I fell in love with that dress! Maison Jacques Diamant from Paris

I fell in love with that pleated dress! By chance I got to know Maison Jacques Diamant in Paris!

Walking in Paris

Walking in Paris, I saw the designer’s showroom… and loved it!

Sergio Rossi shoes

Sergio Rossi shoes and velvet bag with a rose from Germany

Wishing a week with nice smilesThank you for your always sweet comments!

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130 thoughts on “Ageless style

    • Thank you so much, dear Tina, I really liked to know that you have this opinion! Dorrie is great! She is an example of style and somehow courage, because I bet many people thought or think “80? Writing a blog? Posing?” and why not? We should do what pleases us, being it travelling alone, wearing what we like, smiling! Again, thank you so much for the kind comment, you are always so sweet! XXX

  1. Where’s the article on human suffering you alluded to? I can’t see the link, or are you just talking generally? It is horrible thinking about what poor people are going through at the moment in Nepal, Syria and indeed at any time.

    You’re doing lots of guest blogging-that is cool!!! That dress is very nice by tge way, it looks vintage. X

    • Hello, dear Kezzie! There was no article about human suffering, I only wrote that in general, like you said. It’s for me, and I am sure that for many people too, to see people suffering and so many always complaining “I need more lipsticks, I want this and that”… surely we can’t solve all the problems of the world, but then when we think of fashion rules to follow, omg, what’s that to restrict people, a bit more? And what is fashion against people’s suffering? So that’s what I meant… again, I know we can’t solve “all the problems of the world”. Wish all goes well to everybody, but unfortunately it’s not like this. The dress is vintage, by the way! It was brand new, but vintage! I was walking one day in Paris and discovered that shop – the owner was the designer, at “his time” a very famous and admired one, and he was selling all his stock. He told me why and we had a nice chat, and I simply wanted all the gorgeous dresses he had there :) Thank you so much, dear Kezzie, for the lovely comment and I hope you have a great week!

  2. I want to be like Dorrie Jacobson when I’m 80. Wow! She looks amazing! I can’t believe she’s not a LOT younger. I really couldn’t agree with you more Denise. Everyone should dress the way that pleases them. Who has the right to dictate what we wear? No one! I get so angry when I read that you shouldn’t be wearing glittery eyeshadow after the age of 30. Ridiculous! I love glittery shadows. I wouldn’t go all out with it, and plaster my peepers (that’s my preference, of course – it you want full-on glitter ball disco action on your eyes, then why not?), but a bit of shimmer on the lids looks sexy, whatever your age. I’m in love with your Chanel cheek blush. You lucky thing. I want! Tx

    • Hi, dear Tracey, thank you so very much for sharing your views, I love to know about them! You are so right, who can dictate what to wear or not? Oh my word, glitter eye shadows, so not for me anymore, hahaha :) I will go on wearing them! I love highlighters to cheeks, etc, and I will go on wearing them too! I really dislike when someone says “she is 55 trying to dress like a teenager”. Oh my word, what’s that? The person is not trying to dress like a teen, only happy to wear that item! It’s like isolating or putting in a category: 20, you can STILL wear prints, 30, more ladylike, 40 – stop with bikinis and mini skirts and so it goes. This is really sad! I hope people wear whatever they want and that others don’t judge them or us for that! Hope you have a very nice week! XXX

    • Hi, dear Zubaida, thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment! I really think we should wear what makes us happy, because taste is something so subjective, in my humble opinion! I hope you have a very nice week!

  3. Sono d’accordo con te, noi dovremmo indossare ciò che ci rende felici, senza troppe regole legate all’età :-)
    Non conoscevo Dorrie Jacobson… 80 anni?? wow!!! Sono curiosa di andare vedere il suo blog!
    Brava Denise, complimenti per le tue reviews!
    Mi piace il tuo orange nail polish e anche il tuo vestito!
    Un bacio, sweety!
    Paola ♡

    • Grazie, bella Paola! E vero, dovremmo indossare cose per essere felice – la vita e breve e dobbiamo vivere sempre felici e contenti! E seguendo le regole della moda e l’ultima cosa a cui pensare, credo io :) Tante grazie per i tuoi complimenti, mi sento molto felice che una donna cosi bella come te commento queste parole cosi belle! Baci ed una bona settimana!

