A passion for chocolate

A passion for chocolate, to the fullest – anytime, please wait :) I hope I can show some interesting facts now. I don’t just want to show shoes-bags, though I also show trips – hope it’s nice. I think “who cares about my shoes?” They aren’t first need, in my opinion, but  I’ll always respect others. As I love to read about people’s stories and after that seeing the outfits, I’ll try something different now :)

That's it! Chocolate box clutch made by myself and chocolate color-outfit!

That’s it! Chocolate box clutch made by myself and chocolate color-outfit!

People usually read 2 post lines and go to photos, but let’s try: I don’t remember where, but recently I read this: Do you usually show a specific side of your face, thinking it’s better for photos? I often do, didn’t know why! A scientific research by writer Sam Kean, shows that most people claim to have a better side, so they’re usually pictured showing that side. The left! :) Paintings dating from the 14th century on show people posing showing their left sides. Monalisa! Kean says that our left sides are more expressive, because they’re controlled by the part of the brain ruling emotions.

The left side! You can see the bag here too!

The left side! You can see the bag here too! Nail polish OPI with Anna Sui top coat

We, too, consider our left sides to be more attractive, and research from the Wake Forest University in 2012 stated that  we consider other people more attractive when we look at their left sides, too. Yearbooks show this and also, 90% of Jesus paintings that were studied, showed his left side. But there’s much more and it’s interesting :) It’s worth a visit, believe me! You can find more here.

And now some “superficiality” – and not only :)

I’m glad I wrote about Dublin for Stylishly Beautiful :) And I wake up to this lovely view!

In front of my main place

In front of my main place

There are two little gardens in front, and I am so amazed when I wake up and look at them!

There are two little gardens in front, and I am so amazed when I wake up and look at them!

Some outfits

New Year's eve outfit on the left and Feb 1st outfit

New Year’s eve, left – I wanted something different, but got to be true to my ultra boho style – Indian skirt, Borda Barroca shirt, Anna Sui bag and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. On the right, Feb 1st outfit, with my embroidery – Rocket Dog shoes, RCHL top. Bourbon belts and Primark shirt. Vest, my design

I had some DIY moments, embroidering (I love it!) and recycling a chocolate box :)

My embroidery, on the right and shoes/bag of the outfit

My embroidery, on the right and shoes/bag of the outfit

How to enjoy a chocolate box to the fullest: eat the contents - turn it into a clutch. The box I bought in Germany

Enjoy a chocolate box to the fullest: eat the contents – turn it into a clutch.  Box bought in Germany

It was that way. With some holes and ribbons, a creative clutch!

Appropriate name! It was that way. With some holes and ribbons, a creative clutch!

Dress, Wallis. Shrug, Lauren Moffat, Shoes Harlot

Dress, Wallis. Shrug, Lauren Moffat, Shoes Harlot. Crystal bracelet, from Prague

How the tunic was - plain white, I had to embroider it! Rings: ed tourmaline, Dona Ly and pearl, Fiorelli

How the tunic was – plain white mesh, I had to embroider it! Rings, gifted in December: red tourmaline, Donna Ly and pearl, Fiorelli. Little purse, Anna Sui, worn on new year’s eve

Harlot and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, worn on new year's eve and Feb 9th

Harlot and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, worn on new year’s eve and Feb 9th outfits

Finally, I had my nails done “celebrating” the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey (which I won’t watch), but it was an invitation (here) and had Mavala nail polish in grey, with Dior top coat.

I love pearls, emeralds and grenades! Some parts of the watch I painted myself

I love pearls, emeralds and grenades! Dior bracelet. Grenade ring, from Prague. The watch is antique, with mother of pearl. But one part was broken and I painted it with roses, myself

And more left side! I don't use filter on the images - I did twice, but the program closed. The images are real, but I was glad my camera produced this "atmosphere"!

And more left side! I don’t use filter on the images – in the past I  did twice, but the program that I knew closed and I’m fine with that. The images are real, but I was glad when my camera produced this “atmosphere”!

