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Hi! I am Denise! Nice to meet you! I never write very much about myself :) But as I know very few people really read an About me page, I will write a lot now :)

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New here? Enjoying the blog so far? Welcome! Feel free to come back, I love to make new friends and to discover new blogs! I’m really happy that you’re here now!

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A bit about me:
What’s Denise’s Planet about?
I normally speak and write about learning, good thoughts, gratitude and evolving. But I also post about clothes and shoes. Building relationships, meaningful bonds are more important to me than dresses, though, OF COURSE, I respect people’s opinions, but I have the right to have my thoughts, as well.

♥ What are you doing when you’re not on the internet?
Like anyone, I am busy with life, of course. Managing things for the family, reading, dealing with interior design, trying to give a word of comfort to some people, telling them how worth they are in life, showing my love and appreciation and I am at college taking Bachelor of Music.

♥  What is your life philosophy?  
I read a lot and I try to learn as much as I can, through books or in life, in general, through friends and family. I would say, live life NOW. Say to the ones you love how much you love them, NOW. Don’t postpone things. It’s good to be smart, but even better to be kind. Kindness is the key of many things. Possessing things is OK, but being kind is more important, in my opinion. And try to let go if someone hurts you. I said “try”, because I know it’s difficult. What does it add to your life if you give space to someone who doesn’t deserve your thoughts? Be aware that we will never please everybody. And above all, be humble. Showing off people are no-no in my opinion, yet I know some. I believe that everybody has a time to mature and see what really matters in life. For some, clothes are all. I respect that. For others, knowing that we will never know everything, but trying to keep on learning, is more important. Either way, always try to stay positive and be grateful!

♥ The best and worst things in life?
Best, in my opinion, is learning, being with family and beloved ones, being kind, smiling, reading, discovering new cultures, having nice friends, sleeping :) and the list goes on! Worst are racism (and oh my word, I know some racists – I try to keep distance from them), people who hurt others on purpose, superficiality, showing off people, people who try their best to show an image just to fit the “standards”, but the reality is that they can’t afford that, being fake.

What have you studied?

As I said, I love learning, studying. I’m just a curious person

Master degree in British/American affairs (Politics, History and Education) and Master degree in French Cultural affairs (Politics/History and Philosophy), Bachelor in Languages (English, German, Italian and Portuguese) and Financial/Accountancy support. Teacher’s Training certificate at SDSU. Currently taking Bachelor of Music studies.

I never intend to stop studying! My brothers studied/study even more than myself. I read a lot and I love it. I’ve worked in the areas I have degrees, such as international banks and companies, as a financial assistant; schools, as a teacher; and some governmental positions as translator/interpreter.

It took me long to decide that the financial area made me sick, literally. Seeing so much greed everyday is not for me. Then I changed careers, being a teacher. I loved my job as a teacher! But everything has a time frame in life and I decided to change again :) I love surprising myself! To learn more through other possibilities!

Thanks for reading and visiting! I look forward to hearing from you!

CV and Press  – (Or at least, the certificates I can show) :)

● M.A. American and English literature and cultural aspects (history, politics and economy).  Leibniz Universität Hannover.
●  B.A. and M.A. French literature and cultural  aspects.  Leibniz Universität Hannover.
●  B.A.  Foreign  Trade  (Imports/Exports/Exchange)  –  Economy  and  Companies’  organisation. Catholic University.
●  B. A. Anglo-american literature. Catholic University.
● B.A. Languages and Didatics in Italian and Portuguese. Catholic University.
Additional Training and Advanced Studies
● English Teaching Program, didatics/psychology of teaching. San Diego State University (SDSU).
● English Teaching Program. Didatics, pedagogy, psychology and classroom management (ICBNA).
● Commercial English Correspondence.
●  Accountant  Assistant.
Language certificates
● TestDaf. Official certificate to study in a German University. TestDaf Institute, Germany.
●  German.  Goethe Institut.  ZdaF Certificate in  German (Zertifikat  Deutsch als  Fremdsprache –German as foreign language certificate).
● Michigan English language certificate. Michigan University, USA.
● French. Alliance Française.
Professional Experience
● Assistant for the British Department of the Leibniz University Hanover, Germany.
●  English teacher.  Official English school attached to the North-American Government.
● Imports/Exports  and  exchange  executive  assistant for some international companies.
● Trainee. Imports/Exports, Exchange and Credit Analysis. ABN-AMRO Dutch Bank.
●  Corporate Finance, Imports/Exports and Exchange asssistant. Citibank.
● Translator and director’s assistant. English, Spanish and Portuguese. The King’s English school.
● English teacher. The King’s English school.
●  Interpreter/translator (English, Spanish and Portuguese) for the American consulate.
● Tracing/Accountancy assistant for some banks.
– Lecturer  about  American  English  – teaching  techniques. Peine Gymnasium, Peine,
– Teaching training. Classroom observation. Lafayette Elementary School. San Diego.
– Lecturer about teaching techniques for the teachers of a school attached to the American government.
– Lecturer for M.A. Translation students – how to understand cultural differences when translating and interpreting.  Karl-Ruprecht Universität, Heidelberg.
– Lecturer  for  M.A.  literature  students  about  Azorean  literature.  Karl-Ruprecht Universität, Heidelberg.
– Lecturer about American culture for the students of the Kindberg Gymnasium.  Kindberg, Steiermark, Austria.
– English  Linguistic  Research.  Dr.  Ute  Romer,  Prof.  Andrea  Sand.  Leibniz  Universität  Hannover.Hannover.
– Total  Quality Program. Bank of  Commerce.
– Accountancy. ABN-AMRO Dutch Bank.
– Financial Mathematics. ABN-AMRO Bank Netherlands.
– Acquisition/Learning (of) a second language, classroom management and use of authentic materials in  a  classroom.
* Improving ESL Pedagogy.
* Whole language Seminar for ESL teachers.
* The Pronunciation we need.
* Intercultural competence in teaching and learning.
* Emotional Intelligence and different skills when learning a second language.
* Learning  styles  and  reflective  teaching.
* Dealing with teenagers.
*  Current changes happening in American English
*  On speaking English as a native speaker.
* Successful learning.
 – Computer skills   Excel,  Outlook, Microsoft  Office,  Word,  Windows, Powerpoint.