  4. I think it’s completely dependant on the person. Some people really just look amazing in anything, whatever their age and it would be a shame to stop them wearing something just because they reached a certain birthday! I still wear unicorns, mermaids, Barbie, dolls on my feet and bags shaped like milk cartons and I’m mid 30’s. I’m not stopping anytime soon either! I love the ring in that nail polish photo, so pretty.

    • Hi, dear Pink Haired Princess, thank you so much for your comment, I loved to know about your views and what you wear! One of these days I caught myself thinking “oh, that overall is not for me anymore”, because of “age”. But honestly, why? If it makes me happy! You are so right, Barbies, unicorns, dolls, why not? Life i already so short and many times serious to have one more stressful thing around :) I really loved to know about your views and thank you for the compliment! I hope you have a nice week!

  5. Of course, style has no age and the dictatory our society presents us concerning style labels, should stop at this point. I’m really glad we share similar opinions about this matter, since it is quite serious.
    Your outifit is lovely, once again! I’ve told you many times how I admire your genuine style :)
    xo xo

    • Thank you s much, dear Olympia, such a nice comment and I am so happy that you liked the topic of the post! You are so right, it’s a serious subject. In fact, all imposed by people and the industry that wants to create standards, and then others accept and start judging everybody. Thank you so much, again, for the views and the compliment! I think I wear what makes me happy :) XXXXX

    • Hi, dear Elle! Thank you for your comment! In fact, that is a blush with different colors to blend. It is good, but not brilliant :) By the way, I yesterday talked about you and one of your tips and it was well approved!

  6. Hola Denise! Tan linda eres, compartiendo un maravilloso post. Estoy de acuerdo contigo. A vestir lo que nos gusta y haga feliz y al mismo tiempo vernos bien. Estoy cerca de los 40 años (en 3 añitos) y seguire vistiendo lo que me guste y haga feliz a los 40 :)
    Estas re linda como siempre, tu estilo es femenino! Te ves bien linda!!!!
    Besitos y que tengas una muy buena semana!
    pd: que buenisima foto e inspiracion la de la senora :)

    • Hola, querida amiga, que gusto es tenerte aqui, siempre! Y no te puedo creer! Te ves a los 26! No es broma! Si, vamos vestir lo que nos guste y seguir sonriendo! La vida es demasiado corta y muchas veces bien seria, para tener un stress asi, acerca de ropas, edad. Asi que muchas gracias por el amable comentario, eres siempre tan simpatica, me gusto mucho! Besitos y una bella semana tammbien!

      • jajaja que linda eres! Si tengo 37 años desde Enero 😀 . Es verdad lo que dices que no nos podemos agregar mas stress en cuanto a como vestir ya que la vida ya es dura, corta y muchas veces seria, estoy de acuerdo contigo. Y es por eso que yo tambien no he cambiado mucho la niña que era cuando era chiquita, me parece que es bueno seguir teniendo esa bondad, esa ingenuidad y simpatia que uno tenia cuando eramos chiquitos, cierto? Obviamente hay momentos para usar seriedad, pero tambien es bueno no cambiar las buenas caracteristicas que teniamos de niños 😀 . Y a mi me parece que tu sigues siendo buenita y linda asi como eras de niña y eso se ve en tus ojos. Querer ser buena y con la ayuda de Dios asi podemos ser buenos con nuestro projimo. Cuidate mucho amiguita, y nos vemos por estos medios :) Dios te re-bendiga mucho en todas las areas de tu vida !!!
        besotototototes 😀 !