And below, one of the many quotes I regularly post on FACEBOOK:

Complete it with "we will never please everybody. They want you to have the same opinions, and if you don't, will badmouth you. People LOVE you because of the way you are. People HATE you for the same reason"!

Complete it with “we will never please everybody. People want you to have the same opinions, and if you don’t, will badmouth you. People will LOVE you because of the way you are. People will HATE you for the same reason”!

Half of February, already gone! I hope you are all fine and enjoying the month very much! For me the year always starts well, with my birthday at the end of January :)

For us all, a nice week with many smiles! Looking forward to reading your kind comments!

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82 thoughts on “A passion for chocolate

  1. Such a lovely post. I enjoyed reading it. <3 I also agree that our left side is our best angle. I read an article before that Ariana G. only likes her pictures taken on her left side. I should also start having my pictures taken on my left side since it's more expressive. :) Your jewelries and chocolate clutch is so cute. I love all the photos, you look so gorgeous in your outfit. I also love your last quote. Very powerful words. Belated Happy Valentine's Day Denise. Have a great week ahead. :) x

    • Dear Shekinah, thank you so much for the sweet comment, as usual – you are really sooo sweet! Such a coincidence, I saw just on Friday the thing about Ariana Grande! Well, as an artist, she wants to present her best side, for sure, like we all want, but she gets millions with that :) I think your pictures are beautiful on any side, dear Shekinah! The posts, you see on facebook for sure, but I chose that one here because yes, people always try to push us into a category – namely their own category – and we should express ourselves the way we are! Hope you have an amazing week and again, thanks for the lovely comment!

  2. Oh thank God for chocolates.
    Love this post.
    And the bag you created looks fab
    and your chocolate colored outfits look wonderful
    and made more delightful by your genuine smiles.
    Thanks for sharing some interesting facts,
    and yeah I feel I’m a left side person too
    when it comes to my pics.

    • Hi, dear Ann! Wow, this is such a sweet, sweet comment, thank you so much for that!!! I am discovering more and more people who say that their left sides (like me too :) are better than the right one. So I suppose the research is right (Oh my word, who am I do doubt it :) It’s right!) Thank you so much for your kind compliments! I love chocolate and guess what – already creating another “clutch” from another box :) Hope you have a great week ahead, with chocolate :) and smiles!

  3. Funny thing is, I always go for my right side on pics. I don’t think it’s better, it’s just works better for me. I always turn left and show my right profile in all selfies and stuff. haha
    I really loved the wooden box of chocolates that you turned into a clutch! Brilliant idea, and it looks great!
    And all your outfits are lovely, but I think my favorite is that chocolate one. It looks great on you!
    Oh and that view, is so beautiful! :) I can’t wait for spring. I’m so tired of winter.
    Filakia polla!

    • Thank you for your nice comment! Amazingly, I did think of you when I read that article – that you turn to the right! But as the article said, most of people, not all – and even I don’t always turn to the left – but in 98% of the cases :) Thank you so much for the compliments! When I saw that dress I really wanted it – took me days to buy it (to be in the town) – I was praying for it to be there when I arrived and it was, phew! The box I loved and it worked well as a clutch :) Oh yes, I hope spring comes soon, I know how much you love it! One or two more months? Time flies and soon you will enjoy spring!!! And birthday :) Filakia pollaaaaa!

    • Thank you so much, dear Monica, you are always so sweet! Well, I try to research some facts that may be interesting, no to be boring :) I am really – really really! – very glad that you like the posts, cause you are a person I admire, even though we never met – but I feel like that! Hope you are having a lovely week!

    • Dear Paola, thank you so very much for the compliments! I am so flattered and honored! That dress was menat to be mine – I saw it in a shop and went on a trip, thinking “I hope it’s still there when I get back!” And it was! Thank you so much for the lovely comment and I wish you a great week! XXX

    • Hello! Thank you for your lovely comment and yes, I thought of some girls when I wrote that part of the article, and one was you! Because I noticed that your pictures show the right side normally! And by the way, you look always beautiful! I hope you are having a nice week so far!

