Age Calculator

Age calculator is funny :) There’s a site that guesses your age based on a photo! I bet you’ll like it!

Some curls and a nice pair of earrings from Paris, remade by me and Julie Reen

Just some curls 

There are some sites that claim they can guess the age of a person by a photo, like, a demo website created by Microsoft engineers, who created it to test out a new face detection device. It was sent to hundreds of people for feedback. Within hours, thousands of people visited the site worldwide! It is not yet accurate and they say “Sorry, we’re still improving”. The site is nice for a good laugh – check it out, I bet you’ll like it! But it didn’t guess my age correctly, obviously!

So wrong!

So wrong! Well, as I said, I had a good laugh!

Makeup of the day

Chanel foundation and eye shadows, Modern Muse Estee lauder perfume, Lancome mascara and eye pencil, Hervana Benefit blush, YSL Touche Eclat and Laura Mercier powder

Chanel foundation + eye shadows, Dior lipstick, Modern Muse Estee Lauder perfume, Lancome mascara + eye pencil, Hervana Benefit blush, YSL Touche Eclat and Laura Mercier powder




Dress, Massimo Daniele. Shoes, Anjo Mulher


Lulu Guinness clutch

Brooch and Lulu

Russian hand painted brooch – yes, one more. Will go on showing more of them, I love these brooches!

Parisian earrings

Earrings, bought in Paris. But changed a bit by Julie Reen and myself

I love getting away of big cities now and then, and above all, I love rivers and the sea

I love getting away of big cities now and then, and above all, I love rivers (and sea, too). This is from an island

Thank you so much for always being so sweet! Wishing a week full of smiles!

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80 thoughts on “Age Calculator

  1. Haha I tried this before as well, I don’t think they ever get your age right! You look so stunning doll another great put together outfit. I must say I am loving that clutch, how cute?! Have a great week ahead!


  2. LMAO! I just tried the website and it popped up 27 which sooooo wrong but oh well, it made me feel good about myself for today. LOL! I’m not sure what’s your real age but you look seriously young, Denise and omg, your hair with those curls are gorgeous! I wish my hair is half as gorgeous as yours but mine is fine, thin and has almost no volume.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Dear Shireen, I knew it would make people smile, cause it made me smile too, that age calculator site :) Well, my hair is dry and very thin too, but one thing I have to say, maybe because of being dry, it has volume. It’s difficult to style it, I tell you, so I am always trying new things… seems that that one worked :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliment, and I hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you for sharing that! I have to tell you, you are the first girl I know that the program was accurate! It is always wrong – or now, 99% of times, as far as I know! No, no problem in being the age or looking like, but that program provides a good laugh! In my case, it did – it was totally wrong!

  3. Haha I find these age calculators are always way off! They’re definitely fun to mess around with though, like this face swapping ones too!

    I love that clutch, it’s so cute! I’ve been wanting one like that for ages, but for me, I’m always misplacing things, so I’m not sure how smart if would be to get a bag that you actually have to carry around.

    • Hi, Angelina! Thank you for your comment! I think that bag would be good for you, believe me – it can be worn in 2 ways! I have worn it in the 2nd way last week and it’ll be shown soon – I bet you’ll like it, it’s really clever! I hope you are still “around” to see, I like your posts very much and would like you to go on, but I know that a break is necessary now and then!

  4. You look great in the all black ensemble, people often think black is boring but it’s a great chic and classy outfit in my opinion. I’m curious now what age it would calculate me at. People always get my age wrong and guess 10 years younger which is good in some ways but in other ways I don’t want to look too young.

  5. Denise, what a fun post! Love the fact that you’re calculated at 19! I must say though: I agree w/ the app! You do look very young!
    Also, those shoes you are wearing are so fabulous! Your style is so unique which is why I love visiting your blog!
    So happy we found each other!
    Sending you much love & wish you a happy Monday!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. Hello lovely! So sorry I haven’t been around, camp signal for the internet is intolerable and I couldn’t stand waiting for the websites to load! I LOVE you hair, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice with all the curls. Re your comment the other day, I am so sorry someone was mean to you- there’s just no need for it. YOU are beautiful and your smile is radiant and a joy to behold!
    This outfit is super sophisticated and glamorous too!xxx

  7. Ooohhh, to be – or at least look – 19 again. *Sigh!* 😀

    Tony ran my photo through one of these kinds of sites a few months ago and got something like 65 or 68 years old. Too funny!!! That’s more than double my current age, but certainly in keeping with the age of my wardrobe, so perhaps the program was picking up on that. Lol!!!! 😀

    Fabulously lovely outfit – could that lip clutch be any more darling?!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Hi Denise, like ever your blog give me another ideas about many things. Well, in that site my age was 74, 85, 66, 51…. Many laughs it caused. And about you, I am really thinking that your age is this. Only because your apparency, because by wisdom and knowledge you will have more than 70 years old. I hope your have a nice week.