        • Wow, querida amiga! Que palabras lindas, casi me haces llorar, en serio, pero no te preocupes, no seria con tristeza sino con alegria – lo que escribiste es tan bonito! Si, a veces tenemos que usar seriedad en algunas cosas, pero otras veces – ya veo que para nosotras muchas veces – es siempre mejor senreir como chiquillas que fuimos un dia y continuar asi! Ser bondadosa, saber que el projimo es importante, que tambien tiene suas alegrias y tristezas, eso es lo que importa, tener um corazon que late con amistad y bondad. Aso creo yo y se que para ti es asi tambien! Pero una cosa te equivocaste :) Parece que de ninia yo no era asi “buena” :) Asi dice mi familia :) Jajajajaja! Quizas por eso intento ahora ser mejor :) Gracias por tus lindisimas palabras, has hecho un sabado mas bonito para mi! Cuidate tambien y disfruta, un lindo fin de semana! Un beso!!!!!

  7. As Mr. T would say, “Rules are for fools!” I agree that we should wear what makes us feel good and happy. No matter the age.

    The dress is lovely…but it is the handbag and your smile that truly make the outfit gorgeous.


    • Wow, dear Suzanne, I feel so honored with your words, thank you so much for that! I love smiling – in an incredible way, yesterday I was a bit low (it happens sometimes, we are humans with ups and downs :) and I started taking pictures a bit sad-faced :) Then finally the kick came through a delicious cake :) who can resist it? And then I smiled :) Thank you so very much for the lovely comment! Bisous!

  8. I believe if you could get away with the style meaning in a suitable way why not. Doris rock it and look amazing. I do not judge or look to knock others fashion sense what makes you young and happy to wear is what counts. You also look fabulous in your style.

    • Thank you so very much, dear Jackie, I totally agree with you! I guess the society, in general, is so judgmental and so, dictating who can wear this or that. I think that Dorrie is a great model for everybody enjoying to be simply comfortable and happy! Thank you for the compliment, I feel so flattered! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Thank you so much, dear, such a lovely comment! I also thought about that, how to look at 80! She is definitely a role model! Thank you so much for your compliments, I feel so happy and flattered! Hope you have a very nice week!

  9. I definitely agree with you, we should wear what we like, not what other people want us to wear. Dorie looks gorgeous, thanks to you I saw her blog and she has great sense of style:) You look beautiful! I like your dress and color of your nails!

    • Thank you so much, dear, for the kind comment! I was so happy to find her blog, she is such a feminine and elegant lady! At 80 or 20 we should wear what makes us comfortable and happy! I loved that dress when I saw it and had to buy it! Hope you have a very beautiful week!

    • Grazie a te, carina Paola! E vero, star bene ed una cosa importante, dovremmo sempre pensare a questo! Indossare l’ultima moda puo essere OK, mas dovremmo estar bene e felice; per me, si non e confortevole, non posso indossar :) Grazie per i tuoi complimenti, sei sempre tanto carina! Kisses!

  10. Liebe Denise, ich bin auch der Meinung, dass diese Modediktate nicht unbedingt der Weisheit letzter Schluss sind :) Denn manchmal sehe ich 15-jährige Mädchen in einem Minirock, der an Deiner fantastischen Entdeckung, der 80-jährigen Dame garantiert 1000-mal besser ausgesehen hätte! Diese Dame ist ja ein Phänomen, ich kann gar nicht glauben, dass sie tatsächlich schon 80 ist! Ja, alt kann man auch im Kopf sein, und das ist diese tolle Frau offenbar auch nicht. Du strahlst für mich sowieso immer so eine wunderbare Frische aus, ganz oft erinnerst Du mich an ein ganz junges Mädchen. Auch heute wieder, mit Deinem so schönen Outfit und Deinem wundervollen Strahlen, dass mein Herz richtig erwärmt. Danke für diese ganz besonderen Post und alles Liebe für Dich! Deine Rena