  4. Liebe Denise, ich bin überzeugt davon, Du hast nur Schokoladenseiten, und das gilt auch für Dein wirklich sehr schönes Gesicht <3 Hm, ich habe überlegt, ob bei mir auch die linke Seite die bessere ist, aber ich glaube, ich lasse lieber meine rechte Seite fotografieren. Vielleicht liegt das daran, dass ich angeblich Linkshänder bin? Du hast wieder sehr schön ausgesehen, und ich finde es toll, wass Du alles an DIY machst. Der Shades of Gray Lack sieht sehr elegant aus und ich verstehe, dass Du Deine Chocolate-Tasche so magst, sie ist nämlich wirklich etwas ganz besonderes – so wie Du, und daher passt sie perfekt zu Dir! Mein Februar war gut soweit, mir geht es gut und ich bin zufrieden, und wenn ich mir Deine Fotos anschaue, dann denke ich, bei Dir ist es auch so <3 Alles Liebe von Rena

    • Hallo, liebe Rena! Mwein Februar geht es gut, danke, und ich bin froh, dass dein Monat geht’s auch gut! Wie immer, vielen Dank fuer die Komplimente, aber ich habe dunlere Seite, bin ich ganz sicher! Ich versuche alles immer nett und schoen zu machen, und vor allem zu den Leuten, aber manchmal es klappt nicht. Zum Beispiel, zu einer Freundin, die ich dachte war sehr gut – naja, habe ich mein Geduld verloren, weil die eigene Meinungen ist alles was fuer sie zaehlt, und immer hat sie versucht mir zu seigen, wie klein ich bin (im Kopf und vielleicht Seele). Das kann ich nicht tolerieren, dass jemand um zu “wachsen” macht die andere – oder am mindestens, hat sie versucht – klein oder dumm auszusehen. Wie du siehst, have ich auch meine “Momente” :) Die linke Seite ist nur eine Recherche, aber es meint nicht das jemand ist gut oder schlecht – und ich bin ganz sicher, das du gut bist, sehr gut und mit einer fantastischen Seele, sodass die linke oder rechte Seite sind beides gut fuer dich! Ich hoffe, dass du einen schoenen Tag hast!!!! Und wieder, vielen Dabk fuer die suesse Woerte, heute have ich wirklich gebraucht! (gibt’s Tage… die ich so brauche! Danke!) Liebe Gruesse!

    • Thank you sooo much, dear Maggie! So sweet words, thank you again! I was really in love with the chocolate box – the contents :) miam miam, then the idea of making a clutch out of it… and the name Chocoholics was so sweet! Hope you are having a great week, Maggie! Kisses!

  5. I love that you always find a way to add fun patterns to your outfits. <3 Hehe, I think everyone has a so-called "good side," that they show in their photos. I don't normally think about that, though. Usually, I just try to avoid looking at the camera, because I don't enjoy having my photo taken. So, a lot of the time, my face is angled downward. I noticed that I tend to have my hands in my pockets a lot. Again, probably because I'm nervous. Haha. It's good to think about these things, though! I want to try to look at the camera more and use my pockets less. I think it's nice that you're trying to be objective about how you are perceived. It's a good trait!

    – Anna


    • Hi, dear Anna! Thank you so very much for this lovely comment! I was going to your blog yesterday, but I was feeling a bit low yesterday :) And I like to write when I am inspired :) So wait for me today :) Thank you for these lovely words about outfits, I can say yours are amazing – I even tried to buy the hooded denim jacket and did buy the mittens-cape, as I call it! Eager to wear it (but now I’m spending time in the summer for a while). It was just a research, don’t take it veeery seriously – I mean, it’s serious, of course, but it says that the majority of people show the left side, not all, and it is not bad anyway, to show the right or front side. I like your pictures with hands in the pockets and I tell you something else: looking down a bit also creates empathy :) No joke, it’s another research! So you are totally right! I love your pictures! I don’t think you should change, but alas, this is my humble opinion! I hope you have a great day and week, dear Anna!