Media Appearances

Shogun poetry contest (honorable mention), Flamenco at some theaters, Beauty and the Beast play cast member (Hannover), Documentary as a painter for Culture TV, Expo 2000 magazine, some newsletters, sites and newspapers articles, mentions and interviews in some countries.

12 thoughts on “About me

  1. how awesome denise! I never looked at your about me page until now! you are so accomplished and have so much experience and many degrees! how amazing! cool that you have been to so many places, even san diego, close to where i am now (in LA!).
    you are so diverse and well educated! have a great weekend! xo

    • Hi, dear Andrea, thank you so very much for your sweet comment! In fact, I just published the CV because many times people think that having a blog showing some outfits is very superficial, from someone who only thinks of it. I grant, it can be – I myself know some people who only think of clothes, shoes and parties, but as I am not like that and have studied and still do – like you, I know that – and I have worked for many years in many areas, I just wanted to “show” that not everyone is that superficial. Besides I also knew that not many people would visit the “About me” page, but still wanted to have the page :) But what I did is just because I value learning and studying; for me, not a big deal really, anyone who wants to learn things can do it! If I only could learn more, but a lifetime is not enough to all I would love to learn! Kisses, dear Andrea, hope you have a very lovely weekend!

  2. Amazing profile Denise – I’ve never looked at your about page before now – I’m very impressed.
    Like you I agree that learning is one of the most important things in life and racism is without doubt the most hateful. Sending you blessings my friend.

    • Thank you for your always sweet comments, dear Fil! I am impressed with you, the things you told me, your work, your voice, your life views! I just like to study, to learn, like many people do. I think everyone has the “right time” to learn things, willing to do that… life is definitely not only clothes, shoes and coffee; unfortunately, there are still people who only think of this, but who am I to judge – if I go on learning how to be “zen”, that’s already fine! I agree with you – racism is the absolute form of dumbness ! Sending you hugs and love, dear Fil!

    • Thank you very much for your lovely comment! Yes, racism is one of the things that are really awful, and I unfortunately got to know so many racists :( I then try not to connect with them. Lately I finally “got rid” of a very racist person and I feel much better this way! Thank you again for your sweet comment!

  3. Denise
    Hoje visitando seu site resolvi ler sobre você e me encantei em saber quanto você é capacitada e além disso uma alma tão extraordinária.
    Minha vida se tornou muito especial a partir do momento em que te conheci..Ter tua amizade é algo que me comove muito.
    Beijo no coração e que Deus esteja sempre ao seu lado.

    • Dear Isabel, I don’t have enough words to thank you for your friendship! I am the one blessed for it! I feel so humbled for what you wrote, flattered! You can be very sure that the respect is mutual, I really feel very happy for saying we are friends! I think, you know that, we are all the same – we need to breathe and eat to live and so, no one is more than any human being. Unfortunately, many people think some are superior, but well, I am glad we are not like them :) I don’t think I have an extraordinary soul, but I try to always be positive, to make people’s days more positive. I don’t know if my words give some joy to people, but I hope I can share a bit of that. I love studying, since it makes me learn a lot. I was blessed with parents who gave me excellent opportunities and I always tell people that we should not take things for granted – so I am very grateful to my parents! Bless your heart, many hugs, dear Isabel, thank you for all!

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