    • Liebe Rena, vielen vielen Dank fuer immer so tolle und suesse Woerte, die mich so froh und gluecklich machen! Diese war so eine Entdeckung, nicht wahr? :) Ich war wirklich begeistert als ich diese Dama gesehen habe! Sie sieht so frisch aus, und das meint, dass vielleicht wir alle haben immer noch an Kopf, das Bild von graue-haaerige Omas – nichts gegen graue Haare und Omas, nur dass die Dame wahrscheinlich dachte “ich nehme mein Leben auf meinen Haenden und trage was ich mag”! Und das ist so richtig! Fuer mich, war sie (ist!) ein Beispiel jetzt. Viele Mal denke ich “ah… nein… habe ich jetzt Orangehaut… darf ich das nicht mehr tragen”… aber warum? Du hast Recht und durch deine Woerte kriege ich immer frische Energie! Vielen vielen Dank noch eimal, dass du immer so motivierend bist! Liebe Gruesse!

  11. 80? She looks so young!
    I agree that we should wear what makes us happy. Nevertheless, sometimes I see people who wear clothes that don’t flatter them at all. For example, an old person wearing shorts, but if they feel comfortable it’s ok!
    You look so cute in these photos!
    I am glad to have you on the blog!
    Have a nice week!!!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, dear Demi! She looks incredibly young, I agree! I guess it must be her positive attitude and it really transmits to the pictures! I am really honored that you accepted me on the blog and I thank you so much for that! It’s really doing so good to my mind and soul, no empty words! Thank you for the compliments and hope you have a great week!

  12. I agree. I have hats with the ears and I really love it, but mother and grandmother say me everytime when I wear it that I must to dress more serious already. But I’m from those people that think we can to wear everything we love and makes us a little bit happier, no matter, what other will say. In any case, here are many people in the world that like it too.

    By the way, yes, Anna-Alina is right, it’s in my passport, but everyone call me me just Alina:)

    • Hello, dear Anna-Alina! I like both names, Anna and Alina! I agree with you, I like the hats with ears :) so it’s one more person that likes it :) I think you are so right, whatever pleases us, so good to wear! Life is sometimes so serious and we should be happy and comfortable in our clothes! Hope you have a very nice week and thank you so much for the lovely comment!

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment, you are so right! It’s true, rules are always so restrictive and who create rules, by the way? Magazines? We should wear what we like! Hope you have a very nice day and week, dear Simera!

    • Wow, tante grazie, carina Maggie! Mi sento molto felice per i tuoi complimenti, perche per me tu sei un modello di stile! Dorrie e bella ed anche lei ha molto stile, mi ha piaciuto molto! Vorrei dire che hai 29 anni! Sempre molto giovane, femminile e dolce! Ancora una volta, tante grazie e una bella giornata e settimana! Baci!

  13. Ciao cara Denise! 😀
    Io penso che ognuno dovrebbe indossare ciò che gli piace gli sta bene, infondo basta un pò di buon gusto e buon senso per poter indossare qualunque cosa senza problemi!
    E poi ci sono anche tante persone giovani che si vestono male, non è una questione di età!
    A me piace molto il tuo stile, ti valorizza e ti rispecchia e penso che possa mettere quello che desideri se gli rimani fedele! E poi con la tua dolcezza e d il bellissimo sorriso che hai scommetto che quello che indossi passa subito in secondo piano! :)

    • Tante grazie, carina S! Ti manco, a te, il tuo blog! Mille grazie per le tue parole, mi sento molto felice, sono quello che penso – quando una persona e felice, le cose intorno a noi diventa e quasi tutto va in secondo piano, abiti, certamente! Non dico che sono io, ma la gente in generale! Sono d’accordo con te, ci sono giovani che si vestono male, opputre che pensano che sono bene vestiti, ma forse no :) Non voglio giudicare e so che anche tu non voglia far cosi :) Ma e vero :) Come ho detto, mi manca il tuo blog e le tue foto! Sei sempre super carina! Baci!