  6. I heard about the left side being more attractive and it’s definitely the case with my face. I like my left side a lot more than the right one, but I have never been posing to show the left side on purpose. When I look at my favourite pics of myself, you know they do seem to have the left side of me in them! :) I am also a chocoholic, but recently I have been enjoying a variety of other sweets too..

    • Hi, dear Min! I am so glad about your comment and feedback, thank you so much! It was the same with me – I didn’t pose on purpose, but then one day (I guess, a year ago) I suddenly started to think that my left side was better (it was before I knew about the research!) and started doing that “on purpose”. Then I read the research and all was clear to me :) I pose showing “front face”, but very seldom the right side :) In the past it was a mix, showing all angles… I should try it again :) Thanks for sharing that with me! And hope you have a great week!

    • Hi, Tanya, thank you so much for your nice comment! I liked the idea of posting about the “left side” and so many people are telling me they do the same! Some, but not the majority, saying they turn right, but just as the research stated: the majority to the left :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment and compliments and hope you have a nice weekend!

  7. Hello lovely! Sorry I couldn’t return your comment till now as I was out all day yesterday- the wonders of scheduled posts eh!??!

    I did reply to your comment on my blog but sufficed to say I feel exactly like you- I love outfit posting but I do worry about appearing superficial!

    THE CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so clever! WHAT a good idea!!! Hmmmm, wondering if I could do something to a purple bag to make a Cadbury’s bag!?!?! I love you in the chocolate- I have a dress just like that!

    Your views in Dublin are beautiful- what a privilege to wake up to that!

    I would actually favour my right side because I am partially blind in my left eye and it sometimes goes wonky, so I try to avoid that!!! xx

    • Dear Kezzie, thank you so much for the lovely comment, as lovely as you are, because you know you are! I am pretty sure that you can turn the purple bag into a Cadbury’s bag, I am really sure of that! Actually I have anooother chocolate box to turn into a clutch and I will do so, very soon! I guess it’s a new breeze of energy that I got since I realized that my aneamia didn’t help me in anything, so now I am taking what doctors recommended, B 12 vitamins. They feel a bit heavy in the stomach, but after a while I kind of got used to them :) Wow, I knew you would have a polka dot dress like the one I wore! I love vintage and the salesperson told me “it’s the Pretty Wooman movie dress” :) So, vintage! And it’s so comfortable to wear! Oh, and don’t worry about the research about the left side! It’s just a research and it talks about the majority of people, not everybody! I didn’t know about your eye – I don’t know to which extent and I hope you are fine! I don’t know if you know that if I am without glasses or contact lenses I am not able to cross a street, take the right bus or see people’s features, not even if they are next to me – or anything else, in fact. I would be rejected as a crime witness! I am like that since I was 11. So one more common point, though not the best :) Dear Kezzie, you don’t have to worry: if there’s something that you are not, that is superficial. But I know what you mean and that was exactly what I thought :) I hope you have a great weekend and again, so many thanks for the lovely comment! XXX

    • Thank you so much, Ellen! That chocolate box was 1) delicious :) I loved the chocolate inside :) 2) You know when we get things, have “plans” for them and never accomplish them? Well, it happens to me sometimes… that box was that :) I thought now “do something or throw it away!” Cause otherwise it only stays empty on some shelf and this is not good. So now at least it served a nice purpose :) Hope you have a great weekend and thank you again so much for the sweet comment! XXX

    • Ciao, dear Paola! Sempre tanto carina, sempre! I think we two belong to the majority of people, who prefer the left side :) It’s because it shows emotions, so the research says! The chocolate box was for so long in a box… I brought it from Germany. Then I thought “enough! Either you do something out of it, or throw it away!” and then I turned it int a clutch, cause honestly, it would be just an empty box serving as trash :) Now it has a job :) Thank you again so much for the lovely words and compliments, you are really so sweet! Baci!

