A perfect dress waiting for us!

Everybody knows by now that I’m a huge fan of long dresses with soft fabrics! I like when they kind of float around me, while I walk. I’m aware that I’m short and all the fashion rules saying “short girls can’t wear long dresses”. Or, let’s say, rather shouldn’t. But I love them! Let’s see some nice dresses!
Square A-line Crystals Criss Cross Ruched Evening Dress

Square A-line Crystals Criss Cross Ruched Evening Dress

Above, an A-line dress in chiffon, in such a beautiful and unusual color for prom dresses, but very elegant. It has cap sleeves, something that I like very much.

Whether you’re thinking of your prom or a wedding, as a guest, or even a gala or romantic evening, why not taking a look at these amazing chiffon evening dresses, that I have selected – certainly, you’ll find something that will suit you, whether you’re short or tall! I think these dresses are very flattering to any kind of figure. You’ll see, you’ll find tight styles, that are figure-hugging, and loose ones, for more comfort and fluidity. So whether you have the desired hourglass or more like and apple-shaped figure, you’ll find the right one for you – I mean, comfortable dresses that flow and sexy evening dresses, as well, with a bit more cleavage. The fabrics are amazing! Chiffon is one of my favorite fabrics and many of these dresses are exactly my choice of fabric and cut! And the colors are so beautiful! If you like beading, rhinestones and embellishment, these are the dresses for you! I confess that I like these things and also ruffles and pleated skirts. Let’s see the selection of beautiful and elegant dresses a bit more!

Long V-neck Tencel Beaded Ombre Evening Dress

Long V-neck Tencel Beaded Ombre Evening Dress

Above, such a beautiful A-line cut in tencel, with empire waist and V-neck. Very flattering silhouette and details such as beading, sequins, appliques and ruching, but although it may sound like having a lot of detailing, all turn to be in harmony, so very glamourous!
Empire Chiffon V-neck Low Long Evening Dress

Empire Chiffon V-neck Low Long Evening Dress

A-line dress in chiffon and sleeves, my favorite style. It may look simple, but I liked it exactly because of that, so that I can wear statement pieces of jewellery with it. The navy color leaves the “usual” black, but you can choose different colors if you like – the dresses are made for you, to please your taste! They also have a good range of sizes, that you can choose when ordering. I hope you liked my selection and finds and that you tell me which one is your favorite!
Hope you have a nice day with many smiles and beautiful dresses!

*I WAS selected for this opportunity BY CheapDressUK, BUT the post SHOWS 100% MY OPINIONS – I ONLY write ABOUT WHAT I LOVE!


20 thoughts on “A perfect dress waiting for us!

  1. Liebe Denise, Dein Geschmack ist einfach sehr gut! Du hast wirklich ein Auge für wundervolle Sachen, denn die Kleider, die Du ausgesucht hast, sind wunderschön <3 Ich stelle mir gerade vor, dass solche Kleider einfach auch perfekt zu Dir passen, denn so kostbare Kleider passen einfach perfekt zu Deiner guten, reinen und hochstehenden Seele! Hoffentlich hattest Du ein schönes Wochenende und es geht Dir weiterhin hin so gut. Ich sende Dir allerliebste Grüße aus Bayern! Deine Rena


    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Danke sehr fuer deine immer liebe Woerte und Komplimente! Ich weiss es nicht ob ich ein guter Geschmack habe, aber wenn du sagst, akzeptiere ich gern! Das erste Klied ist mein lieblings Kleid – die Farbe, das Stil! Mein Wochenende war OK – vielleicht nicht wundervoll, aber es war OK :) Ich hoffe, dass dein Wochenend fabelhaft war! So eine schoene Seele gehoert dir – ich versuche etwas gut zu sein :) Aber ich danke dir fuer immer so schoene Unterstuezung – die meint so sehr fuer mich! Liebe Gruesse!!!!

    • Hi, dear Andrea, I thank myself for such a lovely comment! I love royal blue as well, I think it makes maybe a dull outfit in something very charming! Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

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