  14. Omg Denise that dress looks marvelous and I love your makeup. The eyeshadow and gloss looks so beautiful on you. I totally agree with you about ageless style. People are way too obsessed with fashion and “stupid” rules. Like don’t wear a mini skirt when you’re older than 30… Why do they even care what people are wearing? It might be because they are unhappy with themselves. I tried to check out Dorrie’s blog but it didn’t work. Congrats on your weekly column on Demi’s blog (first link isn’t working). You don’t have to lose weight Denise. I decided to quit sugar because it’s so unhealthy and I wanted to feel better and healthier. The video the bitter truth helped 😀 The first weeks without sugar were pretty hard (for an addict like me). I’m feeling better without sugar but I started to eat other unhealthy stuff (chips, fries..) that I should quit as well. Wish you a happy Tuesday sweetheart!

    • Dear Mira, you are always so sweet! Believe me, I do need to lose weight! A few years ago I was much much thinner (well, thin is something I am not now, but acceptable :) And I am a sugar and carb addict… I admire you for your strength, I wish I could do it… let’s say, now that you said you feel better, I can try to diminish sugar i my life.. I will really try! Oh, I am sorry you couldn’t open the links… then, please, just google Dorrie’s name and it immediately shows, and I am sure you will love her! The other is – such a lovely blog too! By the way, I agree with you – when people start with rules or judgments, it’s because they must be unhappy. It is typical! So many thanks for such a great and sweet comment! I always learn so much from your views! Viele liebe Gruesse!!!

    • Thank you so much, dear Lenya! I loved that dress when I saw it! The makeup was a novelty :) and approved :) Hope you have a very nice day and again, thank you for the sweet comment! XXX

  15. aaah yes I’m guilty of this; saying I can’t wear something because of my age. I debated whether to wear my crop top to the festival last weekend in fear of me being too old to show my belly and I’m conscious of wearing mini skirts because of my age. Sometimes i think I’m too old to post outfit posts on my blog but hey – most of the time I ignore what I’m thinking.
    Congratulations on writing for another blog – it is a great opportunity. I love your nails and nail colour, they look so healthy and strong!
    Wishing you a great week Denise

    • Hi, dear Colleen! Thank you very much for your compliment and comment!Well, I now remember what you wrote about the festival, yes! But you look gorgeous! I have the same feeling as you, should I go on posting outfits at my age? But then, it’s up to what makes us happy! I think, first of all, that you are gorgeous and second, that we have to be happy – yes, like that, we have to :) I may be wrong in everything I think, but anyway, I try to learn :) My nails are actually very weak! So good that you thought they are strong! I started to be more regular painting them with strong colors for them to stop breaking :) It was a good strategy for a month! Now 3 broke and I will start growing them all over again! Hope you have a very nice day and week, Colleen, looking forward to your delicious recipes!

  16. Olá Denise

    Como não amar esse vestido? É lindo!! O seu look ficou muito bonito e delicado, um charme. Adorei o esmalte laranja. E concordo com o que você escreveu logo no começo do post, não importa a nossa idade, temos que usar o que gostamos e o que achamos que fica bonito sem se importar com o que os outros acham ou não.

    Beijos e Beijos

    • Obrigada, querida lilly! Eh verdade sim, a gente dever usar o que nos faz bem, felizes, alegres! Mas no mundo, vc sabe, eh facil julgar e olhar para as pessoas que envelhecem com desprezo. Muito obrigada pelo seu comentario e gentileza! Um beijo e um bom dia!

  17. Hi Denise, Beautiful post. I love reading about the ageless style. Is so true I think you should wear what makes you happy At the end of the day pleasing yourself is important. In love your dress my dear friend the print is gorgeous. And I always tell you you have a gorgeous smile :) . Beautiful nail polish too.
    Happy week my friend!