  8. Oh Denise what a beautiful quote and so true. People often try to turn us into something that we’re aren’t. We shouldn’t let them and appreciate who we are. I hope you understand what I mean. I also think that my left side is more attractive. Don’t know if I only imagine it haha. I have stopped having sugar but now that I see the cute chocolate box I’m quite tempted. Boy I’m a bad chocoholic. I will stay strong although I would love to make a clutch out of it too. I’m glad you enjoy the February. I wish I could too but it’s bitter cold over here and I can’t wait for the spring. I finally got some sleep and I’m feeling much better now. Wish you a wonderful Thursday sweetheart!


    • Oh, so sweet your comment, as always, thank you so much for that! I think I do understand what you mean… especially towards people who have their ways to express who they are through fashion as well… people think outstanding clothes belong to crazy ones, gypsy clothes belong to people without taste AND crazy as well… but what’s life without a bit of “craziness”? I never wanted to be who I am not, but still today I find myself trying to please everybody. And it’s impossible. So, let’s be ourselves! After all, the people who do matter will understand us, or so I hope! I am glad you got some sleep, I really am! And the chocolate box I bought in Germany many years ago, and waited for an inspired moment to turn it into a clutch :) It means, I didn’t eat the contents now :) I know it’s very cold there, but in 2 months spring will come and I am sure everybody is looking forward to it! I hope you enjoy your week and weekend now, and that you go on sleeping a bit more! You are such a lovely blogger-friend, I am so glad I got to know you! XXX

    • Hello, Anouka! Chocolate is really so good :) I agree with you that it’s OK if someone takes a picture without telling me, and then I am caught on my right side, but I do prefer the left :) I didn’t know why, but the research says we seem to be more expressive so :) I don’t know, but it was good to read the research! I hope you are having a lot of fun (I am sure you are!) during your trip! Loved to read about the subway story!!!! XXX

    • Thank you very much for the lovely words, S! Chocolate is really so good! (Even some chocolate creams for the skin :) I don’t know many people who don’t like chocolate, but kind of 2 or 3 and I think wow! But then I don’t like meat and people also think the same about me “what??? No steak?” :) I stay with chocolate :) Hope you have a nice weekend! XXX

  9. How interesting about which side we prefer to be photographed from. Very recently I chipped my right tooth so now I am more conscious about doing smiling poses from the right hand side – hopefully I will get it fixed one day. Denise that is such a cool concept with the chocolate box. I have recently got in to DIY a bit more and I love the idea of reinventing the chocolate box as a clutch; there are some really pretty chocolate boxes as well, particularly if you buy good quality chocolate. I love the colour of your nails, you made me chuckle about not going to watch 50 Shades – I watched it on Sunday ha ha.

    • Hi, dear Colleen, thank you for the lovely comment! Oh no, I hate breaking a tooth, so I hope you have it soon fixed – and what for a coincidence, I broke the last tooth on the upper right side on Monday (thank heaven it was the last one!) and had it fixed today – and doing what??? By eating granola with yoghurt!!! Granola, so innocent! So I guess in my attempt of being healthy (you know I try, but I have problems with that :) I chose something good to the body and ended up at the dentist :) I’d rather have chocolate now :) I am sure you will have a great chocolate box for a DIY and I am looking forward to seeing it! Hahaha, the 50 Shades of Grey – true, I shouldn’t have written that, we never know… but I heard someone in the news saying that it’s the same concept of “Sabrina” – middle calss girl falls in love with millionaire – but with an erotic twist :) Then I thought OK, so now I know the story :) But who knows, maybe in good company, I can go :) Hope you are fine and that you enjoyed the movie! And that you have a nice weekend!

    • Oh, thank you for the super sweet words, dear Maria! As I told you (or better, wrote), you are so beautiful that I am sure any side is OK for you! But OK, we know ourselves better! Your pictures are always amazing, and the London ones, a super wow for them! When are you going back? London is addictive, I am eager to visit it again soon! Kisses!