  9. Quel sito è una presa in giro però è buono per farsi due risate, più la foto è sovraesposta e meno anni ti dà, ad una foto di mia mamma tutta chiara è uscito 25 anni! XD
    Però tu sembra davvero che abbia 19 anni, hai una pelle perfetta ed un viso luminoso!
    Snza parlare dei tuoi meravilgiosi capelli, te li invidio tanto, sono stupendi! 😀
    Sei molto elegante con questo look, cara Denise, adoro le tue scarpe!

  10. Hi Denise, you look so classy and elegant. Love your dress and the heels. Of course you look like 19 😉 I look like 44 and 26 and 34 (thanks to the site) 😀 I don’t expect much from Microsoft engeneers lol! Well it’s good for a laugh. Why didn’t I think to invent something like that 😀 Wish you a wonderful Tuesday sweetheart!


  11. Liebe Denise, aber ich hätte vom Aussehen her nie geglaubt, dass Du älter bist, als 19 – nur von Deiner Reife, das bist Du schon sehr weit! Du siehst tatsächlich wunderbar jung aus, Deine Haut ist so glatt, das ist ein Traum. Dein Outfit samt Tasche übrigens auch, Du siehst super elegant aus. Ich habe auch von diesen Calculators gehört, aber ich habe es noch nie ausprobiert :) Vielleicht sollte ich das wirklich auch einmal machen, wenn ich sehr viel zu lachen brauche, daher vielen lieben Dank für Deinen tollen Tipp und noch eine wunderbare Woche! Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Nooo, I am not 19 :) It was the site that guesses all wrong! But I had a nice laugh! I hope you have a nice week and I thank you so much for the lovely comment! Did you try the site? It’s really funny!

  12. I had no idea that they’re a websites like this one from Microsoft, I try to check “how is my age”,but the website asked me about “another photos” over and over again, so I resigned:P (but to be honest, I KNOW that I look younger, so high five,Denise :D). You look so pretty and you have very beautiful skin, so I have no doubts why this website claims that you’re 19 years old, dear 😀 Btw, I love by nearby any water too, especially near sea, it always relax me a little :) Hope you’re having amazing day so far :)

  13. You look marvellous, you have a very young face really, so I can see why it chose that age for you. Gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it. I hope you come again and have a great week :) xx

  14. Hello sweet Denise!
    I must go and play with that program!It must be fun!!!
    Like your new hair style and your chic outfit!!You look gorgeous dear!
    My favorite perfumes are Estee Lauder!!!
    Have a happy week ahead!Hugs!

  15. I heard about the age calculator website but I never went to check it out, maybe I will now :) I love your outfit of the day, it’s super cute and I love the red lips bag, but I especially love your shoes, I’m a shoe girl! After all, Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” and I think that’s true, the right pair of shoes can make you feel so confident and happy! Lovely post :) hope you have a lovely week!

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

  16. I checked the site and one time I was 17yo and with a different photo I was over 40 lol
    What an emotional roller coaster that was! 😀
    Anyway, I love your bag. It’s so cute and playful.

  17. I did the Microsoft age calculator thing when it launched. Hilarious. Like for you, it got my age totally wrong. I uploaded a couple of pics and they calculated my age more than 20 years apart, lol! Same person, diff pic, 20 years adrift. But as you say, it’s fun to do for a laugh. I have a Lulu Guinness just like that Denise, only mine is a shopper as opposed to a clutch. It has a zip all athe way around the lips, which opens it up into a bag. It cost about £35 I think. Cheap by Lulu Guinness standards but not shopper bags! Still, I love it. Gorgeous collection of premium beauty products, as always! :) Kisses Denise xxx

    • Thank you for the information, dear Tracey, about the site – I uploaded 3 pictures, all wrong, such a funny site! Well, they already said sorry beforehand, knowing it would all be wrong, I am sure! By the way – wait till tomorrow and you will see the shopper! :) I did use it as a clutch, though, and put inside what I normally take with me – explained tomorrow :) I loved it! You see? We should go shopping together, we will leave the shops with many things in common! Thank you, dear Tracey, kisses and a great week (what remains, time flies!)

  18. Ughh, I tried the Guess My Age page once and it thought I was way older than I was, must be the lines under my eyes, they run in the family! And I absolutely love the outfit you are wearing, especially that clutch!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend my dear!! <3
    XO Amanda | Sans Scrubs

  19. haha adorei o site, o legal é quando ele erra e nos dá bem menos idade né? kkkk Achei muito divertido!! Sempre que venho aqui, fico encantada com o seu look e acessórios, e hoje fiquei apaixonada pela sua carteira em formato de boca, é linda!!
    Beijos grande e um lindo fim de semana pra você

  20. I know this site, but I haven’t used it. It’s funny because I’ve seen different photos of people getting different age results!
    Pretty outfit! Loved the clutch and the shoes! You’re beautiful as always my friend! <3

  21. Hola Denise!!!! Jaja si es verdad da buena risa :) yo tambien lo probe. Igual tu te ves bien jovial y linda, mas tu sonrisa fluye frescura y felicidad. Me encanto este outfit que tienes y esa carterita con los zapatitos estan bien monos <3 !!!! Divinos! !! Me dare mas vueltas a chequear tus otros posts durante el dia :)

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