    • Dear Jenny, you are always so nice to me! Thank you so much for your lovely words and compliments! I do think we have so much to be overwhelmed with, that one more things is not desirable – so let’s dress the way we like! Too much fuss with rules created by who? Magazines, etc. We should just be happy! You are so sweet, you have a beautiful smile, so I am very honored when you say this! Hope you have a very nice day, dear friend!

  18. Hello sweet Denise!Sorry i was late to comment!Internet problems!
    Well Dorrie looks great for her age!!She looks more younger!!
    I really like your palette your new nail polish and the dress from Paris!!
    So elegant style my dear!!!Have a sunny day!!

    • Hello, dear Dimi! Don’t worry with the comments, I only post here once a week! The post goes till Sunday and I think it’s good for me and everybody :) so that one post a month (here) gives more time for me and all the friends who visit me here :) You are so sweet, always so kind! I was so much in love with that dress when I saw it… the story behind it, is that the designer used to be famous, he was already a bit old in 2014 (when I bought it). He said he was closing his maison, because his wife passed away and he lost motivation :( The dresses were all amazing, he had like 40 dresses in one room and more in another. Simply such a nice story, he was so sweet! Thank you so much for such a kind comment! I hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week! Time is flying! Filakia!

    • Thank you so much! You are so sweet and nice, always! I was in love with that dress when I saw it… it was at Levallois-Perret. Such a nice designer, already kind of old, who was selling his own designed and produced dresses. He was very nice! Many thanks, again, for the nice words and kisses to you, and a ice day!

  19. She is so so wise! And I’m truly believe that there’s nothing such like “age appropriate” in fashion, because if woman feels great in mini skirt at her 60s or 70s and by the way looks great wearing it so “why not?” And I haven’t heard about this blogger, I have never thought that she has 80 years old, she looks so cheerful and younger! And you look so beautiful in this dress, Denise :)

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear Ivonne! Yes, Dorrie looks great, I would have never said she is 80! She is really inspirational and you are so right – why not wearing what makes us happy? We have already so much daily stress, we should relax about ourselves! Hope you are having a nice day!

    • Thank you so very much, dear! I wanted to try a new color of nail polish! Orange is a color I seldom wear, so I thought “why not” :) Thank you so much for the nice comment and compliments!

  20. you look great, Denise! so happy and radiant. that dress with its colour scheme and interesting patterns is absolutely gorgeous and looks perfect next to your hair colour. and the star ring indeed is a sweet piece of jewellery.
    also, an 80-year-old blogger?! wow, that’s so cool! I admire people who stay cool when they get older. because getting older in everyone’s reality and why not to do it in an especially cool way!? 😉 oh and as we discussed earlier – everyone should wear what makes them happy. that’s a fact. therefore I love it what you said about your own favourite piece and the topic overall.
    thank you for this very interesting post.

    • Dear Maiken, you are always sooo sweet! You know this and I bet everybody says that! That dress was love at first sight! I really loved it and had to enter the shop – and inside, it was a paradise, the owner was the designer, famous before and wanted to close the shop, as he said he was old and his wife has passed away. So I had to buy some pieces, I loved them! Thank you so much for your kind comment! Yes, we have to wear what we like, cause many days are already so overwhelming and why should we have one more burden? Let’s do like Dorrie :) I hope you have a great day and rest of the week! And always be this sweet girl that you are! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Anna! You are so right, we should wear what pleases us! Thank you for the compliment, that dress is kind of “the apple of my eye” :) I liked it and the story – it was brand new, but from a collection of the designer, an old one, so nice he was! He told me he was closing the shop and wouldn’t work anymore, so he was selling all his collection – I was so mesmerized by what he had there, amazing dresses! I would love going back there, but I have checked and the shop is really closed, like he said :( Hope you have a great day, dear Anna!