    • Hi, dear Tina! Thank you for the sweet-chocolatic comment :) (I have just created that expression :) So apart from our French background and other things I noticed, now chocolate unites us, too! I can live without it, but noooo, I don’t want – chocolate makes my day more dreamful :) So I bet you must feel the same :) I hope you have a great weekend!!!

    • Hello, sweet friend, I feel grateful that you liked the quote and of course I won’t mind if you write down the quote, or even if you use somewhere else like facebook, blog, Instagram, etc, no problem! Cause I think that is a very important thing for us to think – how many times friends, classmates, colleagues and other people want us to “fit”, it means, to have the same thoughts as they do? We are ourselves, we think the way we do – and “wrong” or “right” that’s the way we are, and we should develop or improve the way we are. WE can change opinions, but not in a forced way, I think! Hahahaha, so we have that point in common like the research says – that the majority of people like their left sides – we two included! Hope you have a very nice weekend, enjoy it a lot!

  10. Lovely quote Denise – I really enjoyed the variety of this post. Interesting about the left side, I didn’t think I did have a best side but thinking about it I do always turn to face the righ and show my left side! Weird!

    Also – that chocolate box…. oh my god!!! You’re so creative, I have a ton of cute boxes (although none as cute as that) and have never thought of turning them into a clutch. Please forgive me if I borrow your ingenious idea!! It looks so faboulus and I love the print on the box. chocolate yum!!! xxx

    • Oh, Laila, I’ll feel flattered if you use the idea! Please go ahead, I am really looking forward to seeing your chocolate-box-clutch! I bet they are very beautiful – I didn’t do anything to that one, just the holes – the print is original and I left it that way because the word is so cute – “Chocoholics” – and it has a map of where they grew the cocoa for the sweets :) And I love maps :) And the left side research is amazing – I was really surprised, like why do we turn to the right to show our left sides? Because it shows more emotions… I loved it :) So nice that you liked the post, I hope you have a great weekend!!!!

    • So it was from your blog! I am very glad you left this comment! I guess you saw I wrote “I don’t remember where”, but I knew it was on a blog that I read it! I thought “whoever wrote that, will maybe come to the blog and see it was from there” and it happened! I am very glad about it and sorry for not quoting you, because I really didn’t remember where I read it (so many blogs, I hope you forgive me), but found it so interesting that then I googled it. It teaches me a lesson, that when I find something interesting I should write down the first source! I am so glad, really, that I found where I got it from! And thanks for the lovely comment and compliment! I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Hi, dear Olympia! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Well, I am a gypsy :) So it’s not that I do on purpose, but when I see my outfit is turned into something like that :) Oh, I am a bit shy sometimes and not willing to look like “showing off”. I always say that there are 1 billion people that traveled more than myself, so it’s no big deal. I just like to discover new things, new places and revisit the ones I really loved – isn’t it very gypsy-like? Had to be :) Thank you again for such a lovely comment and hope you have a great weekend! XXX

    • Hi, dear Elisabeth! Oh yes, Norway and Finland are on my list for yeeears! And I don’t know why I never accomplished that. Once I was in Sweden and heading towards Norway and in the middle of the way my friend asked me “tired?” I found that she asked that because she was tired and we agreed to turn back to Germany :) And I regret that till today :) But one day it will happen :) And later she went to Oslo with her husband, but by plane, not car :) Yes, a book clutch is great, I also wrote on Stylishly Beautiful about them, will check whether they were the same brand of yours – it’s always good to have more sources of inspiration! I am preparing another clutch from a chocolate box again – it only shows I love chocolate :) Thank you so much for your nice comment! I hope you have a nice week! XXX

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Jessica, and welcome! That is nice to know, cause I was really curious and as the research says, the majority of people say they left sides shine better :) But I do know some people with better right sides, so I guess it’s a mix :) Hope you have a great week!

    • Hi, thank you for the lovely comment, Kashaya! That dress, when I saw it, I was crazy about the color and pattern! It took me long to wear it – I bought it 2 years ago, but now I am pleased that I bought it! Hope you have a beautiful week!

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