    • Gracias! Si, es verdad! Lo que nos guste e nos haga felices, eso es lo que importa llevar! Porque hay ya tantas cosas en la vida, que no son como planeamos :) asi que llevar cosas que otras personas quieren, no, no es correcto :) Un beso y una bella semana!

  21. You are so right Denise – wear what you want. I keep buying lovely vintage things and then chicken out from wearing them but I am getting courage from reading all these fabulous fashion blogs – and OMG Dorrie! isn’t she amazing. I blogged a while back about a 102 year old woman who still dances, performs and teaches dancing –
    Fantastic role models. I love your shoes by the way :)

    • A 102 year old-woman dancing and teaching, this is lovely! True, why do people think that after a certain age people have to behave like if they were dead? Thumbs up to the lady! And yes, you should wear the vintage clothes that you bought – not only they must be very beautiful, but also with the history, stories behind each item! Thank you for the lovely comment, I will check the post of the nice lady! I am sure I will love to read her story! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you so much, dear Sarah! I like long nails, but they break from time to time – yesterday I had to cut and file then in a much shorter way! But still OK! Hope you have a very nice day!

  22. I totally agree – there is no such thing as age appropriate clothing for older women – you should wear what makes you happy! My Mom will always comment that something is “too young for her” and I tell her she can wear whatever she wants. I loved reading your feature – she said such sweet and true things about you! Congratulations on being a poster on Beauty and the Mist. I am definitely going to read all of your posts! And I love your outfit, as always. That ring is too cute!


    • Thank you so much, dear Jessica, this is such a sweet comment, I feel so honored! I agree with you, you should encourage your mom to wear whatever she wants – really! I saw Helen Mirren wearing a bikini at 63, and it caused such a commotion – bur really, why? So at 63 she is dead, she can’t wear a bikini? She was so judged and had all sorts of opinions. I only think that when it bothers people, it’s their problem, not hers :) Thank you so much for your words, you are really always very sweet! Hope you have a very nice day and good weather :) XXX

  23. Right on Denise. The only person who should tell us what to wear is our hearts…. who cares if it’s age appropriate or not? I haven’t heard of Dorrie before but will check her blog out now :) x

    • Thank you so much, dear Laila! It’s true, we have so many things to think of, and one more, like fashion rules? No, thanks! We should do or wear what we feel comfortable and happy with! I agree with you! I think you will like Dorrie’s blog! Hope you have a very nice day and rest of the week! XXX

    • Thank you so much, such a sweet comment and compliments! I was not sure whether to wear an orange gloss, but I guess it looked nice! Thank you so much for the compliment! Hope you have a very nice day!

    • Thank you so much, dear Marija! I agree with you, so much! It’s a bit sad following rules, we should be happy and wear what we like! That nail polish was an experience :) I liked it, thank you for the compliment! Hope you have a nice day! XXX

  24. Tus nuevas adquisiciones de maquillaje se ven increíbles! Y me encanta la textura de la tela de tu bolsa <3
    Wow, realmente me impactó, en el buen sentido de la palabra, conocer el blog de Dorrie! Se nota que ella tiene una eterna actitud jovial de la cual todos deberíamos aprender. Gracias por compartir este descubrimiento ya que sin este post, no hubiese conocido a esa mujer tan inspiradora! Todos deberíamos usar lo que nos haga sentir bien, porque cuando uno se siente bien consigo mismo, contagia esa energía a los demás, y no hay regla que pueda contra eso 😉
    Que tengas un hermoso día!

    • Gracias, querida Deborah, tus palabras y energia positiva son siempre maravillosas! Es verdad, Dorrie tiene una actitud muy buena, que nos hace pensar! Se ve tan elegante y con tanta energia, me parece un ejemplo! Asi, es verdad que usar lo que nos guste es la mejor cosa! Porque seguir lo que otras personas que no conocemos dicen “lleva eso en 2015!” Claro, porque no, pero tambien lo que nos gusta! Tambien para ti, un buen dia y muchas sonrisas!

  25. Great post Denise! Thanks for sharing a nice post! you look so beautiful and happy!
    i agree that style is ageless, as long as you are comfortable with your look, it shouldnt matter what you are wearing!
    i really like that dress you are wearing too, suits you well! kinda awesome you got to see the designer show room while in paris! so exciting!
    anyway, have an AMAZING weekend! XOXO

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, dear Andrea! I agree with you, people should feel great, comfortable with themselves! Unfortunately, so many feel so bad, because of the magazines rules… but anyway, it’s good if more people do it! Comfort and happiness! It was really so sweet going to that showroom – the designer said he got old, his wife had recently passed away and he felt he should close his shop :( It was such a beautiful place, so many beautiful dresses! I checked some days ago, and the shop is really closed :( Anyway, I kept the memory, with that lovely dress (and I bought one more :) Thank you so much for your compliment! Hope you have an amazing weekend! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Ivonne, I hope you have an amazing Friday and weekend, too! Enjoy the sun and go out to have fun and happiness! You deserve it, after the exam! XXX

    • Thank you so much, dear Lorena! This year I am in love with bold colored-nail polish! I sometimes tried something like red wine hues in the past, but now I wanted to try bright orange! It seems it worked! Hope you have a very nice weekend! Kisses!

    • Thank you so much, dear Steffy! I am really so sure that if people dressed the way they liked, they would feel happier about themselves. But unfortunately many feel so bad, because of the criticism and magazines fashion rules… anyway, I hope everybody feels happy, always! Thank you so much for the compliments, you are so sweet!

  26. I just love the first picture! Your smile is so beautiful. Especially in that photo!
    Also love the orange nails!
    Congrats on the blog feature, and of course for your new blogging opportunity, for Beauty and the Mist. I read all your articles there! Great job my dear friend!
    Good luck with everything! You’re amazing!

    • Wow, such a lovely comment, thank you so much, I feel flattered and touched! I announced to you beforehand, about the new collaboration, just not the name of the blog, because I was going to share it here! I am so glad that you liked it, really very happy (no joke!) Well, you know it’s while where I am now, and hopefully it goes on in other places too :) It was nice to fill the “agenda” now, though! I am enjoying it very much and it helps me a lot, in many areas, like de-stressing, not focusing on some thoughts and so on! Thank you so very much for your kind words and wishes! I feel so flattered! Makia, dear M!

    • Oi! Eu so posto aqui uma vez por semana, sempre as segundas! Mas nos outros blogs que indiquei tem mais posts semanais sobre maquiagem, produtos para a pele, livros, etc! Muito obrigaaaaada! Que legal vc verificar, obrigada mesmo! Beijao!

    • Thank you very much for the lovely comment, dear Agnes! I love rings, so I am always changing the ones I wear, every week :) From nice gems to crazy styles in plastic, I like funny items :) Hope you have a very nice day!

  27. A very interesting post. I read a book from Elle last month about styles from different ages and I got a little confused because that book made me realized that I’m not wearing clothes that are appropriate for my age. I saw some of my style on 30-40s and I’m only in my 20s. But like what you’ve said, “we should wear what makes us happy”, and I totally agree with you. Ain’t nobody got time for a Fashion Police dictating what you should and shouldn’t wear. By the way, I love your dress. You look so lovely. And your nails are so pretty! I love it. <3


    • Thank you so much for your beautiful words and sharing this with me! I truly believe that we should wear what we like! Since my teen years I love to wear boho clothes! Then I started working for international companies ad needed to wear what people call “ladylike” clothes (well, so boho is not ladylike? Do I look like a man in boho? Hahaha!) and I liked for a change, but I felt it was so stiff, couldn’t express myself. So don’t worry, you are always lovely and beautiful and whoever writes “rules” just wants to have power and money, selling to people who will believe the rules – NO! Just let’s be happy wearing what we love! Thank you for the sweet compliments and I wish you a great weekend! XXX

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